Cavusgnathus Pa element in dorsal, lateral and ventral view, from Sweet (1988).

Belongs within: Spathognathodontidae.

The Cavusgnathidae are a group of conodonts known from the latest Devonian to the early Permian (Sweet 1988).

Characters (from Sweet 1988): Skeletal apparatus seximembrate. Sa element alate, with long, denticulated posterior process. Pa elements bowed, carminiscaphate, with relatively long anterior free blade and generally narrow, double-rowed posterior platform; at posterior end, blade may join platform at point intermediate between anterior ends of two posterior platform rows, or may be continuous with one or the other of those rows. Apparatus often exhibiting class III symmetry, with right and left members of a pair bowed in opposite directions, or right and left members of a pair differing in size and style of denticulation or in other features.

    |  i. s.: Patrognathus Rhodes, Austin & Druce 1969S88
    |           |--P. andersoniS88
    |           |--P. ourayensis Sandberg & Ziegler 1979AS93
    |           `--P. variabilisS88
    |         Cloghergnathus Austin & Mitchell 1975S88
    |           `--C. globenskiiS88
    |         Capricornognathus Austin & Mitchell 1975S88
    |           `--C. capricornisS88
    |--Clydagnathus Rhodes, Austin & Druce 1969S88
    |    |--C. cavusformis Rhodes, Austin & Druce 1969WM03
    |    |--C. darensisS88
    |    |--C. gilwernensisS88
    |    |--C. unicornisS88
    |    `--C. windsorensisPD98
    `--+--Taphrognathus Branson & Mehl 1941S88
       |    |--*T. varians Branson & Mehl 1941H62
       |    `--T. transatlanticusS88
       `--+--Adetognathus Lane 1967S88
          |    |--A. gigantusT85
          |    |--A. lautusS88
          |    |--A. paralautus Orchard 1984AS93
          |    `--A. unicornisS88
          `--Cavusgnathus Harris & Hollingsworth 1933S88
               |--*C. alta Harris & Hollingsworth 1933H62
               |--C. charactusS88
               |--C. cristatusS88
               |--C. naviculusS88
               `--C. regularisS88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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