Eurasian nuthatch Sitta europaea, photographed by Paweł Kuźniar.

Belongs within: Muscicapida.
Contains: Troglodytidae.

The Certhioidea is a clade of passerine birds supported by molecular analyses, uniting the families Certhiidae, Sittidae and Troglodytidae. Certhioids are small, mostly dull-coloured birds that generally feed by gleaning insects off vegetation, though Sittidae also eat seeds. The Polioptilidae, gnatcatchers and gnatwrens, are a New World group of small, dainty birds that forage among outer leaves and twigs of trees.

    |  i. s.: Certhiops rummeliOF19
    |--Tichodroma Illiger 1811B94 [TichodromidaeOF19, Tichodrominae]
    |    |--T. murariaBKB15
    |    `--T. phoenicopteraV41
    `--+--Sitta Linnaeus 1758M02 [SittidaeOF19, Sittinae]
       |    |  i. s.: S. azureaJT12
       |    |         S. cashmirensisJT12
       |    |         S. castaneaJT12
       |    |         S. castaneoventrisE42
       |    |         S. formosaJT12
       |    |         S. leucopsisJT12
       |    |         S. magna Ramsay 1876S89
       |    |         S. nagaensisJT12
       |    |         S. neglecta Walden 1870S89
       |    |         S. oenochlamysJT12
       |    |         S. senogalliensis Portis 1887M02
       |    |         S. solangiaeJT12
       |    |         S. variaJ23
       |    |         S. victoriaeJT12
       |    |         S. yunnanensisJT12
       |    |--+--S. neumayerBKB15
       |    |  `--S. tephronotaBKB15
       |    `--+--S. carolinensisBKB15
       |       `--+--+--*S. europaea Linnaeus 1758L58, BKB15, M02 [incl. S. caesiaG73]
       |          |  `--S. himalayensisBKB15
       |          `--+--S. frontalisBKB15
       |             `--+--+--S. pusillaBKB15
       |                |  `--S. pygmaeaBKB15
       |                |       |--S. p. pygmaeaB49
       |                |       `--S. p. melanotisB49
       |                `--+--+--S. krueperiBKB15
       |                   |  `--S. ledantiBKB15
       |                   `--+--S. canadensisBKB15
       |                      `--+--S. villosaBKB15
       |                         `--S. whiteheadiBKB15
       `--+--+--Salpornis Gray 1847B94 [SalpornithidaeOF19, Salpornithinae]
          |  |    `--S. spilonotaOF19
          |  `--Certhia Linnaeus 1758M02 [CerthiidaeOF19, Certhiinae]
          |       |  i. s.: C. carolinianaJ23
          |       |         C. palustrisJ23
          |       |         C. pusilla Linnaeus 1758L58
          |       |--+--+--C. americanaBKB15
          |       |  |  `--C. familiaris Linnaeus 1758BKB15, M02
          |       |  `--+--C. brachydactylaBKB15
          |       |     `--C. hodgsoniJT12
          |       `--+--C. himalayanaBKB15
          |          `--+--+--C. discolorBKB15
          |             |  `--C. manipurensisBKB15
          |             `--+--C. nipalensisBKB15
          |                `--C. tianquanensisBKB15
             |  `--Palaeoscinis [Palaeoscinidae]FP64
             |       `--P. turdirostris Howard 1957U93
             `--Polioptilidae [Polioptilinae]BKB15
                  |--+--Ramphocaenus Vieillot 1819JT12, B94 [Ramphocaeninae]
                  |  |    `--R. melanurusJT12
                  |  |         |--R. m. melanurusE52
                  |  |         `--R. m. rufiventrisE52
                  |  `--MicrobatesBKB15
                  |       |--M. cinereiventrisBKB15
                  |       |    |--M. c. cinereiventrisS18
                  |       |    `--M. c. semitorquatusS18
                  |       `--M. collarisJT12
                  `--Polioptila Sclater 1855BKB15, B94
                       |  i. s.: P. buffoniSS66
                       |         P. clementsiJT12
                       |         P. guianensisJT12
                       |         P. lacteaJT12
                       |         P. lembeyeiJT12
                       |         P. leucogastraSS66
                       |         P. schistaceigulaJT12
                       |         P. superciliarisS18
                       |--P. dumicolaBKB15
                       `--+--+--*P. caerulea (Linné 1766)B94, BKB15, B94 [=Motacilla caeruleaB94]
                          |  `--P. plumbeaBKB15 [incl. Culicivora atricapillaB94]
                          |       |--P. p. plumbeaE52
                          |       `--P. p. bilineataE52
                          `--+--+--P. albilorisBKB15
                             |  `--P. nigricepsBKB15
                             `--+--P. californicaBKB15
                                `--P. melanuraBKB15

*Type species of generic name indicated


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