Corsican red deer Cervus elaphus corsicanus, photographed by Iosto Doneddu.

Belongs within: Cervini.

The genus Cervus includes the red deer C. elaphus and related species. Species of this genus are widespread across the Holarctic realm. Males have well-developed branching, often rugose antlers associated with a harem breeding strategy. Young are born spotted but spots are lost at maturity except in the sika deer C. nippon.

<==Cervus Linnaeus 1758GRH06 (see below for synonymy)
|--*C. elaphus Linnaeus 1758G00, HH06, H78 (see below for synonymy)
| |--C. e. elaphusH78
| |--C. e. bactrianus Lydekker 1900BP87, L00
| |--C. e. barbarusH78
| |--C. e. corsicanusC84
| |--C. e. hangluC84
| |--C. e. hippelaphusC84
| |--C. e. macneilliUSDI77
| |--C. e. scoticusC84
| |--C. e. sibiricus Severtzov 1872G00
| |--C. e. wallichiUSDI77
| `--C. e. yarkandensisBP87
`--+--+--C. timorensisHH06
| | |--C. t. timorensisBP87
| | `--C. t. russaBP87
| `--C. unicolorGRH06
| |--C. u. unicolorTB01
| |--C. u. equinusTB01
| `--C. u. nigerAP72
`--+--C. albirostrisHH06
`--+--C. canadensis Erxleben 1777HH06, B75 [=C. elaphus canadensisB75]
| |--C. c. canadensisD81
| |--C. c. merriamiD81
| `--C. c. nelsoniD81
`--C. nippon Temminck 1838HH06, M76 [incl. C. (Hippelaphus) japonicus Sundevall 1846G00]
|--C. n. nipponLE05
|--C. n. grassianusBP87
|--C. n. keramae (Kuroda 1924)I92
|--C. n. kopschiBP87
|--C. n. mandarinusBP87
|--C. n. pseudaxisB91
|--C. n. taiouanusBP87
|--C. n. yakushimae Kuroda & Okada 1950I92
`--C. n. yesoensisLE05

Cervus incertae sedis:
C. affinisL00
C. alces Linnaeus 1758L58 [=*Alce alcesG00]
C. alfrediBP87
C. astylodon (Matsumoto 1924)AC98
C. bezoarticus Linnaeus 1758L58 [incl. C. cuguapara Kerr 1792H48, Odocoeleus suacuapara (l. c.)H48]
C. calamianensisBP87
C. capreolus Linnaeus 1758L58
C. dorothensis Capasso Barbato 1992 [=C. (Leptocervus) dorothensis]AC98
C. elegans [=Rusa elegans]DW04
C. guineensis Linnaeus 1758L58
C. kuhliBP87 [=Hyelaphus kuhliUSDI77]
C. mariannus Desmarest 1820F66
C. philippinusF66
C. philisiC-B07
C. puduS66b
C. pulchellus Imaizumi 1970I92
C. taevanusS66a
C. wapitiG42
C. (Praeelaphus Portis 1920)G00
`--C. (P.) arvernensis Croiset & Jobert 1828G00

Cervus Linnaeus 1758GRH06 [=Elaphus Hamilton Smith 1827G00, Eucervus Aclogue 1899 non Gray 1866G00; incl. Alce Frisch 1775 (nom. inv.) non Blumenbach 1799G00]

*Cervus elaphus Linnaeus 1758G00, HH06, H78 [=C. (*Eucervus) elaphusG00, *Elaphus elaphusG00, C. vulgarisG00; incl. C. vulgaris campestris Botezat 1903 (n. n.) nec Cuvier 1817 nec Wied 1826G00, C. vulgaris montanus Botezat 1903 (n. n.) non C. macrotis var. montanus Caton 1881G00, C. elephus montanusG00]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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