Belongs within: Ranidae. Rana is a diverse genus of frogs with smooth skin, strong hindlimbs and webbed toes. Rana, Rana, Rana Published 26 June 2007 Rana is a large primarily Holarctic genus of frogs, and probably the inspiration for most depictions of frogs in the world. Well-known species are the edible frog Rana × esculenta… Continue reading Rana


Belongs within: Laurentobatrachia. The Arthroleptinae are a group of frogs found in sub-Saharan Africa, males of which often have hyperelongate third fingers. <==Arthroleptinae [Arthroleptina, Arthroleptini]FG06 |–CoracodichusFG06 |–Cardioglossa Boulenger 1900FG06 | |–+–C. gracilisPW11 | | `–C. schioetziPW11 | `–+–C. elegansPW11 | `–+–C. gratiosaPW11 | `–+–+–C. leucomystaxPW11 | | `–C. occidentalisPW11 | `–+–C. pulchraPW11 | `–+–C. manengoubaPW11… Continue reading Arthroleptinae


Belongs within: Diplasiocoela.Contains: Arthroleptinae, Hyperolius, Heterixalus. The Laurentobatrachia are a clade of frogs found in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. Characters (from Frost et al. 2006): Larval m. levator manidbulae externus in two portion; commissura proximalis III absent; intercalary elements absent; external metatarsal tubercle poorly developed or absent; terminal phalanges claw-shaped. Laurentobatrachia [Arthroleptoidae] |–ArthroleptidaeFG06 | |–Leptopelis… Continue reading Laurentobatrachia


Belongs within: Ranidae. East Asian forest frogs Published 27 February 2016 One group of animals that has somewhat flown (or at least hopped) under the radar here at Variety of Life is the frogs. Frogs are perhaps one of the most instantly recognisable of all terrestrial animal groups, with a combination of features that is… Continue reading Hylarana