Belongs within: Estrildidae. Estrilda, the waxbills, is a genus of finch-like birds found in Africa and Arabia. Most species have bright red bills whose waxy appearance gives them their vernacular name. <==Estrilda Swainson 1827 [=Astrilda (l. c.), Estrelda (l. c.)]B94 |–+–E. caerulescensBKB15 | `–E. erythronotosJF06 `–+–E. perreiniBKB15 `–+–+–E. melpodaBKB15 | `–E. rhodopygaBKB15 `–+–E. nonnulaBKB15 `–+–+–E.… Continue reading Estrilda


Belongs within: Estrildidae. Lonchura, the mannikins or munias, is a genus of finch-like birds found in Africa, southern Asia and Australia. Members of this genus have stout, large bills, medium to relatively long tails, and lack bright primary or secondary colours in their plumage, being generally coloured with browns, greys, whites and blacks. The Java… Continue reading Lonchura


Belongs within: Estrildidae. The Poephilinae includes the grass-finches of Australia and New Guinea. Members of this group are united by their courtship behaviour, including an extended introductory ‘waltz’. The zebra finches of the genus Taeniopyga are popular cage birds around the world, and have been introduced to parts of the Americas. Members of the northern… Continue reading Poephilinae


Belongs within: Passerida.Contains: Poephilinae, Lonchura, Erythrura, Lagonosticta, Amadina, Estrilda. The Estrildidae, the waxbills, are a family of small, gregarious finch-like birds with small, stout, pointed bills and short rounded wings found in Africa, southern Asia and Australasia. Many waxbills are brightly coloured, and this family includes many of the ‘finches’ of the aviary trade. The phylogenetic… Continue reading Estrildidae