Belongs within: Mammalia.Contains: Meridiolestida, Prototribosphenida. The Trechnotheria are a clade of mammals defined as the most exclusive clade including Zhangheotherium and crown Theria, with the earliest members known from the late Jurassic. Trechnotherians are characterised by the development of a strong postvallum/prevallid shear between the upper and lower molars (Luo et al. 2002). Basal members… Continue reading Trechnotheria


Belongs within: Trechnotheria. The Meridiolestida are an extinct clade of mammals known from the Late Cretaceous to the Miocene of South America (Rougier et al. 2012). A little bit mole-ish in the Miocene Published 29 May 2007 Necrolestes patagonensis was a small fossorial animal from the Miocene of Patagonia that has always held a certain… Continue reading Meridiolestida