Foureye butterflyfishes Chaetodon capistratus, photographed by Chris Huss.

Belongs within: Chaetodontidae.

Chaetodon is a genus of butterflyfishes with an incomplete lateral line ending in the vicinity of the last rays of the dorsal fin, ten to sixteen dorsal fin spines with the third to fifth dorsal-fin spines not distinctly longer than the others, and coloration lacking vertical bars, with more than two vertical bars on the body, or with bars not extending the entire depth of the body (Pyle 2001).

Chaetodon Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. adiergastos Seale 1910MM09
|--C. arcuatus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. argentatus Smith & Radcliffe 1911P01
|--C. assarius Waite 1905H90
|--C. aureofasciatus Macleay 1878P01
|--C. auriga Forsskål 1775MM09 [=Anisochaetodon aurigaM58, Tetragonoptrus (Linophora) aurigaM58]
|--C. auripes Jordan & Snyder 1901P01
|--C. baronessa Cuvier 1831MM09 [=C. triangulum baronessaM58]
|--C. burgessi Allen & Starck 1973P01
|--C. capistratus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. ciliaris Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. collare Bloch 1787P01
|--C. declivis Randall 1975P01
|--C. decussatus Cuvier 1831P01
|--C. falciferB96
|--C. falcula Bloch 1795P01, M58 [=Oxychaetodon falculaM58]
|--C. ficheuriNE12
|--C. flavirostris Günther 1873P01
|--C. flavocoronatus Myers 1980P01
|--C. fowleri Klausewitz 1955K55
|--C. frenatus Fowler 1935K55
|--C. guentheri Ahl 1913P01
|--C. guttatissimus Bennett 1832P01
|--C. mertensii Cuvier 1831P01
|--C. nippon Steindachner & Döderlein 1884P01
|--C. ocellicaudus Cuvier 1831P01 [=Chaetodontops ocellicaudaM58]
|--C. octofasciatus Bloch 1787P01 [=Tetragonoptrus octofasciatusM58]
|--C. oxycephalus Bleeker 1853MM09
|--C. pelewensis Kner 1868P01
|--C. penniger Bogatshov 1964P93
|--C. plebeius Cuvier 1831P01 [=Chaetodonton plebejiM58, Megaprotodon plebeiusM58]
|--C. quadrimaculatus Gray 1831P01
|--C. rainfordi McCulloch 1923P01
|--C. reticulatus Cuvier 1831P01
|--C. rotundus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. selene Bleeker 1853P01 [=Tetragonoptrus (Chaetodontops) seleneM58]
|--C. semilarvatus Cuvier 1831LD09
|--C. smithi Randall 1975P01
|--C. striatus Linnaeus 1758L58
|--C. tinkeri Schulz 1951P01
|--C. triangulum Cuvier 1831P01 [=Tetragonoptrus (Gonochaetodon) triangulumM58]
|--C. trichrous Günther 1874P01
|--C. trifascialis Quoy & Gaimard 1824MM09
|--C. trifasciatus Park 1797P01 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. ulietensis Cuvier 1831MM09
|--C. wiebeli Kaup 1863P01
`--C. xanthurus Bleeker 1857P01

Chaetodon trifasciatus Park 1797P01 [=Rhabdophorus trifasciatusM58, Tetragonoptrus (Rabdophorus) trifasciatusM58; incl. C. ovalis Thiollière 1857M58, C. vittatus Thiollière 1857M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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