Dorsal and ventral views of Ceratozetella incurva, with close-ups of sensillus and lateroventral view of rostrum, from Aoki (1964).

Belongs within: Ceratozetoidea.

Ceratozetella is a genus of oribatid mites found in the Holarctic region (Subías 2004). It is distinguished from the related genus Ceratozetes by the presence of eleven pairs of setae on the notogaster.

<==Ceratozetella Shaldybina 1966S04
    |--C. (Ceratozetella) [incl. Ceratozetoides Shaldybina 1966, Ceresella Paulitchenko 1993]S04
    |    |--*C. (C.) sellnicki (Rajski 1958) [=Ceratozetes sellnicki]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) aokii (Bayartogtokh 1999) [=Ceratozetoides aokii]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) bregetovae Shaldybina 1970S04
    |    |--C. (C.) cisalpina (Berlese 1908) [=Ceratozetes cisalpinus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) cuspidodenticulata (Kulijev 1962) [=Ceratozetes cuspidodenticulatus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) djaparidzae Shaldynina 1979S04
    |    |--C. (C.) fjellbergi (Behan-Pelletier 1986) [=Ceratozetes fjellbergi]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) helenae Paulitchenko 1993S04
    |    |--C. (C.) heterocuspis (Balogh & Mahunka 1965) [=Ceratozetes heterocuspis]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) imperatoria (Aoki 1963) [=Ceratozetes imperatorius]S04
    |    |    |--C. i. imperatoriaS04
    |    |    `--C. i. magna Hammer 1977S04
    |    |--C. (C.) incurva (Aoki 1964) [=Ceratozetes incurvus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) longispina Mahunka & Topercer 1983S04
    |    |--C. (C.) maxima (Berlese 1908) (see below for synonymy)S04
    |    |--C. (C.) minima (Sellnick 1928) [=Ceratozetes minimus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) redempta (Caroli & Maffia 1934) [=Ceratozetes redemptus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) rotunda (Schweizer 1956) [=Ceratozetes rotundus]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) similis (Schweizer 1956) [=Ceratozetes similis]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) thienemanni (Willmann 1943) [=Ceratozetes thienemanni; incl. Ceratozetes aelleni Mahunka 1983]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) translamellata (Shaldybina 1970) [=Ceratozetoides translamellata]S04
    |    |--C. (C.) venusta (Paulitchenko 1993) [=Ceresella venusta]S04
    |    `--C. (C.) yezoensis Fujita & Fujikawa 1987S04
    `--C. (Cyrtozetes Behan-Pelletier 1985)S04
         |--C. (*C.) shiranensis (Aoki 1976) [=Ceratozetes shiranensis]S04
         |--C. (C.) denaliensis (Behan-Pelletier 1985) [=Cyrtozetes denaliensis]S04
         |    |--C. d. denaliensisS04
         |    `--C. d. minor (Hirauchi 1999) [=Cyrtozetes denaliensis minor]S04
         `--C. rectangularis (Paulitchenko 1993) [=Cyrtozetes rectangularis]S04

Ceratozetella (Ceratozetella) maxima (Berlese 1908) [=Ceratozetes maximus; incl. Ceratozetes maximus jeanneli Trägardh 1925, Sphaerozetes major Irk 1939, Sphaerozetes maximus Willmann 1953 non Berlese 1908, Acarus spinipes Müller 1776 (n. d.), Sphaerobates subseminulum Oudemans 1902 (n. d.)]S04

*Type species of generic name indicated


Aoki, J. 1964. Some oribatid mites (Acarina) from Laysan Island. Pacific Insects 6 (4): 649–664.

[S04] Subías, L. S. 2004. Listado sistemático, sinonímico y biogeográfico de los ácaros oribátidos (Acariformes, Oribatida) del mundo (1758–2002). Graellsia 60 (número extraordinario): 3–305.

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