Cerodrillia thea, photographed by Jan Delsing.

Belongs within: Drilliidae.

Cerodrillia is a genus of small conoids found in warmer, shallow waters on the eastern coast of North America (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell small, 11–13 mm, elongate-fusiform, with a tall spire of medially weakly angulated whorls, and an ovate body-whorl, slowly tapered to a very short, broadly channelled but unnotched anterior canal. Protoconch of two smooth rounded whorls, passing directly into post-nuclear sculpture without a brephic stage. Adult sculpture of prominently broadly rounded protractive axials extending from suture to suture and over most of base. Weak median angulation slightly carinating axials. Surface with very fine spiral lirae, increasing to noticeable threads on base and anterior end, or spiral sculpture absent. Outer lip thin-edged, with deep broadly U-shaped sinus, occupying most of shoulder slope, somewhat constricted at its entrance by a relatively strong parietal callus pad. Outer lip produced forward in a claw-like fashion below sinus, with feeble stromboid notch towards anterior canal. Colour varying between yellowish-white, with a peripheral pale brown band, to uniformly brown. Radula prototypic, with small narrow unicuspid central tooth (varying to vestigial), comb-like laterals and long narrow slender pointed marginals.

<==Cerodrillia Bartsch & Rehder 1939BK11
    |  i. s.: C. cybele (Pilsbry & Lowe 1932)PK11
    |         C. girardi Lyons 1972BC01
    |--C. (Cerodrillia)BK11
    |    |--*C. (C.) clappi Bartsch & Rehder 1939P66
    |    |--C. (C.) nodosa (Usticke 1969) [=Douglassia (C.) nodosa]BC01
    |    |--C. (C.) perryae Bartsch & Rehder 1939P66
    |    `--C. (C.) thea (Dall 1883) [=Drillia thea]P66
    `--C. (Lissodrillia Bartsch & Rehder 1943)BK11
         |--C. (*L.) schroederi Bartsch & Rehder 1939P66
         `--C. (L.) simpsoni (Dall 1887) [=Pleurotoma (Mangilia) simpsoni]P66
              |--C. s. simpsoniP66
              `--C. s. recticostata Fargo 1953P66

*Type species of generic name indicated


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