Belongs within: Parareptilia. The Procolophonia are a clade of reptiles known from the mid-Permian to the late Triassic, including the large armoured Pareiasauria and the lizard-like Procolophonoidea. Some authors have also included the modern turtles in this clade. Synapomorphies (from Laurin & Reisz 1995): Pineal foramen close to fronto-parietal suture; postorbital far from occiput; tabular… Continue reading Procolophonia


Belongs within: Reptilia.Contains: Procolophonia. The Parareptilia are a clade corresponding to the greater part of the previously recognised ‘Anapsida’ group of reptiles lacking a temporal fenestra in the skull. They are known from the Upper Permian and Triassic; their survival after this time depends on whether the modern turtles belong to this lineage. <==Parareptilia [Nycteroleteromorpha]MA04… Continue reading Parareptilia