Cerceris rybyensis with prey, copyright Nigel Jones.

Belongs within: Philanthidae.

The Cercerini are a group of ground-nesting wasps, generally characterised by a coarsely sculptured integument, that usually provision their nests with adult beetles (Bohart & Menke 1976). In the North American genus Eucerceris, the outer veinlet of submarginal cell III meets the marginal cell beyond its outer third, and the terga bear median or submedian transverse depressions. In the cosmopolitan Cerceris, the terga lack depressions and the outer veinlet of submarginal cell III meets the marginal cell before its outer third. Cerceris is a massively diverse genus with over 850 species recognised worldwide (Bohart & Menke 1976).

Characters (from Bohart & Menke 1976): Mandible often dentate, antennal sockets located above clypeus but less than two diameters apart and divided by a strongly raised ridge or carina, lateral ocelli normal, inner eye margins not notched and somewhat bowed toward each other, lateral clypeal brushes in male well developed and often broad, palpal formula 6-4, episternal sulcus absent, scrobal sulcus a broad, deep horizontal depression, precoxal sulcus present, precoxal lobes well defined, midcoxal cavities widely separated, hindfemur truncate or flattened apically, plantulae absent, marginal cell of forewing broadly rounded distally, submarginal cell II sometimes petiolate in front, first recurrent vein terminating on submarginal cell II and second recurrent on III, hindwing media diverging well beyond cu-a, jugal lobe occupying less than half length of anal area, a well defined pygidial plate present in both sexes, male without cerci, volsella not differentiated into digitus and cuspis, white or yellow markings usually present.

