Belongs within: Colubriformes.Contains: Pseudorabdion, Lampropeltis, Coluber, Elaphe. The Colubridae are a cosmopolitan group of snakes, including both non-venomous and rear-fanged venomous species, characterised by the presence of solid teeth on the maxilla, palatine, pterygoid and dentary, but never on the premaxilla. Colubridae [Colubrinae] |–+–AhaetullaBG20 | | |–A. nasutusS72 | | `–A. prasinaBG20 | `–Dendrelaphis Boulenger 1890BG20, C18 |… Continue reading Colubridae

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Belongs within: Colubriformes.Contains: Thamnophis. The Natricinae, watersnakes, are a group of snakes characterised by the presence of hypapophyses on all dorsal vertebrae, and minutely spinose hemipenes bearing one or more enlarged basal hooks. Members of the subfamily commonly hunt around water, feeding on small aquatic vertebrates. Natricidae [Natricinae] |–+–+–XenochrophisBG20 | | | |–X. flavipunctatusVH02 |… Continue reading Natricidae

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Belongs within: Lygosominae. The Lipinia skinks Published 27 April 2021 For a long time in the history of herpetology, many of the smaller skinks in the Asia-Pacific region were combined in a single sprawling genus Lygosoma. For an equally long time, this state of affairs had been considered unsatisfactory, with not much defining Lygosoma other… Continue reading Lipinia


Belongs within: Lygosominae. Lerista, sliders, is an Australian genus of mostly burrowing skinks found in loose soil or sand under cover (Cogger 2018). Characters (from Cogger 2018): Supranasals absent. Nasals enlarged, usually in contact medially. Prefrontals small and widely separated or absent. Parietal shields in contact behind interparietal. Lower eyelid with transparent disc, movable or… Continue reading Lerista


Belongs within: Anguiformes. The Varanidae, monitor lizards, are a group of lizards found in warmer parts of the Old World, characterised by a long, slender neck together with a long, strong tail, pentadactyl limbs with a strong claw on each digit, a covering of small, juxtaposed scales, and a long, deeply bifid tongue. Varanidae |–Iberovaranus… Continue reading Varanidae


Belongs within: Lygosominae. All the skinks of the rainbow Published 24 June 2016 Australia is home to a diverse and distinctive array of reptiles, most of which are unique to the continent. Perhaps the most famous of these are its venomous snakes and gigantic crocodiles, but the continent also possesses its fair share of lizards.… Continue reading Carlia


Belongs within: Iguania.Contains: Chamaeleonini. Look away: chameleons Published 5 April 2016 For my next post, I drew the topic of ‘Chamaeleonidae’, the chameleons*. This left me with a bit of a quandary because Darren Naish over at Tetrapod Zoology covered the chameleons recently in his usual exhaustive style in a series of three posts (part… Continue reading Chamaeleonidae