Belongs within: Passerida.Contains: Carduelinae, Euphonia. The Fringillidae, finches, are a family of mostly granivorous birds found in Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. Though often brownish or greenish in their base coloration, many fringillid finches are colorfully marked. Some tropical fringillids, the Neotropical genera Euphonia and Chlorophonia, and the Hawaiian honeycreepers of the Drepanidini, include particularly… Continue reading Fringillidae


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Loxia, the crossbills, is a primarily Holarctic genus of finches in which the tips of the bill are crossed over each other. <==Loxia Linnaeus 1758 [Loxiinae]M02 |–+–L. leucoptera Gmelin 1788BKB15, S05 | `–L. megaplagaJT12 `–+–L. scoticaBKB15 `–+–L. curvirostra Linnaeus 1758BKB15, M02 [incl. L. crucirostra Fries 1868S05] | |–L. c. curvirostraM47 | |–L.… Continue reading Loxia


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Carduelis is a western Palaearctic genus of finches including the goldfinch C. carduelis and related species. Other species previously assigned to this genus should be placed elsewhere due to the polyphyly of Carduelis as previously recognised. All that is gold are not finches Published 15 February 2023 The ‘true’ finches of the… Continue reading Carduelis


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Pyrrhula, the bullfinches, is an Eurasian genus of finches with a relatively short, swollen bill, black wings and tail, and an orange or red breast in the male. <==Pyrrhula Brisson 1760 [Pyrrhulinae]M02 |–+–P. leucogenisBKB15 | `–P. nipalensisJT12 `–+–+–P. aurantiacaBKB15 | `–+–P. erythacaJT12 | `–P. erythrocephalaJT12 `–+–P. murinaBKB15 [=P. pyrrhula murinaUSDI77] `–P. pyrrhula… Continue reading Pyrrhula


Belongs within: Fringillidae. Euphonia is a Neotropical genus of frugivorous birds. They are small and dumpy, with a short tail and stubby bill. Males are commonly patterned in dark and yellow whereas females are olive-green (Austin 1961). <==Euphonia Desmarest 1806 [incl. Tanagra Linnaeus 1764 (nom. rej.); Tanagrinae]B94 |–+–E. pectoralis (Latham 1801)BKB15, H11 [=Pipra pectoralisH11] |… Continue reading Euphonia


Belongs within: Fringillidae.Contains: Drepanidini, Carpodacus, Pyrrhula, Chloris, Loxia, Acanthis, Carduelis, Serinus, Spinus, Crithagra. The Carduelinae are a group of finches found in Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. They have upper bills that are generally distinctly longer than the lower bill, and a well-developed crop that is used to store food. Nestlings are fed on regurgitated seeds… Continue reading Carduelinae


Belongs within: Carduelinae. Serinus, the canaries, is a genus of finches found in Europe and Africa. Members of this genus have yellowish or greenish streaked plumage. The best known species is the canary Serinus canaria, widely kept around the world as a cage bird; domestic forms of this species have commonly been bred to be… Continue reading Serinus


Belongs within: Carduelinae. The Drepanidini include the Hawaiian honeycreepers, a relatively small but morphologically diverse group of birds endemic to the Hawaiian islands. The Hawaiian honeycreepers have become famed for having evolved to occupy a range of disparate niches, including seed-eating, insectivorous and nectarivorous species. Unfortunately, they have also been victim to a high extinction… Continue reading Drepanidini