Belongs within: Strigidae. Strix is a genus of medium-sized to very large owls lacking external ear-tufts, found widely in Eurasia, Africa and the Americas. The tawny owl S. aluco is a medium-sized species that is widespread across the western Palaearctic. <==Strix Linnaeus 1758CC10 [incl. Ptynx Blyth 1840B94, Syrnium Savigny 1809B94, Ulula Cuvier 1816B94; Syrniinae, Ululinae]… Continue reading Strix


Belongs within: Strigiformes.Contains: Ninox novaeseelandiae, Athene, Glaucidium, Otus, Asio, Strix, Bubo, Megascops. The Strigidae, typical owls, include all the living owls except the barn and grass owls. Members of this family have a round facial disc and relatively larger eyes than the barn owls, and lack a grooming claw on the middle toe. Historically, the… Continue reading Strigidae

Ninox novaeseelandiae

Belongs within: Strigidae. Ninox novaeseelandiae, the morepork, is a small owl found between eastern Indonesia and New Zealand, named for its two-toned call. Overall coloration is dark brown more or less spotted and barred white and/or rufous; the eyes are surrounded by a dark mask with pale rims. <==Ninox novaeseelandiae (Gmelin 1788) (see below for… Continue reading Ninox novaeseelandiae


Belongs within: Strigidae. Screech owls Published 2 March 2017 For many people, owls are a group of birds known more by reputation than by encounter. Their nocturnal lifestyles and often cryptic habits make them rarely seen, and their diversity is often little appreciated. But despite being commonly referred to as a single homogeneity, owls actually… Continue reading Megascops


Belongs within: Telluraves.Contains: Strigidae, Tyto. The Strigiformes contain the owls. Living owls are mostly nocturnal, carnivorous birds with large, forward-facing eyes, soft plumage and hooked beaks (Austin 1961).The stem group of the Strigiformes is represented in the Palaeogene of Europe and North America by the families Protostrigidae and Sophiornithidae; crown-group owls differ from the stem… Continue reading Strigiformes


Belongs within: Strigiformes. Tyto is a cosmopolitan genus containing the barn owls and grass owls. Tyto species have a heart-shaped facial disc and legs longer than their tail, with feathers down to the feet, short thigh feathers and a serrated comb on the claw of the middle toe. The barn owl Tyto alba has been… Continue reading Tyto