Cerodontha sp., copyright Steve Kerr.

Belongs within: Agromyzidae.

Cerodontha is a genus of leaf-mining flies that develop on species of Monocotyledoneae. The genus is characterised by the presence in the male terminalia of L-shaped subepandrial sclerites (Boucher 2010).

| i. s.: C. australis [=C. denticornis]M83
| C. flavocingulataS87
| C. frankensisS87
| C. robustaCM91
| C. scirpivoraS87
|--C. (Cerodontha) dorsalisB10
|--C. (Dizygomyza)B10
| |--‘Dizygomyza’ cambii [=Phytobia cambii]RD77
| `--C. (D.) luctuosaB10
`--C. (Poemyza)B10
|--C. (P.) muscinaB10
`--C. (P.) pygmaeaB10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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