Cercerini [Cercerinae]BM76
|--Eucerceris Cresson 1865BM76
| |--E. cressoni (Schletterer 1887) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--E. angulata Rohwer 1912BM76
| |--E. arenaria Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. atrata Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. baccharidis Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. baja Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. bitruncata Scullen 1939 [incl. E. triciliata Scullen 194]BM76
| |--E. brunnea Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. canaliculata (Say 1823) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--E. cerceriformis Cameron 1891BM76
| |--E. conata Scullen 1939 [incl. E. hespera Scullen 1948]BM76
| |--E. flavocincta Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--E. lacunosa Scullen 1939 [incl. E. arizonensis Scullen 1939]BM76
| | |--E. l. lacunosaBM76
| | `--E. l. sabinasae Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. lapazensis Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. melanosa Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. melanovittata Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. mellea Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. menkei Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. montana Cresson 1882 [incl. Cerceris sonorensis Cameron 1891]BM76
| |--E. morula Scullen 1968BM76
| | |--E. morulaBM76
| | `--E. m. albarenae Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. nevadensis (Dalla Torre 1890) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| | |--E. n. nevadensisBM76
| | |--E. n. ferruginosa Scullen 1939 [incl. E. mohavensis Scullen 1968]BM76
| | `--E. n. monoensis Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. pacifica Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. pimarum Rohwer 1908 [incl. E. apicata Banks 1915]BM76
| |--E. provancheri (Dalla Torre 1890) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--E. punctifrons (Cameron 1890) [=Aphilanthops punctifrons]BM76
| | |--E. p. punctifronsBM76
| | `--E. p. cavagnaroi Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. rubripes Cresson 1879 [incl. Aphilanthops marginipennis Cameron 1890, E. unicornis Patton 1879]BM76
| |--E. ruficeps Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. similis Cresson 1879 [incl. C. barri Scullen 1968]BM76
| |--E. sinuata Scullen 1939BM76
| |--E. sonorae Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. stangei Scullen 1968BM76
| |--E. superba Cresson 1865 [incl. E. fulviceps Cresson 1879, E. rhodops Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
| | |--E. s. superbaBM76
| | `--E. s. dichroa (Dalla Torre 1890) [=Cerceris dichroa, E. bicolor Cresson 1882, C. bicolor non Smith 1856]BM76
| |--E. tricolor Cockerell 1897BM76
| |--E. velutina Scullen 1948BM76
| |--E. violaceipennis Scullen 1939BM76
| |--E. vittatifrons Cresson 1879BM76
| |--E. zimapanensis Scullen 1968BM76
| `--E. zonata (Say 1823) [=Philanthus zonatus; incl. E. laticeps Cresson 1865]BM76
`--Cerceris Latreille 1802C85 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. rybyensis (Linnaeus 1771)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. r. rybyensisBM76
| |--C. r. dittrichi Schulz 1904 [incl. C. jacobsoni Shestakov 1923]BM76
| |--C. r. fertoni Beaumont 1952BM76
| `--C. r. sicana De Stefani 1884BM76
|--C. abacta Shestakov 1915BM76
|--C. abdominalis (Fabricius 1804) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. abuensis Turner 1912BM76
|--C. acanthophila Cockerell 1897 [incl. C. cockerelli Viereck 1903, C. huachuca Banks 1947]BM76
|--C. acolhua Saussure 1867BM76
|--C. acuta Radoszkowski 1877BM76
|--C. adae Turner 1936C85
|--C. adelpha Kohl 1887BM76
|--C. aemula Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. aemuloides Leclercq 1962BM76
|--C. aequalis Provancher 1888 [incl. C. psamathe Banks 1912, C. vicinoides Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
| |--C. a. aequalisBM76
| |--C. a. bolingeri Scullen 1965BM76
| `--C. a. idahoensis Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. aerata Kazenas 1972BM76
|--C. africanula Brauns 1914BM76
|--C. agnata Turner 1912BM76
|--C. alamos Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. alastoroides Turner 1914C85
|--C. albicincta Klug 1845BM76
|--C. albifrons Smith 1856BM76
|--C. albigena Cameron 1905BM76
|--C. albipicta Smith 1873BM76
|--C. albispinosa Arnold 1952BM76
|--C. alboatra Walker 1871BM76
|--C. albofasciata (Rossi 1790) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. a. albofasciataBM76
| |--C. a. navigatrix Strand 1913BM76
| `--C. a. oasicola Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. albolineata (Cameron 1908) [=Trachypus albolineatus]BM76
|--C. albopectoralis Empey 1973BM76
|--C. alceste Mickel 1918BM76
|--C. alcyone Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. alexandrae Morawitz 1889BM76
|--C. amakosa Banks 1926 [incl. C. vansoni Arnold 1935]BM76
|--C. amathusia Beaumont 1958BM76
|--C. amatoria Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. ameghinoi Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. andalgalensis Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. andersoni Turner 1918BM76
|--C. andina Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. andrei Gussakovskij 1952BM76
|--C. angularis Cockerell 1914BM76
|--C. angustata Morawitz 1893BM76
|--C. angustifrons Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. angustirostris Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. annulata (Rossi 1790) [=Vespa annulata; incl. Crabro annulatus Rossi 1794 non Vespa annulata Rossi 1790]BM76
|--C. annuligera Taschenberg 1875 [incl. C. diademata Holmberg 1903]BM76
|--C. annulipes Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. ansa Shestakov 1914BM76
| |--C. a. ansaBM76
| `--C. a. manflava Tsuneki 1970 [incl. C. flava Tsuneki 1961 non Mochi 1939]BM76
|--C. antennata Morzwitz 1890BM76
|--C. anthicivora Evans 1982C85
|--C. antilope Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. antipodes Smith 1856C85 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. apakensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. aquilina Smith 1856BM76
|--C. arechavaletai Brèthes 1909BM76
|--C. arenaria (Linnaeus 1758)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. a. arenariaBM76
| |--C. a. erlandssoni Eck 1973BM76
| |--C. a. flavescens Schletterer 1889BM76
| |--C. a. gotlandica Eck 1973BM76
| |--C. a. iberica Schletterer 1887BM76
| |--C. a. incognita Eck 1973BM76
| |--C. a. nadigi Shestakov 1933BM76
| |--C. a. schnitnikovi Kazenas 1972BM76
| |--C. a. schulzi Beaumont 1951BM76
| |--C. a. stecki Schletterer 1889BM76
| `--C. a. yanoi Tsuneki 1971 [=C. quinquecincta Ashmead 1904 non Crabro quinquecinctus Fabricius 1787]BM76
|--C. argentifrons Guérin-Méneville 1844 [incl. C. albotegulata Arnold 1945]BM76
|--C. argentina Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. argentosa Shestakov 1912BM76
|--C. argia Mickel 1916BM76
|--C. ariadne Turner 1912BM76
|--C. arizonella Banks 1947BM76
|--C. armata Beaumont 1959BM76
|--C. armaticeps Cameron 1910BM76
| |--C. a. armaticepsBM76
| `--C. a. caffrariae Empey 1974BM76
|--C. armigera Turner 1917 [incl. C. armigera rufofusca Turner 1936]C85
|--C. arnoldi Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. arrogans Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. associa Kohl 1898BM76
|--C. astarte Banks 1913BM76
|--C. aterrima Arnold 1942 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. atlacomulca Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. atramontensis Banks 1913 [incl. C. arbuscula Mickel 1916]BM76
|--C. atriceps Smith 1856BM76
|--C. augagneuri Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. aurantiaca Smith 1873C85
|--C. australis Saussure 1855 [incl. C. nigrocincta Smith 1856 non Dufour 1853]C85
|--C. azteca Saussure 1867 [incl. C. seminigra Banks 1947 non Taschenberg 1875]BM76
|--C. balteata Evans 1982C85
|--C. baluchistanensis Cameron 1907BM76
|--C. bambesae Empey 1972BM76
|--C. banksi Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. bannisteri Empey 1971BM76
|--C. bantamensis van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. barnardi Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. barrei Radoszkowski 1893BM76
|--C. basalis Smith 1856BM76
|--C. basimacula Cameron 1907BM76
|--C. beharensis Lelcercq 1967BM76
|--C. bella Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. belli Turner 1912BM76
|--C. bellona Mercet 1914BM76
|--C. bequaerti Brauns 1926 [incl. C. adulatrix Arnold 1933]BM76
|--C. berenice Beaumont 1966BM76
|--C. ‘berlandi’ Timon-David 1944 non Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. bicarinata Arnold 1935BM76
|--C. bicava Shestakov 1917BM76
|--C. bicincta Klug 1835 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. b. bicinctaBM76
| `--C. b. leucozonica Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. schulthessi Schletterer 1889]BM76
|--C. bicornuta Guérin-Méneville 1844 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. bicuspidata Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. bidentula Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. bifasciata Guérin-Méneville 1835BM76
|--C. bifurcata Empey 1970BM76
|--C. bimaculata Cameron 1905 [incl. C. cameroni Schulz 1906, C. canaliculata Cameron 1905 non Pérez 1895]BM76
|--C. binghami Turner 1912BM76
|--C. binodis Spinola 1841 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. biplicatula Gussakovskij 1938BM76
|--C. bituberculata Tsuneki 1963BM76
|--C. blakei Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. boetica (Pérez 1913) [=Nectanebus boeticus]BM76
|--C. boharti Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. bohartiana Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. bolanica Turner 1912BM76
|--C. ‘bolingeri’ Scullen 1972 non Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. bonaerensis Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. borealis Mocsáry 1901BM76
|--C. boschmai van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. bothaivillensis Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. bothriophora Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. bougainvillensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
| |--C. b. bougainvillensisBM76
| |--C. b. lavellensis Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. b. novogeorgica Krombein 1969BM76
| `--C. b. solomonis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. boysi Turner 1912BM76
|--C. bracteata Eversmann 1849 [incl. C. mirabilis Shestakov 1927, C. penicillata Mocsáry 1879]BM76
|--C. bradleyi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. brandti Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. bridwelli Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. bucculata Costa 1860 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. bulawayoensis Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. bulganensis Tsuneki 1971 [incl. C. fulviventris Tsuneki 1971 non Guérin-Méneville 1844]BM76
|--C. bupresticida Dufour 1841 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. b. bupresticidaBM76
| |--C. b. libyca Beaumont 1960BM76
| `--C. b. nigrina Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. butleri Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. cacaloapana Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. caelebs Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. calida Turner 1915C85
|--C. californica Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. callani Krombein 1972BM76
|--C. calochorti Rohwer 1908BM76
| |--C. c. calochortiBM76
| `--C. c. hidalgo Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. campestris Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. campicola Arnold 1942BM76
|--C. campsomeroides Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. canaliculata Pérez 1895 [incl. C. berlandi Giner Marí 1941]BM76
| |--C. c. canaliculataBM76
| |--C. c. palaestina Beaumont 1959BM76
