Belongs within: Archosauriformes.Contains: Stagonolepidae, Crocodylomorpha. The Pseudosuchia are a clade of reptiles including the crocodilians and a number of related fossil taxa once classified as ‘thecodontians’ such as the aetosaurs, ornithosuchids and ‘rauisuchians’. Higher relationships within the clade have differed between analyses though most recent authors have agreed that the ‘rauisuchians’ (Rauisuchidae, Prestosuchidae and Poposauridae)… Continue reading Pseudosuchia


Belongs within: Neosuchia. The Pholidosauridae are a group of crocodyliforms known from the Cretaceous, most of which are slender-snouted, fish-eating specialists adapted to near-shore marine habitats (Sereno et al. 2001). <==Pholidosauridae | i. s.: AnglosuchusB93 | |–A. geoffroyi (Owen 1884)B93 | `–A. laticeps (Owen 1884)B93 | Teleorhinus mesabiensis Erickson 1969B93 |–Pholidosaurus decipiensSL01, GPS06 `–+–+–Terminonaris ropbustaSL01,… Continue reading Pholidosauridae


Belongs within: Neosuchia. The Thalattosuchia are a clade of marine crocodyliforms known from the Jurassic. Basal members of the clade had an extremely long and tubular hyperdentate snout though this became striking modified in some derived members of the clade (Gasparini et al. 2006). <==Thalattosuchia |–Crocodileimus [Crocodileimidae]B93 | `–C. robustus Jourdan 1871B93 |–TeleosauridaeSF03 | |–MachimosaurusLB02… Continue reading Thalattosuchia


Belongs within: Metasuchia.Contains: Thalattosuchia, Pholidosauridae, Eusuchia. The Neosuchia are a clade of crocodylomorphs that has been defined as including all taxa closer to Crocodylus niloticus than to Notosuchus terrestris. This clade includes all living crocodilians. <==NeosuchiaSF03 | i. s.: Susisuchus Salisbury, Frey et al. 2003 [Susisuchidae]SF03 | `–*S. anatoceps Salisbury, Frey et al. 2003SF03 |… Continue reading Neosuchia


Belongs within: Eusuchia. The family Crocodylidae includes the crocodiles Crocodylus and their closest fossil relatives. The false gharial Tomistoma schlegelii may also be a member of this group, though its phylogenetic position has been open to debate. Members of this family have relatively narrow, elongate heads. The largest living species, the saltwater crocodile Crocodylus porosus,… Continue reading Crocodylidae


Belongs within: Crocodyliformes.Contains: Neosuchia. The Metasuchia were defined by Sereno et al. (2001) as the most exclusive clade containing both recent crocodilians and Notosuchus. This differs somewhat from its original usage by Benton & Clark (1988) for all members of the clade Mesoeucrocodylia excluding Thalattosuchia, which have subsequently been classified as derived metasuchians. The Notosuchia… Continue reading Metasuchia


Belongs within: Crocodylomorpha.Contains: Metasuchia. The Crocodyliformes correspond to the ‘Crocodylia’ of many earlier authors (with the latter generally now restricted to the crown group of crocodilians). The basalmost forms, the protosuchians, were still relatively lightly built taxa, though undeniably crocodile-like. Members of the basal lineage including modern species, the Mesoeucrocodylia, are united by the fusion… Continue reading Crocodyliformes