Ceramium ciliatum, from delle Chiaje (1829).

Belongs within: Ceramiales.

Ceramium is a genus of small red algae with thalli composed of uniseriate filaments.

Characters (from Baker et al. 2012): Filaments terminating in caliper-like tips; uniseriate, stiff, coarse, pale to black or rose-red, 18–40 cm tall, attached by a tuft of rhizoids. Axes alternately branched below, subdichotomous to trichotomous above, wide spreading, completely corticated up to two cells below apical cell. Tetrasporangia tetrahedrally divided. Gametophytes dioecious.

<==Ceramium Roth 1797HL09
    |--*C. (sect. Rhodoceras) rubrum (Hudson) Agardh 1811S57, G64, S57 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. (sect. Acanthoceras) flabelligerumG64
    |--C. sect. EchinocerasG64
    |    |--C. acanthonotumG64
    |    |--C. ciliatumG64
    |    `--C. echinonotumG64
    |--C. (sect. Gongroceras) deslongchampsiiG64
    |--C. (sect. Hormoceras) diaphanum (Lightf.) Roth. 1806G64, L27 [=Boryna diaphanaBS-V28, Conferva diaphanaBS-V28]
    |    |--C. d. var. diaphanumRA05
    |    `--C. d. var. elegansRA05
    `--C. sect. TrichocerasG64
         |--C. fastigiatumG64
         |--C. gracillimum (Kützing) Harvey 1876G64, L27
         |--C. strictum Harvey 1851G64, S57
         `--C. tenuissimum [incl. C. nodosum]G64

Ceramium incertae sedis:
  C. apiculatum Agardh 1876L27
  C. aucklandicum Kützing 1849L27
  C. australeHK90
  C. californicum Dawson 1940K03
  C. caudatum Setchel & Gardner 1924K03
  C. codicola Agardh 1894S57
  C. codii (Richards) Feldmann-Mazoyer 1938HS14 [=Ceramothamnion codii Richards 1901HL09]
  C. confervoides [incl. Conferva fracta]BS-V28
  C. discorticatum Heydr. 1893L27
  C. divergens Agardh 1894L27
  C. equisetoides Dawson 1944K03
  ‘Conferva’ glomerataBS-V28
  C. krameri South & Skelton 2000HL09
  C. laingii Rbd. 1905L27
  C. macilentum Agardh 1894HL09
  C. nobile Agardh 1894L27
  C. nodiferum Agardh 1876L27
  C. pacificum (Collins) Kylin 1925 [=C. rubrum var. pacificum]S57
  C. penicillatum Bory de Saint-Vincent 1828BS-V28
  C. puberulumHK90
  C. pusillum Harvey 1863L27
  C. shepherdiiHK90
  C. stichidiosum Agardh 1876L27
    |--C. s. var. stichidiosumL27
    |--C. s. var. scopulorum Laing 1909L27
    `--C. s. var. smithii Laing 1909L27
  C. suhrianum [incl. C. miniatum Suhrr ex Agardh 1858]K03
  C. uncinatum Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
  C. vagans Silva in Silva et al. 1987HL09
  C. vestitum Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
  C. washingtoniense Kylin 1925S57

*Ceramium rubrum (Hudson) Agardh 1811S57, G64, S57 [=Conferva rubraBS-V28; incl. Ce. botryocarpumG64, Ce. decurrensG64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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