Belongs within: Passerida. The Dicaeidae, flower peckers, are an Indo-Australian group of small birds with short, slightly down-curved bills and tubular tongues. Most species are brightly coloured, and feed on fruit, nectar and small insects. Flowerpeckers are divided between the genera Prionochilus, which retain a fully developed tenth primary on the wing, and Dicaeum, in which… Continue reading Dicaeidae

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Belongs within: Passerida.Contains: Carduelinae, Euphonia. The Fringillidae, finches, are a family of mostly granivorous birds found in Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. Though often brownish or greenish in their base coloration, many fringillid finches are colorfully marked. Some tropical fringillids, the Neotropical genera Euphonia and Chlorophonia, and the Hawaiian honeycreepers of the Drepanidini, include particularly… Continue reading Fringillidae


Belongs within: Motacillidae. Motacilla, the wagtails, is a genus of slender, boldly patterned songbirds with a characteristic behaviour of continually moving the tail up and down. <==Motacilla Linnaeus 1758M02 |–+–M. flaviventrisBKB15 | `–+–M. capensisBKB15 | `–M. claraBKB15 | |–M. c. claraL03 | `–M. c. chapini Amadon 1954L03 `–+–+–M. aguimp Temminck 1820BKB15, ICZN96 [incl. M. arenarea… Continue reading Motacilla


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Loxia, the crossbills, is a primarily Holarctic genus of finches in which the tips of the bill are crossed over each other. <==Loxia Linnaeus 1758 [Loxiinae]M02 |–+–L. leucoptera Gmelin 1788BKB15, S05 | `–L. megaplagaJT12 `–+–L. scoticaBKB15 `–+–L. curvirostra Linnaeus 1758BKB15, M02 [incl. L. crucirostra Fries 1868S05] | |–L. c. curvirostraM47 | |–L.… Continue reading Loxia


Belongs within: Emberizoidea.Contains: Emberiza capensis, Emberiza schoeniclus. The Emberizidae includes the buntings of Eurasia and Africa, small, conical-billed passerines that have mostly been classified in the genus Emberiza. Most species are patterned in dull colours, though there are exceptions. The buntings of the genus Emberiza are mostly coloured in brown with streaks of black, white… Continue reading Emberizidae


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Carduelis is a western Palaearctic genus of finches including the goldfinch C. carduelis and related species. Other species previously assigned to this genus should be placed elsewhere due to the polyphyly of Carduelis as previously recognised. All that is gold are not finches Published 15 February 2023 The ‘true’ finches of the… Continue reading Carduelis


Belongs within: Emberizoidea.Contains: Spizella, Amphispiza, Chlorospingus, Peucaea, Ammodramus, Arremonops, Arremon, Passerella, Junco, Zonotrichia, Atlapetes, Pipilo, Melozone, Aimophila, Passerculus, Melospiza. Sparrows of the West Published 10 August 2021 Recent decades have seen significant shifts in the classification of birds, particularly among the Passeriformes, the perching birds. These shifts have lead to the recognition of a number of… Continue reading Passerellidae


Belongs within: Passerides.Contains: Nectariniidae, Dicaeidae, Chloropsis, Ploceidae, Viduidae, Estrildidae, Prunella, Passeridae, Motacillidae, Fringillidae, Emberizoidea. The Passerida (used here in the restricted sense of Oliveros et al., 2019, equivalent to the Passeroidea of other authors) is a clade of passerine birds recognised by molecular analyses. The core of the Passeroidea is the nine-primaried oscines, a group… Continue reading Passerida

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Belongs within: Motacillidae. Anthus, the pipits, is a cosmopolitan genus of streaked and mottled brown, slender birds with thin bills, medium to long tails, and relatively long legs with elongated hind claws. <==Anthus Bechstein 1805CC10 |–+–+–A. furcatusJF06 | | `–+–A. lutescensBKB15 | | | |–A. l. lutescensL03 | | | `–A. l. parvus Lawrence 1865… Continue reading Anthus


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Pyrrhula, the bullfinches, is an Eurasian genus of finches with a relatively short, swollen bill, black wings and tail, and an orange or red breast in the male. <==Pyrrhula Brisson 1760 [Pyrrhulinae]M02 |–+–P. leucogenisBKB15 | `–P. nipalensisJT12 `–+–+–P. aurantiacaBKB15 | `–+–P. erythacaJT12 | `–P. erythrocephalaJT12 `–+–P. murinaBKB15 [=P. pyrrhula murinaUSDI77] `–P. pyrrhula… Continue reading Pyrrhula