Belongs within: Motacillidae. Motacilla, the wagtails, is a genus of slender, boldly patterned songbirds with a characteristic behaviour of continually moving the tail up and down. <==Motacilla Linnaeus 1758M02 |–+–M. flaviventrisBKB15 | `–+–M. capensisBKB15 | `–M. claraBKB15 | |–M. c. claraL03 | `–M. c. chapini Amadon 1954L03 `–+–+–M. aguimp Temminck 1820BKB15, ICZN96 [incl. M. arenarea… Continue reading Motacilla


Belongs within: Motacillidae. Anthus, the pipits, is a cosmopolitan genus of streaked and mottled brown, slender birds with thin bills, medium to long tails, and relatively long legs with elongated hind claws. <==Anthus Bechstein 1805CC10 |–+–+–A. furcatusJF06 | | `–+–A. lutescensBKB15 | | | |–A. l. lutescensL03 | | | `–A. l. parvus Lawrence 1865… Continue reading Anthus


Belongs within: Passerida.Contains: Motacilla, Anthus. The Motacillidae is a family of insectivorous, generally ground-feeding passerines, containing the pipits (Anthus), wagtails (Motacilla and Dendronanthus indicus) and longclaws (Macronyx). Motacillids have pointed wings with nine primaries, and long slender legs with partly scaled tarsi (Austin 1961). The wagtails get their name from their habit of continually bobbing… Continue reading Motacillidae