| `--C. c. tingitana Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. capito Lepeletier 1845BM76
|--C. carinalis Pérez 1905BM76
|--C. carrascoi Fritz & Toro 1973BM76
|--C. carrizonensis Banks 1915BM76
|--C. caucasica Shestakov 1915BM76
|--C. cavagnaroi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. celaeno Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. celebensis Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. cerussata Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. cerverae Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. chacoana Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. changi Tsuneki 1972BM76
|--C. cheops Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. cheskesiana Giner Marí 1945 [=C. cherkesiana Beaumont 1947]BM76
|--C. chilensis Spinola 1851BM76
|--C. chilopsidis Viereck & Cockerell 1904BM76
|--C. chirindensis Arnold 1932BM76
|--C. chlorotica Spinola 1838 [incl. C. lutea Taschenberg 1875, C. nilotica Schletterer 1887]BM76
| |--C. c. chloroticaBM76
| `--C. c. mateui Giner Marí 1945BM76
|--C. chromatica Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. flava Mochi 1939]BM76
|--C. chrysothemis Turner 1912BM76
|--C. circularis (Fabricius 1804) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. c. circularisBM76
| |--C. c. dacica Schletterer 1887BM76
| |--C. c. magnifica Schletterer 1887BM76
| `--C. c. slovaca Balthasar 1953BM76
|--C. circumcincta Turner 1912BM76
|--C. citrinella Smith 1856BM76
|--C. cleomae Rohwer 1908BM76
|--C. clypearis Saussure 1887BM76
|--C. clypeata Dahlbom 1844 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. c. clypeataBM76
| |--C. c. dakotensis Banks 1915BM76
| |--C. c. gnarina Banks 1913BM76
| |--C. c. prominensis Banks 1912 [incl. C. alaope Banks 1912]BM76
| `--C. c. tepaneca Saussure 1867 [incl. C. thermophila Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. clytia Beaumont 1959BM76
|--C. cochisi Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. coelicola Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. colon (Thunberg 1815) [=Philanthus colon]BM76
|--C. colorata Schletterer 1889BM76
|--C. comberi Turner 1912BM76
|--C. compacta Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. compar Cresson 1865 [incl. C. carolina Banks 1912, C. catawba Banks 1912, C. jucunda Cresson 1872]BM76
| |--C. c. comparBM76
| |--C. c. albinota Scullen 1972BM76
| |--C. c. geniculata Cameron 1890 [incl. C. feralis Cameron 1890]BM76
| `--C. c. orestes Banks 1947BM76
|--C. completa Banks 1919 [incl. C. percna Scullen 1965]BM76
|--C. compta Turner 1912BM76
|--C. concinna Brullé 1839BM76
|--C. confraga Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. confusa Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. congesta Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. conica Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. conifrons Mickel 1916BM76
|--C. contigua (Villers 1789) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. convergens Viereck & Cockerell 1904 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. cooperi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. cordillera Perez & Toro 1973BM76
|--C. coreensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. cornigera (Gmelin 1790) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. costarica Scullen 1972BM76
| |--C. c. costaricaBM76
| `--C. c. mitla Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. crandalli Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. crassidens Cameron 1902BM76
|--C. crenulifera Kazenas 1974BM76
|--C. crepitans Leclercq 1967BM76
|--C. cribrosa Spinola 1841 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. cristovalensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. crotonella Viereck & Cockerell 1904BM76
|--C. cucullata Bingham 1912C85
|--C. cuernavaca Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. cunnamulla Evans 1982C85
|--C. cupes Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. curvitarsis Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. oneili Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. cuthbertsoni Arnold 1946BM76
|--C. cyclops Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. darrensis Cockerell 1930C85
|--C. decolorata Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. decorata Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. dedariensis Turner 1936C85
|--C. dejecta Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. dentata Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. denticulata Schletterer 1889BM76
|--C. dentifrons Cresson 1865BM76
|--C. dentiventris Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. deserta Say 1824 [incl. C. fulvipediculata Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. deserticola Morawitz 1890BM76
|--C. diabolica Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. ‘dichroa’ Brèthes 1909 non Dalla Torre 1890BM76
|--C. dilatata Spinola 1841 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. d. dilatataBM76
| `--C. d. chisosensis Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. diodonta Schletterer 1887 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. d. diodontaBM76
| |--C. d. barbifera Bischoff 1911 [incl. C. bagandarum Turner 1918]BM76
| `--C. d. sodalis Turner 1918BM76
|--C. dione Fritz 1961BM76
|--C. discrepans Brauns 1926BM76
| |--C. d. discrepansBM76
| `--C. d. perplexa Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. dispar Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. cypriaca Giner Marí 1945]BM76
|--C. dissecta (Fabricius 1798) [=Philanthus dissectus]BM76
|--C. dissona Arnold 1955BM76
|--C. distinguenda Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. doderleini Schulz 1905BM76
|--C. dogonensis Krombein 1974BM76
|--C. dominicana Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. dondoensis Brauns 1926 [incl. C. ephippiorhyncha Arnold 1940]BM76
|--C. dorsalis Eversmann 1849 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. d. dorsalisBM76
| `--C. d. solskii Radoszkowski 1877 [=C. solskyi Schletterer 1887; incl. C. crassicollis Tsuneki 1968]BM76
|--C. dowi Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. downesivora Turner 1912BM76
|--C. dreisbachi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. duchesnei Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. duisi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. duplicata Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. durango Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. dusmeti Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. eburneofasciata Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. ecko Mickel 1916BM76
| |--C. e. eckoBM76
| `--C. e. atrata Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. edolata Shestakov 1912BM76
|--C. egena Arnold 1931BM76
| |--C. e. egenaBM76
| `--C. e. mombasae Arnold 1942BM76
|--C. electra Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. elegans Eversmann 1849BM76
|--C. elizabethae Bingham 1897BM76
|--C. emeryana Gribodo 1894BM76
| |--C. e. emeryanaBM76
| |--C. e. bechuana Brauns 1926BM76
| |--C. e. multicolor Arnold 1946BM76
| `--C. e. varilineata Cameron 1905BM76
|--C. enodens Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. ephippium Turner 1912BM76
|--C. errata Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. erronea Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. eryngii Marquet 1875 [incl. C. haueri Schletterer 1887, C. robusta Shestakov 1915]BM76
| |--C. e. eryngiiBM76
| `--C. e. ponantina Beaumont 1970 [incl. C. occidentalis Giner Marí 1941 non Saussure 1867]BM76
|--C. erynnis Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. erythrogaster Kazenas 1972BM76
|--C. erythropoda Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. erythrosoma Schletterer 1887 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. erythrospila Cameron 1910BM76
|--C. erythroura Cameron 1908BM76
|--C. escalerae Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. eucharis Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. euchroma Turner 1910C85
|--C. eugenia Schletterer 1887 [=C. orientalis Mocsáry 1883 non Smith 1856; incl. C. mocsaryi Kohl 1888]BM76
|--C. eulalia Brauns 1926BM76
| |--C. e. eulaliaBM76
| `--C. e. transkeica Empey 1971BM76
|--C. eungella Evans 1982C85
|--C. euryanthe Kohl 1888BM76
|--C. eustylicida Williams 1928BM76
|--C. evansi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. eversmanni Schulz 1912 [incl. C. cornuta Eversmann 1849 non Crabro cornutus Fabricius 1787]BM76
| |--C. e. eversmanniBM76
| `--C. e. clypeodentata Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. ‘excavata’ Cameron 1902 non Schletterer 1889BM76
|--C. exleyae Evans 1982C85
|--C. expleta Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. expulsa Turner 1920BM76
|--C. faceta Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. falcifera Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. farri Scullen 1971BM76
|--C. fastidiosa Turner 1912BM76
|--C. femurrubrum Viereck & Cockerell 1904 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. ferocior Turner 1912BM76
|--C. ferox Smith 1856 [incl. C. annandali Bingham 1903]BM76
|--C. ferruginea Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. festiva Cresson 1865 [incl. C. gratiosa Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. fimbriata (Rossi 1790) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. f. fimbriataBM76
| |--C. f. cogens Kohl 1915BM76
| `--C. f. pallidopicta Radoszkowski 1877 [incl. C. polita Schletterer 1889]BM76
|--C. fingo Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. finitima Cresson 1865 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. fischeri Spinola 1838 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. fitzgeraldi Empey 1973BM76
|--C. flavicornis Brullé 1833 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. flavida Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. flavifrons Smith 1856BM76
|--C. flavilabris (Fabricius 1793) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. f. flavilabrisBM76
| `--C. f. insularis Smith 1856BM76
|--C. flaviventris Vander Linden 1829 [incl. C. quillsi Giner Marí 1941]BM76
| |--C. f. flaviventrisBM76
| |--C. f. lusitana Beaumont 1953BM76
| `--C. f. pardoi Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. flavocostalis Cresson 1865BM76
|--C. flavofasciata Smith 1908 [incl. C. natallena Brimley 1927]BM76
| |--C. f. flavofasciataBM76
| `--C. f. floridensis Banks 1915BM76
|--C. flavofemorata Arnold 1942 [incl. C. maia Arnold 1951, C. ponderosa Arnold 1931 non Brèthes 1920]BM76
|--C. flavomaculata Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. flavonasuta Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. flavopicta Smith 1856BM76
|--C. flavoplagiata Cameron 1905BM76
|--C. flavotrochanterica Rohwer 1912BM76
|--C. fletcheri Turner 1912BM76
|--C. fluvialis Smith 1873C85
|--C. fodiens Eversmann 1849 [incl. C. charusini Morawitz 1891]BM76
| |--C. f. fodiensBM76
| `--C. f. shur Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. forficata Evans 1982C85
|--C. formicaria Eschscholtz 1822BM76
|--C. formidolosa Saussure 1890BM76
|--C. formosa Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. marleyi Arnold 1949, C. sumptuosa Arnold 1931]BM76
| |--C. f. formosaBM76
| |--C. f. hoeveldensis Empey 1971BM76
| `--C. f. nigrifemur Arnold 1955BM76
|--C. formosana Strand 1913BM76
| |--C. f. formosanaBM76
| `--C. f. klapperichi Giner Marí 1942 [incl. C. dubitabilis Giner Marí 1942]BM76
|--C. forticula Arnold 1955BM76
|--C. fortin Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. fortinata Cameron 1902 [incl. C. aureobarba Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. fraterna Beaumont 1959BM76
|--C. freymuthi Radoszkowski 1877 [=C. freimuthi Shestakov 1918]BM76
|--C. frigida Mocsáry 1901BM76
|--C. froggatti Turner 1912C85
|--C. frontata Say 1823 [incl. C. occidentalis Saussure 1867, C. raui Rohwer 1920, C. texensis Saussure 1867]BM76
|--C. fuliginosa Smith 1856BM76
|--C. fulva Mocsáry 1883BM76
