Belongs within: Pelobatoidea.Contains: Megophrys, Xenophrys, Leptobrachium. The Megophryidae are a family of frogs found in southern and eastern Asia, where they primarily inhabit leaf litter alongside streams (Frost et al. 2006). Synapomorphies (from Frost et al. 2006): M. subarcualis rectus accessorius present; suspensorium low; ceratohyals absent or almost absent in adults; intervertebral cartilages with an… Continue reading Megophryidae


Belongs within: Megophryidae. Xenophrys is a diverse genus of horned toads found in Southeast Asia, southern China and the eastern Himalayas (Chen et al. 2017). Strange brows of south-east Asia Published 8 August 2022 Among the characteristic inhabitants of the leaf litter carpeting the forest floor in south-east Asia are the horned toads of the… Continue reading Xenophrys