Belongs within: Euoscines.Contains: Campephagidae, Vireonidae, Psophodes, Oriolidae, Pachycephalidae, Artamus, Cracticidae, Malaconotidae, Aegithina, Platysteiridae, Vangidae, Corvoidea. The shrikes of the south Published 24 April 2008 Like them or loath them, there can be little argument that the introduction of molecular methods in the latter part of the last century revolutionised the study of phylogeny and evolution.… Continue reading Corvides


Belongs within: Cotingidae. The Cotinginae: Neotropical and fabulous! Published 19 November 2007 When I used to look through one of the various bird family books I knew and loved as a young’un, the cotingas were somewhere I was bound to stop. Cotingas are a diverse family of largely frugivorous birds from Central and South America.… Continue reading Cotinginae