|--C. fulvipes Eversmann 1849 [incl. C. shaman Shestakov 1922]BM76
|--C. fulviventris Guérin-Méneville 1844 [incl. C. bicolor Smith 1856, C. fossor Smith 1856]BM76
|--C. fumipennis Say 1837 [incl. C. cincta Dahlbom 1844, C. unicincta Taschenberg 1875]BM76
|--C. fumosipennis Strand 1910BM76
|--C. furcata Morawitz 1890BM76
|--C. furcifera Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. fuscina Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. gaetula Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. galathea Beaumont 1959BM76
|--C. gallieni Arnold 1945BM76
| |--C. g. gallieniBM76
| `--C. g. bekiliensis Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. gandarai Rohwer 1912BM76
|--C. garleppi Schrottky 1911BM76
|--C. gaudebunda Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. gaullei Brèthes 1920BM76
|--C. gayi Spinola 1851BM76
|--C. geboharti Tsuneki 1969 [incl. C. boharti Tsuneki 1968 non Scullen 1965]BM76
|--C. gemmina Shestakov 1927BM76
|--C. geneana Costa 1869BM76
|--C. ‘geniculata’ Kazenas 1974 non Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. gibbosa Sickman 1894BM76
|--C. gigantea Gistl 1857BM76
|--C. gilberti Turner 1916C85
|--C. gilesi Turner 1910C85
|--C. gineri Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. globulosa (Fourcroy 1785) [=Vespa globulosa, Mellinus globulosus]BM76
|--C. goddardi Cockerell 1930 [incl. C. insulicola Tsuneki 1968]C85
|--C. gomphocarpi Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. grana Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. grandis Banks 1913BM76
|--C. graphica Smith 1873 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. grata Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. greeni Turner 1912BM76
|--C. guichardi Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. guigliae Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. hackeriana Cockerell 1930C85
|--C. haematina Kohl 1915BM76
|--C. halone Banks 1912 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. hamiltoni Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. haramaiae Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. harbinensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. hatuey Alayo 1968BM76
|--C. hausa Arnodl 1931BM76
|--C. herbsti Empey 1971BM76
|--C. hexadonta Strand 1913BM76
|--C. hilaris Smith 1856 [incl. C. himalayensis Bingham 1898, C. simlaensis Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. hilbrandi van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. hildebrandti Saussure 1891BM76
|--C. histerisnica (Spinola 1838) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. h. histerisnicaBM76
| `--C. h. algeriensis (Schulz 1904) [=Nectanebus algeriensis]BM76
|--C. histrionica Klug 1845 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. hohlbecki Shestakov 1914 [incl. C. fragosa Kohl 1915]BM76
|--C. hokkanzana Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. holconota Cameron 1905BM76
| |--C. h. holconotaBM76
| |--C. h. labiosa Empey 1971BM76
| `--C. h. oculata Empey 1971BM76
|--C. hora Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. hortivaga Kohl 1880BM76
| |--C. h. hortivagaBM76
| `--C. h. amamiensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. huastecae Saussure 1867BM76
|--C. hurdi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. hypocritica Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. ‘iberica’ Schletterer 1889 non Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. icta Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. iliensis Kazenas 1972BM76
|--C. illustris Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. imitator Smith 1856 [=C. imitatrix Schulz 1906]BM76
|--C. impercepta Beaumont 1950BM76
|--C. imperialis Saussure 1867 [incl. C. exsecta Smith 1873, C. pilosa Cameron 1890]BM76
|--C. inara Beaumont 1967BM76
|--C. inconspicua Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. indica (Thunberg 1815) [=Philanthus indicus]BM76
|--C. inexorabilis Turner 1912BM76
|--C. inexpectata Turner 1908C85
|--C. infumata Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. iniqua Kohl 1894BM76
| |--C. i. iniquaBM76
| |--C. i. arida Arnold 1931BM76
| |--C. i. cratocephala Cameron 1908BM76
| |--C. i. deceptrix Brauns 1926BM76
| `--C. i. libitina Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. insignita Arnold 1951 [incl. C. opulenta Arnold 1951 non Morice 1911]BM76
|--C. insolita Cresson 1865 [incl. C. intractabilis Mickel 1916]BM76
| |--C. i. insolitaBM76
| |--C. i. albida Scullen 1965BM76
| |--C. i. atrafemori Scullen 1965BM76
| |--C. i. chiriquensis Cameron 1890BM76
| |--C. i. cortezi Scullen 1972BM76
| |--C. i. otomia Saussure 1867 [=C. otomita Dalla Torre 1867]BM76
| `--C. i. panama Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. instabilis Smith 1856 [incl. C. velox Smith 1875]BM76
|--C. integra Morawitz 1894BM76
|--C. interrupta (Panzer 1799) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. i. interruptaBM76
| `--C. i. peninsularis Mercet 1903BM76
|--C. interstincta (Fabricius 1798) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. i. interstinctaBM76
| `--C. i. viscosa Smith 1875 [incl. C. rufinodis Smith 1875, C. rufinodula Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--C. intricata Smith 1856 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. invalida Kohl 1906BM76
|--C. invita Turner 1912BM76
|--C. irene Banks 1912BM76
|--C. iridis Evans 1982C85
|--C. irwini Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. isis Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. jakowleffii Kohl 1898 [=C. jakovlevi Gussakovskij 1938]BM76
|--C. japonica Ashmead 1904 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. jatahyna Brèthes 1920BM76
|--C. kansuensis Gussakovskij 1934BM76
|--C. karimuiensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. kasachstanica Kazenas 1972BM76
|--C. kaszabi Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. katangae Brauns 1914BM76
|--C. kazenasi Pulawski in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=C. pulawskii Kazenas 1972 non Tsuneki 1971]BM76
|--C. kedahae Pagden 1934BM76
|--C. kennicottii Cresson 1865 [incl. C. eriogoni Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
| |--C. k. kennicottiiBM76
| |--C. k. bakeri Cameron 1904 [incl. C. chinandegaensis Cameron 1904, C. iresinides Rohwer 1914]BM76
| |--C. k. smithiana Cameron 1890BM76
| `--C. k. zapoteca Saussure 1867 [incl. C. beali Scullen 1965, C. montivaga Cameron 1890]BM76
|--C. kilimandjaroensis Cameron 1908BM76
| |--C. k. kilimandjaroensis (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. h. capensis Arnold 1931 [=C. heterospila capensis; incl. C. griqua Arnold 1942]BM76
| `--C. k. heterospila Cameron 1910 [incl. C. macololo Brauns 1926]BM76
|--C. kirbyi Bingham 1897BM76
|--C. klugii Smith 1856 [incl. C. annulata Klug 1845 non Rossi 1790]BM76
|--C. kobrowi Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. kohlii Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. perdita Kohl 1898]BM76
|--C. kokuevi Shestakov 1912 [=C. kokujevi Shestakov 1918]BM76
|--C. koma Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. koryo Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. koshantshikovi Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. koulingensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. kozlovi Shestakov 1972BM76
|--C. krombeini Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. krugi Dewitz 1881BM76
|--C. kwangtsehiana Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. labeculata Turner 1908C85
|--C. labiata (Olivier 1792) [=Crabro labiatus]BM76
|--C. lacinia Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. laeta (Fabricius 1793) [=Philanthus laetus]BM76
|--C. laevigata Smith 1856 [=C. levigata Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--C. lama Turner 1912BM76
|--C. lamarquensis Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. langkasukae Pagden 1934BM76
|--C. languida Cameron 1905BM76
| |--C. l. languidaBM76
| |--C. l. agulhas Empey 1974BM76
| |--C. l. shangaani Empey 1974BM76
| `--C. l. tanzana Empey 1974BM76
|--C. lateridentata Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. laterifurcata Empey 1973BM76
|--C. laterimaculata Empey 1973BM76
|--C. lateriproducta Mochi 1939BM76
|--C. latibalteata Cameron 1904BM76
|--C. latiberbis Tsuneki 1968C85
|--C. laticincta Lepeletier 1845 [incl. C. atlantica Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. latidens Cameron 1902BM76
|--C. latifrons Bingham 1902BM76
| |--C. l. latifronsBM76
| `--C. l. sedula Arnold 1940BM76
|--C. lativentris Gussakovskij 1938BM76
|--C. latro Smith 1856BM76
|--C. laxata Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. lepcha Cameron 1905BM76
|--C. lepida Brullé 1839BM76
|--C. leucochroa Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. listrognatha Evans 1982C85
|--C. lobaba Kirby 1900BM76
|--C. longilabris Arnold 1946BM76
|--C. longitudinalis Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. longiuscula Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. luchti van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. luculenta Evans 1982C85
|--C. lunata Costa 1869 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. l. lunataBM76
| |--C. l. albicolor Shestakov 1922BM76
| |--C. l. funerea Costa 1869BM76
| `--C. l. tenebricosa Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. lunigera Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. holconotula Brauns 1926, C. whiteana Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. ‘lunulata’ (Rossi 1792) [=Crabro lunulatus non Fourcroy 1785]BM76
|--C. lutzi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. luxuriosa Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. subimpressa Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. luzonensis Crawford 1910 [incl. C. spinigera Rohwer 1919]BM76
| |--C. l. luzonensisBM76
| `--C. l. fukaii Rohwer 1911 [incl. C. superflua Strand 1913]BM76
|--C. lynchii Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. lynx Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. macalanga Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. macswaini Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. macula (Fabricius 1804) [=Philanthus maculus]BM76
|--C. maculata Radoszkowski 1877BM76
|--C. maculicrus Beaumont 1967BM76
|--C. manchuriana Tsuneki8 1961BM76
|--C. mandibularis Patton 1881BM76
|--C. manifesta Arnold 1952BM76
|--C. maracandica Radoszkowski 1877 [incl. C. ignaruris Kohl 1915]BM76
|--C. marcia Nurse 1903BM76
|--C. margaretella Rohwer 1915BM76
|--C. margarita Beaumont 1966BM76
|--C. marginata Smith 1856BM76
|--C. marginula Dalla Torre 1897 [incl. C. marginata Cameron 1890 non Smith 1856]BM76
|--C. maritima Saussure 1867BM76
|--C. martialis Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. mastogaster Smith 1856BM76
|--C. mazimba Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. media Klug 1835 [incl. C. capitata Smith 1856]BM76
|--C. meditata Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. megacantha Evans 1982C85
|--C. megacephala Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. melaina Turner 1912BM76
|--C. melanthe Banks 1947 [incl. C. nitida Banks 1913 non Wesmael 1852]BM76
|--C. mellicula Turner 1912BM76
|--C. mendesensis Brèthes 1920BM76
|--C. mendozana Brèthes 1913BM76
| |--C. m. mendozanaBM76
| `--C. m. melanopus Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. menkei Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. merope Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. merredinensis Turner 1936C85
|--C. mesopotamica Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. metatarsalis Turner 1926BM76
|--C. mexicana Saussure 1867BM76
|--C. micheneri Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. micropunctata Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. militaris Dahlbom 1844BM76
|--C. millironi Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. m. millironiBM76
| |--C. m. malaitensis Krombein 1969BM76
