Belongs within: Streptosporangiales.Contains: Nonomuria, Microbispora. The Streptosporangiaceae are a group of chemoorganotrophic actinomycetes that form a branched, non-fragmenting substrate mycelium. Hyphae without nuclei: filamentous bacteria Published 8 September 2008 Large size can have its advantages. Pound for pound, a large organism is often more energy-efficient than a small one. A larger organism may have an… Continue reading Streptosporangiaceae


Belongs within: Actinobacteria.Contains: Corynebacterium,┬áNocardiaceae, Mycobacterium, Gordoniaceae. Pick from a wide range of pathogens Published 3 September 2007 Pick up almost any popular palaeontology book, and you’ll be introduced to various ‘ages’ of life on this planet. We’re told that we are currently in the Age of Mammals. The Mesozoic is dubbed the Age of Reptiles.… Continue reading Corynebacteriales