Chacoan horned frog Ceratophrys cranwelli, copyright Alfredo Sabaliauskas.

Belongs within: Hyloidea.

The Ceratophryidae, South American horned frogs, are large-headed frogs found in arid habitats that are carnivorous as both adults and larvae.

Synapomorphies (from Frost et al. 2006): Transverse processes of anterior presacral vertebrae widely expanded; cranial bones dermosed; teeth fang-like, nonpedicellate; pars palatina of maxilla and premaxilla absent.

<==Ceratophryidae [Ceratophryinae, Ceratophryini]
| i. s.: Wawelia Casamiquela 1963 non Namysl. 1908 (ICBN)B00
| `--*W. gerholdi Casamiquela 1963B00
|--+--Lepidobatrachus Budgett 1899EJK08, FG06
| | |--L. asperEJK08
| | |--L. laevisFG06
| | `--L. llanensisFG06
| `--Chacophrys Reig & Limeses 1963EJK08, FG06
| `--C. pierottiiEJK08
`--Ceratophrys Wied-Neuwied 1824EJK08, FG06
| i. s.: C. joazeirensisFG06
| C. laevisP30
| C. testudoFG06
|--C. (Ceratophrys)C07
| |--C. (C.) auritaC07
| |--C. (C.) cranwelliC07
| `--C. (C.) ornataC07 [incl. C. prisca Ameghino 1899B00]
`--C. (Stombus Gravenhorst 1825)C07, FG06 [Stombinae]
|--C. (S.) stolzmanniC07
`--+--C. (S.) calcarataC07
`--C. (S.) cornutaC07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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