| `--C. m. tulagiensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. mimica Cresson 1872 [=C. minima (l. c.); incl. C. englehardti Banks 1947, C. esau Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. minax Mickel 1918BM76
|--C. minuscula Turner 1910C85
| |--C. m. minusculaBM76
| |--C. m. korovensis Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. m. sculleniana Krombein 1969BM76
| `--C. m. stanleyensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. minutior Maidl 1924BM76
|--C. minutissima Maidl 1924BM76
|--C. misoolensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. moczari Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. ‘modesta’ Smith 1873 non Smith 1856BM76
|--C. moesta De Stefani 1884 [=C. maesta Dalla Torre 1897]BM76
|--C. moestissima Guiglia 1941BM76
|--C. moggionis Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. monocera Kohl 1898BM76
|--C. montealban Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. montezuma Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. monticola Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. morata Cresson 1872 [incl. C. nasica Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
|--C. morawitzi Mocsáry 1883BM76
| |--C. m. morawitziBM76
| |--C. m. changatai Tsuneki 1971BM76
| `--C. m. mongolensis Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. mordax Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. moroderi Giner Marí 1941BM76
|--C. morrae Strand 1910 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. morula Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. mossambica Gribodo 1895BM76
|--C. moyanoi Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. multiguttata Turner 1908C85
|--C. multipicta Smith 1873 [incl. C. simoni Buysson 1897, C. speculata Shestakov 1917]BM76
|--C. murgabica Radoszkowski 1893BM76
|--C. mutabilis Arnold 1931 [incl. C. empeyi Arnold 1962]BM76
|--C. nagamasa Tsuneki 1963BM76
|--C. nana Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. nasidens Shletterer 1887 [incl. C. karooensis Brauns 1914]BM76
| |--C. n. nasidensBM76
| `--C. n. obscura Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. africana Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. natalensis Saussure 1867 [incl. C. morosula Brauns 1914]BM76
|--C. neahminax Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. nebrascensis Smith 1908BM76
|--C. nebulosa Cameron 1890 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. neghelliensis Guiglia 1939BM76
|--C. nenicra Saussure 1887 [=C. nenitra Saussure 1892]BM76
|--C. nenitroidea Bischoff 1913BM76
|--C. neogenita Schulz 1906 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. nephthys Arnold 1931BM76
| |--C. n. nephthysBM76
| `--C. n. platyrhyncha Arnold 1942BM76
|--C. nigeriae Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. nigra Ashmead 1900BM76
|--C. nigrescens Smith 1856 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. nigriceps Smith 1873BM76
|--C. nigrifrons Smith 1856 [incl. C. erythrospila Cameron 1910, C. trivialis Gerstaecker 1857]BM76
| |--C. n. nigrifronsBM76
| `--C. n. amaura Kohl 1891 [incl. C. ancilla Arnold 1942, C. theryi Arnold 1932]BM76
|--C. nigrostoma Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. nipponensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. nitrariae Morice 1911BM76
|--C. nobilitata Cameron 1905BM76
| |--C. n. nobilitataBM76
| |--C. n. sordidula Arnold 1931BM76
| `--C. n. walegae Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. nortinus Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. nugax Arnold 1931BM76
| |--C. n. nugaxBM76
| `--C. n. dahlak Menke in Bohart & Menke 1976 [=C. insularis Arnold 1951 non Smith 1856]BM76
|--C. nupta Shestakov 1922BM76
| |--C. n. nuptaBM76
| `--C. n. echingol Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. nursei Turner 1912BM76
|--C. oaxaca Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. obo Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. obregon Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. obsoleta Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. occipitomaculata Packard 1866 [incl. C. fasciola Cresson 1872, C. novomexicana Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
|--C. oceania Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. odontophora Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. okumurai Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. opposita Smith 1873C85
|--C. orangiae Brauns 1926 [incl. C. korana Brauns 1926]BM76
|--C. oraniensis Brauns 1926 [incl. C. lingnaui Arnold 1933]BM76
|--C. orientalis Smith 1856BM76
|--C. osculata Evans 1982C85
|--C. osiris Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. paleata Saussure 1891 [incl. C. carnaria Saussure 1892]BM76
|--C. pallida Arnold 1935 [incl. C. lutulenta Arnold 1951]BM76
|--C. pallidula Morice 1897BM76
| |--C. p. pallidulaBM76
| `--C. p. annexa Kohl 1898BM76
|--C. palmetorum Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. papuensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. parkeri Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. paupercula Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. pauxilla Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. pearstonensis Cameron 1905BM76
| |--C. p. pearstonensisBM76
| `--C. p. bantu Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. pectinata Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. pedestris Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. pedetes Kohl 1887 [incl. C. bicornuta Smith 1856 non Guérin-Méneville 1844, C. smithii Dalla Torre 1890]BM76
|--C. pekingensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
| |--C. p. pekingensisBM76
| |--C. p. alini Tsuneki 1961BM76
| `--C. p. mongolica Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. penai Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. pentadonta Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. perboscii Guérin-Méneville 1844BM76
|--C. perfida Saussure 1890 [incl. C. spinifrons Saussure 1891]BM76
|--C. perfoveata Arnold 1947BM76
|--C. perkinsi Turner 1910C85
|--C. perspicua Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. petiolata Saussure 1891BM76
|--C. pharaonum Kohl 1898BM76
|--C. pharetrigera Shestakov 1923BM76
|--C. picta Dahlbom 1844BM76
|--C. pictifacies Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. pictinoda Cameron 1908 [incl. C. ruficauda barbara Arnold 1931]BM76
|--C. pictiventris Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. malayana Cameron 1903, C. thaiana Tsuneki 1963]BM76
| |--C. p. pictiventrisBM76
| |--C. p. bariana Tsuneki 1974BM76
| |--C. p. formosicola Strand 1913BM76
| |--C. p. immolator Smith 1864 [=C. immolatrix Schulz 1906; incl. C. papuana Cameron 1906]BM76
| |--C. p. kawasei Tsuneki 1963BM76
| |--C. p. novarae Saussure 1867 [incl. C. fervens Smith 1873]BM76
| `--C. p. praedata Smith 1861BM76
|--C. picturata Taschenberg 1875BM76
|--C. placida Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. placita Arnold 1931BM76
| |--C. p. placitaBM76
| `--C. p. arnoldiana Guiglia 1939BM76
|--C. pleuralis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. pleurispina Beaumont 1959BM76
|--C. poculum Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. podagrosa Kohl 1906BM76
|--C. pollens Schletterer 1887 [incl. *Paracerceris tridentifera Brèthes 1913]BM76
|--C. polybioides Pendlebury 1927BM76
|--C. ponderosa Brèthes 1920BM76
|--C. posticata Banks 1916BM76
|--C. potanini Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. povolnyi Beaumont 1970BM76
|--C. praedura Turner 1908 [incl. C. koala Tsuneki 1968]C85
|--C. priesneri Mochi 1939BM76
|--C. proboscidea Holmberg 1903BM76
|--C. protea Turner 1912BM76
|--C. proteles Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. pruinosa Morice 1897BM76
|--C. przewalskii Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. pseudoerythrocephala Schulthess 1926BM76
|--C. pseudoflavescens Shestakov 1925BM76
|--C. pseudoproteles Arnold 1952BM76
|--C. pseudotridentata Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. pucilii Radoszkowski 1869 [=C. poutziloi Schulz 1906]BM76
|--C. pulawskii Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. pulchella Klug 1845 [incl. C. alfierii Mochi 1939, C. picta Mochi 1939 non Dahlbom 1844]BM76
| |--C. p. pulchellaBM76
| `--C. p. judaea Beaumont 1970 [incl. C. scabra Beaumont 1959 non Fabricius 1798]BM76
|--C. pulchra Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. puncticeps Morawitz 1894BM76
|--C. purpurea Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. ‘pygmaea’ Saussure 1867 non Philanthus pygmaeus Thunberg 1815BM76
|--C. quadricincta (Panzer 1799) [=Philanthus quadricinctus; incl. C. fasciata Spinola 1806]BM76
| |--C. q. quadricinctaBM76
| |--C. q. corsica Beaumont 1952BM76
| `--C. q. segregata Beaumont 1970 [incl. C. divisa Giner Marí 1947 non Brèthes 1910]BM76
|--C. quadricolor Morawitz 1889BM76
|--C. quadricornis Gussakovskij 1938BM76
|--C. quadridentata Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. quadrifasciata (Panzer 1799) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. queretaro Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. querula Kohl 1906BM76
|--C. quettaensis Cameron 1907BM76
|--C. quinquefasciata (Rossi 1792) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. q. quinquefasciataBM76
| |--C. q. consobrina Kohl 1898BM76
| `--C. q. seoulensis Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. radjamandalae van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. raptor Smith 1856 [=C. raptrix Schulz 1906]BM76
|--C. rasoherinae Arnold 1945BM76
| |--C. r. rasoherinaeBM76
| `--C. r. debilis Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. raymenti Turner 1936C85
|--C. reginula Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. reicula Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. rejecta Turner 1917BM76
|--C. renominata Turner 1917 [incl. C. opulenta Turner 1912 non Morice 1911]BM76
|--C. repraesentans Turner 1919BM76
|--C. reversa Smith 1873BM76
|--C. rhinoceros Kohl 1888BM76
|--C. rhodesiae Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. rhodesiensis Empey 1971BM76
|--C. rhois Rohwer 1908BM76
|--C. rhynchophora Turner 1912BM76
|--C. rigida Smith 1856 [incl. C. charimorpha Brauns 1926]BM76
|--C. rixosa Smith 1856BM76
|--C. robertsonii Fox 1893 [incl. C. austrina Fox 1893, C. pleuralis Smith 1908]BM76
| |--C. r. robertsoniiBM76
| |--C. r. bifida Scullen 1965BM76
| |--C. r. emmiltosa Scullen 1964BM76
| `--C. r. miltosa Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. roepkei Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. ropalidioides Evans 1982C85
|--C. rossica Shestakov 1915BM76
|--C. rostrata Smith 1873BM76
|--C. rostrifera Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. rothi Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. rothneyi Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. rozeni Scullen 1971BM76
|--C. rubida (Jurine 1807) (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. rubrata Bohart & Menke 1976 [=C. rufa Scullen 1965 non Taschenberg 1875]BM76
|--C. ruficapoides Strand 1910BM76
| |--C. r. ruficapoidesBM76
| `--C. r. derufata Strand 1910BM76
|--C. ruficauda Cameron 1905 [incl. C. ludibunda Arnold 1931]BM76
| |--C. r. ruficaudaBM76
| |--C. r. lichtenburgensis Brauns 1926BM76
| `--C. r. senegalensis Empey 1974BM76
|--C. ruficeps Smith 1873BM76
|--C. ruficornis (Fabricius 1793) (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. r. ruficornisBM76
| |--C. r. costai Beaumont 1950BM76
| |--C. r. laminifera Costa 1869BM76
| `--C. r. saghaliensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. rufifrons Arnold 1932BM76
|--C. rufimana Taschenberg 1875BM76
|--C. rufinoda Cresson 1865 [incl. C. crucis Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
|--C. rufiscutis Cameron 1908BM76
| |--C. r. rufiscutis [incl. C. mochiana Giordani Soika 1942]BM76
| |--C. r. aethiopica Empey 1974 [=C. r. aethopica]BM76
| |--C. r. beniensis Empey 1974BM76
| |--C. r. conradsi Giordani Soika 1942BM76
