Clio pyramidata, copyright R. W. Gilmer and G. R. Harbison.

Belongs within: Thecosomata.
Contains: Cavoliniinae.

The Cavoliniidae are a group of sea butterflies with a straight, uncoiled shell present at maturity. The shell is conical in Styliola and Hyalocyclis but dorsoventrally depressed in Cuvierina and Cavoliniinae. Members of the Cavoliniinae also bear lateral ridges on the shell (Corse et al. 2013).

<==Cavoliniidae (see below for synonymy)
    |--Styliola Gray 1847CR13, BR05
    |    |--*S. rectaP61
    |    |--S. falcata Gould 1852O27
    |    `--S. subula (Quoy & Gaimard 1827)P61 [=S. sublata (l. c.)F27]
       |    |--H. haitensisCR13
       |    `--H. striata (Rang 1828)R02
       `--+--Cuvierina Boas 1886CR13, BR05 [=Cuvieria Rang 1827 non Lesueur & Petit 1807BR05; Cuvierininae]
          |    |--*C. columnella (Rang 1827) [=*Cuvieria columnella]BR17
          |    |--C. inflata (Bellardi 1873)R02
          |    |--C. intermedia (Bellardi 1873)R02
          |    |--C. spoeli Rampal 2002 [=C. columnella f. atlantica Spoel 1970 (nom. inv.)]R02
          |    `--C. urceolaris (Mörch 1850) [=Cuvieria urceolaris, Cuvierina columnella urceolaris]R02
Cavoliniidae incertae sedis:
  Cliodita caduceus Q. & G. 1825F27
  Euchilotheca Fisher 1882CR13
    `--E. ganensis Curry 1981TTE93
  Camptoceratops priscus (Godwin-Austen 1882)TTE93
  Lornia Marwick 1926F27
    `--*L. limata Marwick 1926F27
  Triptera Quoy & Gaimard 1825BR17
    `--*T. rosea Quoy & Gaimard 1825BR17
  Vaginella Daudin 1800CR13
    |--*V. depressa Daudin 1800D00
    |--V. aucklandica Clarke 1903F27
    |--V. torpedo Marshall 1918F27
    `--V. urceolaris Moerch 1850P61
  Cheilocuspidata Hodgkinson 1992CR13
  Loxobidens Hodgkinson 1992CR13

Cavoliniidae [Cavolinidae, Cavoliniida, Cavoliniiformes, Cuvierinidae, Cuvieridae, Cuvieriidae, Hyalaeidae, Hyalinea, Tripteridae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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