Cerocephala eccoptogastri, from here.

Belong within: Chalcidoidea.

The Cerocephalinae are a group of wasps that parasitise small wood-boring beetles such as Scolytidae and Anobiidae (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Antennae inserted always some distance above the mouth border, toruli separated by an interantennal crest which often forms a tooth; sometimes other ridges, often with teeth, are developed on either side of toruli; antennae rather shiny, with sparse pilosity and very low sensilla, often pale-coloured; eyes bare or nearly so; thorax frequently smooth, only rarely with rugosity, but propodeum always heavily sculptured, without smooth areas, except in dwarf forms in which all sculpture is obliterated. Forewing usually with strongly reduced discal pilosity but always with very conspicuous marginal fringe; short stigmal vein at a rather acute angle, postmarginal vein often shorter than stigmal. Gastral petiole sometimes long, sometimes strongly transverse; hind margin of first gastral terglte in females often emarginate or even deeply excised in the middle; ovipositor sheaths subexserted or longer, up to almost as long as the gaster. Short-winged forms common.

<==Cerocephalidae [Cerocephalinae]
    |--Acerocephala Gahan 1946B88
    |    |--*A. atroviolacea [=Cerocephala atroviolacea]B88
    |    |--A. aenigmaB88
    |    `--A. pacifica Bouček 1988B88
    |--Theocolax Westwood 1832 [incl. Choetospila Westwood 1874, Spalangiomorpha Girault 1913]B88
    |    |--*T. formiciformis Westwood 1832B88
    |    |--T. elegans (Westwood 1874) [=*Choetospila elegans; incl. *Spalangiomorpha fasciatipennis Girault 1913]B88
    |    `--T. frater (Girault 1913) [=Spalangiomorpha frater, Choetospila frater]B88
    |--Cerocephala Westwood 1832 (see below for synonymy)B88
    |    |--C. aquila (Girault 1920) [=*Proamotura aquila; incl. P. tostini Girault 1932]B88
    |    |--C. dinoderi Gahan 1925 [=C. (Parasciatheras) dinoderi; incl. Proamotura anselmi Girault 1932]B88
    |    `--C. eccoptogastri [=*Sciatherodes eccoptogastri]B88
    |--Neocalosoter Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915 [incl. Theocolaxia Girault 1924]B88
    |    |--*N. pulchripennis Girault 1915B88
    |    |--N. grandis (Dodd 1927) [=Proamotura insularis grandis, Theocolaxia insularis grandis]B88
    |    |--N. insularis (Dodd 1924) [=Cratomus insularis, Proamotura insularis, Theocolaxia insularis]B88
    |    |--N. lessingi (Girault 1924) [=*Theocolaxia lessingi]B88
    |    |--N. perpulcher (Dodd 1927) (see below for synonymy)B88
    |    `--N. viridipronotum (Dodd 1924) (see below for synonymy)B88
    |--Muesebeckisia mandibularisBM22
    |--Neosciatheras Masi 1917BM22, GM79

Cerocephala Westwood 1832 [incl. Epimacrus Walker 1833, Proamotura Girault 1920, Prosciatheras Masi 1917, Sciatheras Ratzeburg 1848, Sciatherodes Masi 1917]B88

Neocalosoter perpulcher (Dodd 1927) [=Proamotura perpulchra, Theocolaxia perpulchra; incl. P. perpulchra metallica Dodd 1927, Theocolaxia perpulchra metallica]B88

Neocalosoter viridipronotum (Dodd 1924) [=Cratomus viridipronotum, Proamotura viridipronotum, Theocolaxia viridipronotum]B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B88] Bouček, Z. 1988. Australasian Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera): A biosystematic revision of genera of fourteen families, with a reclassification of species. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[BM22] Burks, R., M.-D. Mitroiu, L. Fusu, J. M. Heraty, P. Janšta, S. Heydon, N. D.-S. Papilloud, R. S. Peters, E. V. Tselikh, J. B. Woolley, S. van Noort, H. Baur, A. Cruaud, C. Darling, M. Haas, P. Hanson, L. Krogmann & J.-Y. Rasplus. 2022. From hell’s heart I stab at thee! A determined approach towards a monophyletic Pteromalidae and reclassification of Chalcidoidea (Hymenoptera). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 94: 13–88.

[GM79] Gordh, G., A. S. Menke, E. C. Dahms & J. C. Hall. 1979. The privately printed papers of A. A. Girault. Memoirs of the American Entomological Institute 28: 1–400.

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