| |--C. r. kenyae Empey 1974BM76
| |--C. r. matabele Empey 1974BM76
| `--C. r. umtaliensis Empey 1974BM76
|--C. rufiventris Lepeletier 1845BM76
|--C. rufocincta Gerstaecker 1857 [incl. C. manicana Arnold 1931]BM76
| |--C. r. rufocinctaBM76
| |--C. r. basiornata Cameron 1908 [incl. C. bredoi Arnold 1958]BM76
| |--C. r. polychroma Gribodo 1895 [incl. C. jackal Brauns 1926]BM76
| |--C. r. sokotrae Kohl 1906BM76
| `--C. r. voltaica Empey 1974BM76
|--C. rufofacies Empey 1973BM76
|--C. rufonigra Taschenberg 1875BM76
| |--C. r. rufonigraBM76
| `--C. r. turrialba Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. rufopicta Smith 1856BM76
|--C. rugosa Smith 1856BM76
|--C. rugulosa Schrottky 1909 [incl. C. polychroma Holmberg 1903 non Gribod 1895]BM76
| |--C. r. rugulosaBM76
| `--C. r. dismorphia Schrottky 1909BM76
|--C. rustica Taschenberg 1875BM76
|--C. rutila Spinola 1838 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. r. rutilaBM76
| |--C. r. lindenii Lepeletier 1845BM76
| `--C. r. mavromoustakisi Giner Marí 1945BM76
|--C. sabulosa (Panzer 1799)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. s. sabulosaBM76
| |--C. s. algirica (Thunberg 1815) [=Philanthus algiricus; incl. C. ariasi Giner Marí 1941]BM76
| |--C. s. dahlbomi Beaumont 1950BM76
| |--C. s. duplipunctata Tsuneki 1971BM76
| |--C. s. lieftincki Empey 1969BM76
| |--C. s. minuta Lepeletier 1845BM76
| |--C. s. sinica Tsuneki 1961BM76
| |--C. s. subgibbosa Yasumatsu 1935BM76
| `--C. s. talynensis Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. saegeri Empey 1970BM76
|--C. saevissima Smith 1856BM76
|--C. sahlbergi Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. saishuensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. salai Giner Marí 1945BM76
|--C. samarensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. sandiegensis Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. sanluis Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. sareptana Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. opalipennis Kohl 1888]BM76
|--C. saussurei Radoszkowski 1877BM76
|--C. schaeuffelei Beaumont 1970BM76
|--C. schariniensis Kazenas 1972BM76
|--C. schlettereri Radoszkowski 1888BM76
|--C. schoutedeni Brauns 1914BM76
|--C. schultzei Bischoff 1913 [incl. C. transvaalicola Brauns 1914]BM76
|--C. scutifera Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. ‘sedula’ Evans 1982 non C. latifrons sedula Arnold 1940C85
|--C. semenovi Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. semilunata Radoszkowski 1869BM76
|--C. seminigra Taschenberg 1875BM76
|--C. semipetiolata Saussure 1867BM76
|--C. sepulchralis Smith 1857BM76
|--C. seraxensis Radoszkowski 1893BM76
|--C. serripes (Fabricius 1781) [=Vespa serripes]BM76
|--C. severini Kohl 1913BM76
|--C. sexta Say 1837 [incl. C. biungulata Cresson 1865, C. orphne Banks 1947]BM76
|--C. sextoides Banks 1947 [incl. C. eurymele Banks 1947]BM76
|--C. seyrigi Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. shelfordi Turner 1912BM76
|--C. shestakovi Gussakovskij 1952BM76
|--C. shestakoviana Gussakovskij 1952BM76
|--C. shirozui Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. sibirica Morawitz 1892BM76
|--C. siccata Evans 1982C85
|--C. silvana Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. simulans Saussure 1867 [incl. C. chrysogaster Schletterer 1887, C. scapularis Schletterer 1887]BM76
|--C. sinaitica Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. sinensis Smith 1856BM76
|--C. sirdariensis Radoszkowski 1877BM76
|--C. smithii Dalla Torre 1890 [incl. C. bicornuta Smith 1856 non Guérin-Méneville 1844]BM76
|--C. sobo Yasumatsu & Okabe 1936BM76
|--C. solitaria Dahlbom 1845 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. somalica Arnold 1940BM76
|--C. somotorensis Balthasar 1956 [incl. C. beaumonti Bajári 1956]BM76
|--C. sororcula Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. spathulifera Brèthes 1913BM76
|--C. specifica Turner 1912BM76
|--C. spectabilis Radoszkowski 1886BM76
|--C. spectrum Arnold 1936BM76
| |--C. s. spectrumBM76
| `--C. s. multipictoides Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. specularis Costa 1869 [incl. C. octonotata Radoszkowski 1877, C. schmiedeknechti Kohl 1898]BM76
| |--C. s. specularisBM76
| |--C. s. fergusoni Beaumont 1958BM76
| `--C. s. punctuosa Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. spilota Evans 1982C85
|--C. spinaea Beaumont 1970 [incl. C. spinipleuris Beaumont 1959 non Turner 1918]BM76
|--C. spinicaudata Cameron 1905BM76
| |--C. s. spinicaudataBM76
| `--C. s. maliensis Empey 1974BM76
|--C. spinifera Kazenas 1974BM76
|--C. spinipectus Smith 1856 [incl. C. prisca Schletterer 1887]BM76
| |--C. s. spinipectusBM76
| |--C. s. accola Kohl 1915BM76
| |--C. s. peloponesia Beaumont 1963BM76
| |--C. s. spinolica Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. flaviventris Spinola 1838 non Vander Linden 1829]BM76
| `--C. s. teterrima Gribodo 1894 [incl. C. hartliebi Schulz 1905]BM76
|--C. spinipleuris Turner 1918 [=C. varipes Smith 1873 non Smith 1858]C85
|--C. spiniventris Tsuneki 1963BM76
|--C. spirans Saussure 1892BM76
|--C. splendidissima Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. squamulifera Mickel 1916BM76
|--C. stefanii André 1889BM76
|--C. stella Shestakov 1914BM76
|--C. sternodonta Gussakovskij 1938 [incl. C. fervida Smith 1856]BM76
| |--C. s. sternodontaBM76
| `--C. s. fukiensis Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. stigmosalis Banks 1916 [incl. C. fugatrix Mickel 1918, C. sayi Banks 1923, C. stevensi Banks 1923]BM76
|--C. stockleini Giner Marí 1942BM76
|--C. straminea Dufour 1853 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| |--C. s. stramineaBM76
| |--C. s. hebraea Beaumont 1959BM76
| `--C. s. komarovii Radoszkowski 1886 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. strandi Giner Marí 1943BM76
|--C. stratiotes Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. striata Smith 1873BM76
|--C. strigosa Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. sulcipyga Mochi 1939BM76
|--C. sulphurea Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. sungari Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. supposita Kohl 1915BM76
|--C. supraconica Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. synagroides Turner 1912BM76
|--C. szechuana Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. tadzhika Gussakovskij 1952BM76
|--C. tango Shestakov 1922BM76
|--C. taygete Arnold 1951BM76
|--C. tenuiventris Arnold 1958BM76
|--C. tenuivittata Dufour 1849 (see below for synonymy)BM76
|--C. teranishii Sato 1927BM76
|--C. tetradonta Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. texana Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. thermophila Schletterer 1887BM76
|--C. tibialis Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. tienchiao Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. tiendang Tsuneki 1961 [incl. C. gegen Tsuneki 1961]BM76
|--C. tinnula Gussakovskij 1952BM76
|--C. tokunosimana Tsuneki 1973BM76
|--C. tolteca Saussure 1867 [incl. C. cosmiocephala Cameron 1904]BM76
|--C. tonkinensis Turner 1919BM76
|--C. townsendi Viereck & Cockerell 1904BM76
|--C. toxopeusi Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. transversalis Brèthes 1910BM76
|--C. triangulata Cresson 1865 [incl. C. bilunata Cresson 1865]BM76
|--C. trichionota Cameron 1908BM76
| |--C. t. trichionotaBM76
| |--C. t. kalaharica Bischoff 1913BM76
| |--C. t. ovambo Empey 1972 [=C. kalaharica ovambo]BM76
| `--C. t. somereni Empey 1974BM76
|--C. trichiosoma Cameron 1890BM76
|--C. trichobunda Strand 1913BM76
|--C. trifida Evans 1982C85
|--C. tuberculata (Villers 1789)BM76 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. t. tuberculataBM76
| |--C. t. cypria Beaumont 1958BM76
| |--C. t. evecta Shestakov 1922 (see below for synonymy)BM76
| `--C. t. ogotai Tsuneki 1971BM76
|--C. tucuman Fritz & Toro 1974BM76
|--C. tumulorum Smith 1864BM76
|--C. turbata Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. turkestanica Radoszkowski 1893 [incl. C. rufonoda Radoszkowski 1877 non Cresson 1865]BM76
|--C. turneri Shestakov 1918BM76
|--C. tyrannica Smith 1856BM76
|--C. ugandensis Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. ulcerosa Arnold 1936BM76
|--C. umbelliferarum Schrottky 1911BM76
|--C. umbinifera Maidl 1926BM76
|--C. umhlangae Arnold 1942BM76
|--C. uncifera Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. uncta Arnold 1931BM76
|--C. unidentata Morawitz 1890BM76
|--C. unifasciata Smith 1856BM76
|--C. unispinosa Turner 1917C85
|--C. vafra Bingham 1895BM76
|--C. vagans Radoszkowski 1877BM76
|--C. vagula Kohl 1906BM76
|--C. vanduzeei Banks 1917 [incl. C. complanata Mickel 1918, C. eburnea Scullen 1965]BM76
|--C. varia Maidl 1926 [incl. C. maculiceps Tsuneki 1963, C. obtusedentata Maidl 1926]BM76
| |--C. v. variaBM76
| `--C. v. kalensis Tsuneki 1972BM76
|--C. variaesimilis Maidl 1926 [incl. C. basiferruginea Tsuneki 1963, C. spinicollis Giner Marí 1942]BM76
|--C. varians Mickel 1918BM76
|--C. varicincta Cameron 1905BM76
|--C. varipes Smith 1858BM76
|--C. vechti Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. vegeta Arnold 1940BM76
|--C. vellensis Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. v. vellensisBM76
| |--C. v. fordi Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. v. obrieni Krombein 1969BM76
| `--C. v. segiensis Krombein 1969BM76
|--C. velutina Taschenber 1875BM76
|--C. ventripilosa Empey 1972 [incl. C. turneri Arnold 1931 non Shestakov 1918]BM76
|--C. venusta Smith 1873C85
| |--C. v. venustaBM76
| |--C. v. atrescens Krombein 1969BM76
| |--C. v. keiensis Strand 1911BM76
| `--C. v. oceanica Brèthes 1920BM76
|--C. veracruz Scullen 1972BM76
| |--C. v. veracruzBM76
| `--C. v. josei Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. verecunda Arnold 1958BM76
|--C. verhoeffi Tsuneki 1961BM76
|--C. vernayi Arnold 1935BM76
|--C. versicolor Schrottky 1909BM76
|--C. verticalis Smith 1856 [incl. C. firma Cresson 1872, C. gnara Cresson 1872]BM76
|--C. vianai Fritz & Toro 1971BM76
|--C. vicaria Shestakov 1915BM76
|--C. vicina Cresson 1865 [incl. C. platyrhina Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76
|--C. victrix Turner 1910C85
|--C. vigilans Smith 1856 [incl. C. lanata Cameron 1907]BM76
| |--C. v. vigilansBM76
| `--C. v. pervigilans Turner 1913 [incl. C. fongosi Brauns 1926, C. trilineata Bischoff 1913]BM76
|--C. villersi Berland 1950BM76
|--C. violaceipennis Cameron 1904 [incl. C. rufoplagiata Cameron 1905]BM76
|--C. virgina Shestakov 1915BM76
|--C. vischnu Cameron 1890 [incl. C. dolosa Nurse 1903]BM76
|--C. vittata Lepeletier 1845 [incl. C. foveata Lepeletier 1845, C. nigrocincta Dufour 1853]BM76
| |--C. v. vittataBM76
| |--C. v. eurypyga Kohl 1898BM76
| `--C. v. littorea Beaumont 1951BM76
|--C. vitticollis Morawitz 1894BM76
|--C. vulcanica van der Vecht 1964BM76
| |--C. v. vulcanicaBM76
| |--C. v. ardjunae van der Vecht 1964BM76
| |--C. v. merbabunda van der Vecht 1964BM76
| `--C. v. patuhana van der Vecht 1964BM76
|--C. vulpecula Empey 1971BM76
| |--C. v. vulpeculaBM76
| `--C. v. fuscicauda Empey 1971BM76
|--C. vulpinides Strand 1910BM76
|--C. waltoni Arnold 1940BM76
|--C. wickwari Turner 1912BM76
|--C. williamsi Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. willineri Fritz 1960BM76
|--C. windorum Tsuneki 1968C85
|--C. wyomingensis Scullen 1965BM76
|--C. xanthogaster Arnold 1942BM76
|--C. xanthostigma Arnold 1945BM76
|--C. xanthura Evans 1982C85
|--C. xosa Brauns 1926BM76
|--C. yalensis Turner 1913 [incl. C. uxor Leclercq 1955]BM76
|--C. yenpingensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. yngvei Cameron 1908 [=C. yungvei Arnold 1931; incl. C. massaica Cameron 1908, C. vumbui Arnold 1931]BM76
|--C. yunnanensis Tsuneki 1968BM76
|--C. zacatecas Scullen 1972BM76
|--C. zavattarii Guiglia 1939BM76
|--C. zelica Banks 1912BM76
|--C. zethiformis Giordani Soika 1942BM76
|--C. zonalis Smith 1852BM76
|--C. zonata Cresson 1865 [incl. C. cubensis Cresson 1865]BM76
`--C. zumpango Scullen 1972BM76

