Belongs within: Stereospondyli.Contains: Brachyopoidea. The Trematosauria are a clade of temnospondyls defined by Yates & Warren (2000) as including all species closer to Trematosaurus than Parotosuchus. Synapomorphies (from Yates & Warren 2000): Interorbital space greater than 50% of skull width at mid orbital level; stapedial foramen absent; sharp rimmed depressions absent at posterior end of… Continue reading Trematosauria


Belongs within: Temnospondyli.Contains: Stereospondyli. The Stereospondylomorpha are a group of mostly aquatic temnospondyls known from the early Permian to early Cretaceous, though their diversity was much reduced after the end of the Triassic. They include the Permian Archegosauroidea, species of which were superficially crocodile-like with long narrow snouts. Synapomorphies (from Yates & Warren 2000): Jugal… Continue reading Stereospondylomorpha


Belongs within: Neostegalia.Contains: Stereospondylomorpha, Dissorophoidea. The Temnospondyli were one of the most significant early clades of amphibian-grade tetrapods, being recorded from the early Carboniferous (Visean) to the mid-Cretaceous (Albian). Whether they survived after this date depends on whether the modern amphibians (particularly frogs and salamanders) are accepted as derived temnospondyls. The clade as a whole… Continue reading Temnospondyli