Black buffel grass Cenchrus ciliaris, copyright Harry Rose.

Belongs within: Paniceae.

Cenchrus, the buffel grasses, is a genus of tropical and subtropical grasses with spikelets surrounded by a burr-like involucre (Gardner 1952).

Characters (from Gardner 1952): Annuals or perennials; leaf-blade flat and flaccid, or short and rigidly convolute; ligule membranous, ciliate or reduced to fringe of hairs; involucres arranged in simple terminal spikes or racemes. Spikelets usually narrow, 1–5 enclosed in an involucre, falling entire with involucre; involucre peduncled, consisting of several series of slender or flattened bristles hardened and connate at base, one usually longer than others. Florets sometimes 2; upper bisexual; lower, when present, male. Glumes muticous, unequal; lower often minute; upper equalling or slightly shorter than spikelet. Lemmas 2; lower equalling or more often exceeding upper lemma, sometimes subtending a male floret. Paleas 2, similar to their respective lemmas. Stamens 3. Styles connate at base; stigma plumose. Grain free, included in slightly hardened lemma and palea.

    |--C. australisB78
    |--C. biflorusLK14
    |--C. calyculatus [incl. C. anomoplexis]C06
    |--C. ciliaris [=Pennisetum ciliare; incl. P. cenchroides]G52
    |--C. echinatusLK14
    |--C. incertus [incl. C. pauciflorus]V72
    |--C. inflexusB78
    |--C. longispinusKM08
    |--C. myosuroidesS06
    |--C. pennisetiformisPP07
    |--C. setigerusG52
    `--C. tribuloidesRN72
         |--C. t. var. tribuloidesS06
         `--C. t. var. macrocephalusS06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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