Nomen nudum: Cerceris nivalis Tsuneki 1971BM76

Cerceris Latreille 1802C85 [incl. Apicerceris Pate 1937BM76, Apiraptrix Shestakov 1923BM76, Apiraptryx (l. c.)BM76, Bucerceris Minkiewicz 1933BM76, Diamma Dahlbom 1844 non Westwood 1835BM76, Didesmus Dahlbom 1845BM76, Nectanebus Spinola 1838BM76, Paracerceris Brèthes 1913BM76, Stercobata Gussakovskij 1935BM76]

Cerceris abdominalis (Fabricius 1804) [=Philanthus abdominalis; incl. C. ceballosi Giner Marí 1941, C. hispanica Radoszkowski 1869 non Vespa hispanica Gmelin 1790, C. radoszkowskyi Schletterer 1887]BM76

Cerceris albofasciata (Rossi 1790) [=Vespa albofasciata; incl. Philanthus albofasciatus Thunberg 1815 non Vespa albofasciata Rossi 1790, Cerceris cribrata Mocsáry 1879, C. luctuosa Costa 1869, C. nativitatis Costa in Smith 1856, C. navitatis Smith 1873]BM76

Cerceris antipodes Smith 1856C85 [incl. C. brisbanensis Cockerell 1930C85, C. goodwini Cockerell 1930C85, C. saeva Smith 1873C85, C. saeba (l. c.)BM76, C. sculleni Tsuneki 1968C85, C. ziegleri Rayment 1947C85]

Cerceris arenaria (Linnaeus 1758)BM76 [=Sphex arenariaBM76, Philanthus arenariusL02; incl. Vespa arenosa Gmelin 1790BM76, Philanthus auritus Fabricius 1794BM76, V. exulta Harris 1776BM76, Cerceris exultans (l. c.)BM76, V. petulans Harris 1776BM76, C. striolata Schletterer 1887BM76, Sphex xanthocephalus Forster 1771BM76]

Cerceris aterrima Arnold 1942 [incl. C. flavobilineata Giordani Soika 1942, C. rama Leclercq 1955, C. styrax Leclercq 1955]BM76

Cerceris bicincta Klug 1835 [incl. C. bimaculata Vogrin 1954 non Cameron 1905, C. interrupta Klug 1835 non Philanthus interruptus Panzer 1799, C. quadrimaculata Dufour 1849, C. sesquicincta Klug 1835, C. variolosa Costa 1869]BM76

Cerceris bicornuta Guérin-Méneville 1844 [incl. C. curvicornis Cameron 1890, C. dufourii Guérin-Méneville 1844, C. fidelis Viereck & Cockerell 1904, C. venator Cresson 1865, C. venatrix Schulz 1906]BM76

Cerceris binodis Spinola 1841 [incl. C. guarani Strand 1910, C. singularis Brèthes 1910, *Diamma spinolae Dahlbom 1844, *Didesmus spinolae, Cerceris viduata Smith 1856]BM76

Cerceris blakei Cresson 1865 [incl. C. elegans Smith 1856 nec Eversmann 1849 nec Dufour 1853, C. elegantissima Schletterer 1887]BM76

Cerceris bucculata Costa 1860 [=C. bucculenta André 1889; incl. Philanthus lunulatus Thunberg 1815 non Crabro lunulatus Rossi 1792]BM76

Cerceris bupresticida Dufour 1841 [=*Bucerceris bupresticida, *Stercobata bupresticida; incl. C. argentifrons Lepeletier 1845 non Guérin-Méneville 1844, C. brutia Costa 1869, C. frontalis Smith 1856, C. mixta Radoszkowski 1877, C. quadripunctata Radoszkowski 1877]BM76

Cerceris californica Cresson 1865 [incl. C. argyrotricha Rohwer 1908, C. arno Banks 1947, C. calodera Banks 1947, C. cognata Mickel 1916, C. denticularis Banks 1917, C. ferruginior Viereck & Cockerell 1904, C. garciana Viereck & Cockerell 1904, C. illota Banks 1947, C. interjecta Banks 1919, C. isolde Banks 1947, C. populorum Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76

Cerceris circularis (Fabricius 1804) [=Philanthus circularis; incl. C. clitellata Lepeletier 1845, C. elegans Dufour 1853 non Eversmann 1849, C. elegantula Shestakov 1918, C. nobilis Radoszkowski 1877, C. opulenta Morice 1911]BM76

Cerceris clypeata Dahlbom 1844 [incl. C. chrysippe Banks 1912, C. clymene Banks 1912, C. imitator Cresson 1865 non Smith 1856, C. imitatoria Schletterer 1887, C. zobeide Brimley 1929, C. zosma Brimley 1929]BM76

Cerceris compacta Cresson 1865 [incl. C. aureofacialis Cameron 1890, C. belfragei Banks 1917, C. solidaginis Rohwer 1908]BM76

Cerceris contigua (Villers 1789) [=Sphex contiguus, Vespa cingulata Gmelin 1790, Crabro quinquecinctus Fabricius 1787 nec Tiphia quinquecincta Fabricius 1775 nec Vespa quinquecincta Fabricius 1787, Sphex quinquecinctus, Vespa quinquelineata Turton 1802; incl. Crabro quinquecinctus Schrank 1802 non Fabricius 1787]BM76

Cerceris convergens Viereck & Cockerell 1904 [incl. C. hesperina Banks 1917, C. pudorosa Mickel 1918, C. rinconis Viereck & Cockerell 1904, C. snowi Banks 1919]BM76

Cerceris cornigera (Gmelin 1790) [=Vespa cornigera, Crabro cornutus Fabricius 1787 non Vespa cornuta Linnaeus 1758, V. cornuta; incl. Cerceris wroughtoni Cameron 1890]BM76

Cerceris cribrosa Spinola 1841 [incl. C. albimana Taschenberg 1875, C. pullata Smith 1873, C. subpetiolata Saussure 1867]BM76

Cerceris dilatata Spinola 1841 [incl. C. caridei Holmberg 1903, C. contracta Taschenberg 1875, C. divisa Brèthes 1910, C. maximiliani Saussure 1867, C. olymponis Strand 1910, C. semiatra Banks 1947, C. vigilii Brèthes 1910]BM76

Cerceris diodonta Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. jansei Cameron 1910, C. melanospila Cameron 1905, C. mitrata Bingham 1902]BM76

Cerceris dorsalis Eversmann 1849 [incl. C. caspica Morawitz 1891 non Sphex caspicus Gmelin 1790, C. excavata Schletterer 1889]BM76

Cerceris erythrosoma Schletterer 1887 [incl. C. ornativentris Cameron 1905, C. pictiventris Gerstaecker 1857 non Dahlbom 1845, C. rebaptizata Schulz 1906]BM76

Cerceris femurrubrum Viereck & Cockerell 1904 [incl. C. athene Banks 1947, C. rossi Scullen 1972, C. thione Banks 1947]BM76

