Individual of Centropyxis among filamentous algae, copyright John C. Walsh.

Belongs within: Arcellinida.

The Centropyxiidae are a group of testate amoebozoans with a chitinous test into which sand or other foreign matter has been incorporated (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test chitinous, enclosing some foreign material or with sandy layer, generally with dorsoventral symmetry; aperture ventral, with recurved margin, eccentric; single nucleus.

<==Centropyxiidae [Conchulina]
    |--Marsipos Medioli et al. 1990HW93
    |--Centropyxiella Valkanov 1970G86
    |    |--C. arenaria Valkanov 1970G86
    |    |--C. elegans Valkanov 1970G86
    |    |--C. gibbula Valkanov 1970G86
    |    |--C. gibbulina Chardez & Thomas 1980G86
    |    |--C. golemanskyi Chardez 1977G86
    |    |--C. lucida Golemansky 1971G86
    |    |--C. oopyxiformis Chardez 1977G86
    |    `--C. platystoma Golemansky 1981G86
    `--Centropyxis Stein 1859 (see below for synonymy)LT64
         |--*C. aculeata (Ehrenberg 1832)LT64 (see below for synonymy)
         |--C. aerophila [incl. C. aerophila var. sphagnicola]LNB03
         |--C. cassis [incl. C. cassis var. spinifera]V63
         |--C. constricta [incl. C. constricta var. minima]LB90
         |--C. discoidesV63
         |--C. ecornisSX97
         |--C. gasparellaLNB03
         |--C. gibbaV63
         |--C. globulosaLB90
         |--C. hemisphaericaSX97
         |--C. hirsutaSR06
         |--C. kahliLNB03
         |--C. laevigata Penard 1902NM05
         |--C. marsupiformisN03
         |--C. orbicularisSX97
         |--C. plagiostomaLB90
         |--C. platystomaLNB03
         |--C. pleurostomelloides (Millett 1899) (see below for synonymy)LT64
         |--C. pontigulasiformisLNB03
         `--C. sylvaticaLB90 [=C. aerophila var. sylvaticaV63; incl. C. sylvatica var. minorLB90]

Centropyxis Stein 1859 [=Echinopyxis Claparède & Lachmann 1859; incl. Armillettum Rhumbler 1913, Millettella Rhumbler 1904]LT64

*Centropyxis aculeata (Ehrenberg 1832)LT64 [=Arcella aculeataLT64, *Echinopyxis aculeataLT64; incl. Centropyxis aculeata var. oblongaV63]

Centropyxis pleurostomelloides (Millett 1899) [=Reophax pleurostomelloides, *Armillettum pleurostomelloides, *Millettella pleurostomoides]LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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