Belongs within: Proteobacteria.Contains: Bradyrhizobiaceae, Rhizobiaceae. The Rhizobiales are a clade of Gram-negative bacteria united by molecular data, many of which are nitrogen-fixers forming symbiotic associations with plant roots. <==Rhizobiales | i. s.: RoseibiumCG03 | Rochalimaea quintanaPHK96 |–+–Rhodobium [Rhodobiaceae]CG03 | | |–R. marinum [=Rhodopseudomonas marina]I01 | | | |–R. m. ssp. marinumPHK96 | | | `–‘Rhodopseudomonas’… Continue reading Rhizobiales


Belongs within: Proteobacteria. The Rhodospirillales are a clade of Gram-negative bacteria united by molecular analysis, many of which contain photosynthetic pigments. The Rhodospirillales: it’s photosynthesis, but not as you know it Published 20 August 2012 For today’s post, I’m going to take a look at the Rhodospirillales. This is a clade within the larger bacterial… Continue reading Rhodospirillales


Belongs within: Chromatibacteria. The Hyphomicrobiaceae are mostly aerobic, chemoheterotrophic bacteria, many of which are prosthecate and multiply by budding. <==Hyphomicrobiaceae |–HyphomicrobiumCG03 | |–H. denitrificansLPV04 | |–H. facilisPHK96 | |–H. sulfonivorans Borodina, Kelly et al. 2002VP IJSEM02 | `–H. vulgarePHK96 `–+–XanthobacterDT03 | |–+–X. autotrophicusDT03 | | `–X. viscosus Doronina & Trotsenko 2003 [=Blastobacter viscosus (nom. inv.)]DT03… Continue reading Hyphomicrobiaceae


Belongs within: Rhizobiales. The Rhizobiaceae are soil-dwelling aerobic bacteria, many of which live in association with plant roots. Friend and/or foe: separating Rhizobium and Agrobacterium Published 11 November 2014 For as far back as we have records to know, farmers have recognised the value of crop rotation: varying the crops grown on a particular patch… Continue reading Rhizobiaceae


Belongs within: Proteobacteria.Contains: Neisseriaceae, Nitrosomonadales, Hyphomicrobiaceae, Burkholderiales, Xanthomonas, Ectothiorhodospiraceae, Chromatiaceae, Legionella, Methylococcaceae, Oceanospirillales, Thiotrichales, Alteromonadaceae, Aeromonas, Pasteurellaceae, Enterobacterales, Vibrio. The Chromatibacteria are a diverse clade of bacteria united by molecular data, including the ‘beta’ and ‘gamma’ branches of the Proteobacteria (Cavalier-Smith 2002). <==Chromatibacteria | i. s.: Curacaobacter balticaSC03 | PseudomasNL03 | Fulvimonas soliMCS03 | Massilia… Continue reading Chromatibacteria


Belongs within: Rhizobiales. The Bradyrhizobiaceae are a metabolically diverse assemblage of bacteria united by molecular data. <==Bradyrhizobiaceae | i. s.: AgromonasGH01 | OligotrophaGH01 |–AfipiaCG03 | |–A. broomeaeLSM03 | `–+–A. clevelandensisLSM03 | `–A. felisLSM03 `–+–+–RhodoplanesDT03 | | |–R. elegansI01 | | `–R. roseusDT03 [=Rhodopseudomonas roseaI01] | `–RhodopseudomonasCG03 | |–R. acidophilaI01 | |–R. capsulataAS92 | |–R. cryptolactisI01… Continue reading Bradyrhizobiaceae


Belongs within: Chromatibacteria. Legionella is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria that require an external supply of L-cysteine for growth (Park et al. 2003). <==Legionella | i. s.: L. drozanskii Adeleke et al. 2001JC08 | L. fallonii Adeleke et al. 2001JC08 | L. quateirensisPK03 | L. rowbothamii Adeleke et al. 2001JC08 |–L. geestianaPK03 `–+–+–L. spiritensisPK03 |… Continue reading Legionella


Belongs within: Chromatibacteria. The Neisseriaceae are a family of Gram-negative bacteria including a number of species associated with mammals. <==Neisseriaceae [Neisseriales, Simonsiellaceae] | i. s.: SimonsiellaGH01 | AlysiellaGH01 | IodobacterGH01 | MicrovirgulaGH01 | ProlinoborusGH01 | VogesellaGH01 | AcinetobacterPHK96 | |–A. baumanniiALS95 | `–A. calcoaceticusPHK96 |–Chromobacterium violaceumGH01, PHK96 `–+–Vitreoscilla stercorariaPHK96 `–+–Eikenella corrodensPHK96 `–NeisseriaPHK96 |–N. animalisZ92 |–N.… Continue reading Neisseriaceae


Belongs within: Oceanospirillales. The Moraxellaceae are a family of Gram-negative bacteria united by molecular data, including the animal-pathogenic Moraxella species and the cold-tolerant Psychrobacter species. <==Moraxellaceae |–MoraxellaYH03 | |–M. bovisO92 | |–M. catarrhalis [=Branhamella catarrhalis]Z92 | |–M. caviae [=Branhamella caviae]Z92 | |–M. lacunataYH03 | `–M. osloensisVM03 `–PsychrobacterYH03 |–P. frigidicolaYH03 `–+–+–P. faecalisYH03 | `–+–P. marincolaYH03 |… Continue reading Moraxellaceae


Belongs within: Chromatibacteria.Contains: Halomonadaceae, Moraxellaceae, Pseudomonas. The Oceanospirillales are aerobic or facultatively anaerobic bacteria united by molecular data that are commonly motile, halotolerant or halophilic. <==Oceanospirillales [Oceanospirillaceae]GH01 | i. s.: BalneatrixGH01 | Teredinibacter turneraeWK13 |–+–MarinospirillumYG04 | | |–M. alkaliphilum Zhang et al. 2002SK04, JC08 | | `–+–M. minutulumSK04 [=Oceanospirillum minutulumSK02] | | `–+–M. insulare Satomi,… Continue reading Oceanospirillales