Cerceris fimbriata (Rossi 1790) [=Crabro fimbriatus; incl. Mellinus scaber Fabricius 1798, Philanthus sexpunctatus Fabricius 1793, Cerceris signata Klug 1835]BM76

Cerceris finitima Cresson 1865 [incl. C. citrina Scullen 1965, C. morelos Scullen 1972, C. nigroris Banks 1912, C. vierecki Banks 1947]BM76

Cerceris fischeri Spinola 1838 [incl. C. contigua Walker 1871 non Sphex contiguus Villers 1789, C. histrio Dahlbom 1845]BM76

Cerceris flavicornis Brullé 1833 [incl. C. antoniae Fabre 1879, C. conigera Dahlbom 1845, C. rostrata Marquet 1875 non Smith 1873]BM76

Cerceris flavilabris (Fabricius 1793) [=Hylaeus flavilabris; incl. C. aurita Latreille 1804-1805 non Fabricius 1794, C. ferreri Vander Linden 1829, C. ferreroi Schulz 1906, C. laminata Eversmann 1849, C. propinqua Costa 1860, C. scutellaris Costa 1869]BM76

Cerceris graphica Smith 1873 [incl. C. ampla Banks 1912, C. hebes Cameron 1890, C. macrosticta Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76

Cerceris halone Banks 1912 [incl. C. alacris Mickel 1918, C. architis Mickel 1916, C. salome Banks 1923, C. shermani Brimley 1928]BM76

Cerceris histerisnica (Spinola 1838) [=Nectanebus histerisnicus; incl. *N. fischeri Spinola 1838 non Cerceris fischeri Spinola 1838]BM76

Cerceris histrionica Klug 1845 [incl. C. eatoni Morice 1911, C. fluxa Kohl 1915, C. honorei Mochi 1939, C. saharica Giner Marí 1945, C. syrkuti Dahlbom 1845]BM76

Cerceris interrupta (Panzer 1799) [=Philanthus interruptus; incl. Ce. brevirostris Lepeletier 1845, Crabro labiatus Fabricius 1793 non Olivier 1792]BM76

Cerceris interstincta (Fabricius 1798) [=Philanthus interstinctus; incl. C. emortualis Saussure 1867, C. humbertiana Saussure 1867]BM76

Cerceris intricata Smith 1856 [incl. C. affumata Schletterer 1887, C. catamarcensis Schrottky 1909, C. cisandina Brèthes 1913, C. dissita Holmberg 1903, C. elephantinops Holmberg 1903, C. larvata Taschenberg 1875, C. melanogaster Holmberg 1903, C. simplex Smith 1856, C. vulpina Smith 1856]BM76

Cerceris japonica Ashmead 1904 [incl. C. harmandi Pérez 1905, C. interrupta Matsumura 1912 nec Philanthus interruptus Panzer 1799 nec C. interrupta Klug 1835]BM76

Cerceris kilimandjaroensis kilimandjaroensis Cameron 1908 [incl. C. molesta Arnold 1958, C. sterope Arnold 1951, C. stevensoni Brauns 1926, C. zyx Leclercq 1955]BM76

Cerceris lunata Costa 1869 [incl. Crabro affinis Rossi 1792, Ce. dorsalis Dufour 1849 non Eversmann 1849, Ce. pyrenaica Schletterer 1887]BM76

Cerceris morrae Strand 1910 [incl. C. atra Scullen 1965, C. nigra Brèthes 1910 non Ashmead 1900, C. paraguayana Strand 1910]BM76

Cerceris nebulosa Cameron 1890 [incl. C. assamensis Cameron 1905, C. erythropoda Cameron 1902 non Cameron 1890, C. himalayaensis Cameron 1905 non Bingham 1898, C. intimella Cameron 1905]BM76

Cerceris neogenita Schulz 1906 [incl. C. antemissa Brèthes 1910, C. holmbergi Brèthes 1910, C. joergenseni Brèthes 1913, C. laevigata Holmberg 1903 non Smith 1856]BM76

Cerceris nigrescens Smith 1856 [incl. C. abbreviata Banks 1919, C. arelate Banks 1912, C. crawfordi Brimley 1928, C. munda Mickel 1918, C. nigritula Banks 1915]BM76

Cerceris quadrifasciata (Panzer 1799) [=Philanthus quadrifasciatus; incl. C. bidentata Lepeletier 1845 non Say 1823, C. dufourii Lepeletier 1845 non Guérin-Méneville 1844, C. euphorbiae Marquet 1875, C. fargei Smith 1856, C. nitida Wesmael 1852, C. spreta Costa 1858, Philanthus tricinctus Thunberg 1815 non Spinola 1805, C. truncatula Dahlbom 1844]BM76

Cerceris quinquefasciata (Rossi 1792) [=Crabro quinquefasciatus; incl. Ce. boscae Giner Marí 1941, Ce. nasuta Dahlbom 1844 non Latreille 1809, Ce. subdepressa Lepeletier 1845]BM76

Cerceris rubida (Jurine 1807) [=Philanthus rubidus; incl. C. modesta Smith 1856, C. ornata Spinola 1806 non Fabricius 1790]BM76

Cerceris ruficornis (Fabricius 1793) [=Philanthus ruficornis; incl. Crabro bidens Schrank 1802, Cr. cunicularius Schrank 1802, Cerceris nasuta Latreille 1809, Mellinus quadricinctus Fabricius 1804 non Philanthus quadricinctus Panzer 1799, Philanthus trifidus Fabricius 1804]BM76

Cerceris rutila Spinola 1838 [incl. C. excellens Klug 1845, C. onophora Schletterer 1889, C. rubecula Schletterer 1889]BM76

Cerceris rybyensis (Linnaeus 1771)BM76 [=Sphex rybyensisBM76, *Apicerceris rybyensisBM76, *Apiraptrix rybyensisBM76, Cerceris rybienis André 1889BM76; incl. Sphex apifalco Christ 1791BM76, Philanthus biguttatus Thunberg 1815BM76, P. hortorum Panzer 1799BM76, Vespa infundibuliformis Fourcroy 1785BM76, Cerceris kashmirensis Nurse 1903BM76, P. ornatus Fabricius 1790BM76, *Ce. ornatusC85, P. semicinctus Panzer 1797BM76, Crabro variabilis Schrank 1802BM76]

Cerceris sabulosa (Panzer 1799)BM76 [=Philanthus sabulosusBM76; incl. P. emarginatus Panzer 1799BM76, Cerceris emarginataR26, P. pygmaeus Thunberg 1815BM76, C. superba Shestakov 1923BM76]

Cerceris solitaria Dahlbom 1845 [incl. C. algirica Schletterer 1887 non Thunberg 1815, C. delepineyi Arnold 1935, C. fasciata Lepeletier 1845 non Spinola 1806, C. gynochroma Mochi 1939, C. nasuta Lepeletier 1845 non Latreille 1809, C. nemaensis Arnold 1935, C. rufa Taschenberg 1875, C. selifera Schletterer 1887, C. variegata Taschenberg 1875]BM76

Cerceris straminea Dufour 1853 [incl. C. hirtiventris Morice 1897, C. moricei Shestakov 1928, C. morici Shestakov 1918, C. waltlii Spinola 1838]BM76

Cerceris straminea komarovii Radoszkowski 1886 [=C. komarowii André 1891; incl. C. cavicornis Morawitz 1890, C. transversa Schletterer 1889]BM76

Cerceris tenuivittata Dufour 1849 [incl. C. fuscipennis Costa 1869, C. melanothorax Schletterer 1887, C. rufipes Smith 1856 non Crabro rufipes Fabricius 1787]BM76

Cerceris tuberculata (Villers 1789)BM76 [=Sphex tuberculatusBM76; incl. S. caspicus Gmelin 1790BM76, Cerceris dufouriana Fabre 1854BM76, Vespa hispanica Gmelin 1790BM76, Ce. major Spinola 1808BM76, Crabro rufipes Fabricius 1787 non Vespa rufipes Fabricius 1775BM76, Ce. rufipesL02, Philanthus rufipesL02, Vespa rufipesBM76, Cerceris semirufa Smith 1856BM76, Bembex vespoides Rossi 1790BM76]

Cerceris tuberculata evecta Shestakov 1922 [incl. C. draco Shestakov 1927, C. hunchuz Shestakov 1927, C. mickeli Giner Marí 1942]BM76

Eucerceris canaliculata (Say 1823) [=Philanthus canaliculatus; incl. E. atronitida Scullen 1939, E. biconica Scullen 1948, Cerceris bidentata Say 1823, E. cameroni Sculz 1906]BM76

Eucerceris cressoni (Schletterer 1887) [=Cerceris cressoni, *E. fulvipes Cresson 1865 non C. fulvipes Eversmann 1849; incl. E. simulatrix Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76

Eucerceris flavocincta Cresson 1865 [incl. E. chapmanae Viereck & Cockerell 1904, E. cingulatus Cresson 1865, E. striareata Viereck & Cockerell 1904]BM76

Eucerceris nevadensis (Dalla Torre 1890) [=Cerceris nevadensis, C. elegans Cresson 1879 nec Eversmann 1849 nec Dufour 1853 nec Smith 1856]BM76

Eucerceris provancheri (Dalla Torre 1890) [=Cerceris provancheri, E. insignis Provancher 1889 non Cerceris insignis Klug 1845, C. insignis]BM76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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