Chalcophora mariana, copyright Udo Schmidt.

Belongs within: Buprestinae.

The Chalcophorina are a group of jewel beetles with diffuse antennal pores.

Characters (from Bellamy & Nelson 2002): Body oval in cross section; antennae with sensory foveae absent (sensory pores dispersed); frons not contracted by insertion of antennae; terminal segment of maxillary palpi slender; prosternum obtusely angulate behind coxae; elytral apex rounded and/or unidentate; elytral epipleuron with denticle wedging between mesepimeron and rounded posterolateral angle of metepisternum; metacoxal plates strongly dilated medially, hind margin strongly oblique.

    |--Cyphogastrella Thery 1926B85
    |--Callistroma Fairmaire 1877B85
    |--Pleiona Deyrolle 1864B85
    |--Papuodema Obenberger 1928B85
    |--‘Helleria’ Thery 1934 non Norman 1868B85
    |--Rooniella Thery 1935B85
    |--Gelaeus Waterhouse 1905B85
    |--Thymedes Waterhouse 1905B85
    |--Tamamushia Miwa & Chujo 1935B85
    |--Parachrysodema Thery 1922B85
    |--Periorisma Deyrolle 1864B85
    |--Asemochrysus Deyrolle 1864B85
    |--Chalcoplia Thomson 1881B85
    |--Freya Thery 1943B85
    |--Scaptelytra Kerremans 1893B85
    |--Texania Casey 1909 [=Texiana (l. c.)]B85
    |--Chlorophorella Descarpentries 1973B85
    |--Nipponobuprestis Obenberger 1942B85
    |--Afrophorella Obenberger 1942B85
    |--Chalcotaenia Deyrolle 1864B85
    |--Euplectalecia Obenberger 1924B85
    |--Eupodalecia Obenberger 1958B85
    |--Pseudalecia Thery 1922B85
    |--Saundersina Cobos 1978 (see below for synonymy)B85
    |--Baudonisia Cobos 1963 [incl. Baudonia Cobos 1957 (preoc.)]B85
    |--Chrysesthes Solier 1833B85
    |--Halecia Laporte & Gory 1837 (see below for synonymy)B85
    |    `--H. erythropus Gory 1841 [incl. H. pyropus]FS90
    |--Parataenia Kerremans 1892B85
    |    `--P. chrysochloraG08
    |--Lamprocheila Obenberger 1924B85
    |    `--L. malleiG08
    |--Chalcophoropsis Thomson 1878B85
    |    `--C. quadrifoviataG08
    |--Lampropepla Fairmaire 1904B85
    |    `--L. rothschildiG08
    |--Hypoprasis Fairmaire & Germain 1864B85
    |    `--H. harpagonG08
    |--Pelecopselaphus Solier 1833 [incl. Euptera Gistel 1834]B85
    |    `--P. depressusG08
    |--Euchroma Solier 1833B85
    |    `--E. gigantea (Linnaeus 1758)B14
    |--Metataenia Thery 1923B85, G08
    |    |--M. hebridanaG08
    |    `--M. isobelinaG08
    |--Iridotaenia Deyrolle 1865B85, G08
    |    |--I. albivittis (Hope 1846)G08
    |    `--I. bellicosa (Blackburn 1903)G08
    |--Madecassia Kerremans 1904B85
    |    |--M. fairmaireiB14
    |    |--M. ophthalmicaB14
    |    `--M. rothschildi (Gahan 1893)B14
    |--Paracupta Deyrolle 1864 [incl. Chrysodema Fauvel 1904 non Laporte & Gory 1835]B85
    |    |--P. auricollisG08
    |    |--P. aurofoveataG08
    |    `--P. erythrocephalusG08
    |--Chalcophorella Kerremans 1903B85
    |    |  i. s.: C. stigmaticaG08
    |    |--C. (Rossiella Obenberger 1942)B85
    |    `--C. (Stigmatophorella Obenberger 1942)B85
    |--Evides Thomson 1878B85
    |    |--E. gambiensisB14
    |    |--E. interstitialisB14
    |    |--E. pubiventris (Laporte & Gory 1835)B14
    |    `--E. triangularisG08
    |--Chrysodema Laporte & Gory 1835B85
    |    |  i. s.: C. dalmaniG08
    |    |         C. radiansG08
    |    |         C. rubrifronsG08
    |    |         C. simplex Waterhouse 1887JG19
    |    |         C. smaragdulaG08
    |    `--C. (Pseudochrysodema Saunders 1874)B85
    |--Cyphogastra Deyrolle 1865B85, G08
    |    |--C. albertisiG08
    |    |--C. calepygaMac86
    |    |--C. excelsoireG08
    |    |--C. farinosa (Fabricius 1775)G08
    |    |--C. pistor (L & G 1835)G08
    |    `--C. quadrivittata Carter 1916G09
    |--Pseudotaenia Keremans 1903B85, G08
    |    |--P. ajax (Saunders 1872)G08
    |    |--P. frenchi (Blackburn 1891)G08
    |    |--P. gigas (Hope 1846)G08
    |    |--P. quadrisignata (Saunders 1872)G08
    |    |--P. salamandra (Thompson 1879)G08
    |    |--P. spilota Carter 1916G08
    |    |--P. superba (Saunders 1872)G08
    |    `--P. waterhousei (van de Poll 1886)G08
    |--Chalcophorotaenia Obenberger 1928B85, G08
    |    |--C. australasiae (Saunders 1872)G08
    |    |--C. castanea (Carter 1916)G08
    |    |--C. cerata (Keremans 1891)G08
    |    |--C. cuprascens (Waterhouse 1875)G08
    |    |--C. exilis (Blackburn 1894)G08
    |    |--C. laeta (Waterhouse 1881)G08
    |    |--C. martinii Saunders 1872)G08
    |    |--C. quadriimpressa (Waterhouse 1875)G08
    |    |--C. sphinx (Obenberger 1916)G08
    |    |--C. subfasciata (Carter 1916)G08
    |    `--C. violaecea (Carter 1915)G08
    `--Chalcophora Solier 1833B85
         |--C. ajax (Saund. 1872) [=Chalcotaenia ajax]Mas86
         |--C. albivittis (Hope 1846) [=Buprestis albivittis]Mas86
         |--C. aurofoveataMas86
         |--C. australasiae (Saund. 1872) [=Chalcotaenia australasiae]Mas86
         |--C. australis Thomson 1878Mas86
         |--C. cuprascens (Waterh. 1875) [=Chalcotaenia cuprascens]Mas86
         |--C. elongata (Waterh. 1875) [=Chalcotaenia elongata]Mas86
         |--C. fairmairei Masters 1886 [=Chalcotaenia australis Fairm. 1879 non Chalcophora australis Thomson 1878]Mas86
         |--C. farinosa [=Buprestis farinosa; incl. C. ventricosa]Mas86
         |--C. georgianaBN02
         |--C. gigas (Hope 1846) [=Chrysodema gigas]Mas86
         |--C. goryi Bohem. 1858Mas86
         |--C. humboldti Cast. & Gory 1837FS90
         |--C. intermediaG08
         |--C. laeta Waterh. 1884Mas86
         |--C. lamberti [=Chrysodema lamberti]Mas86
         |--C. marianaC01
         |--C. martinii (Saund. 1872) [=Chalcotaenia martinii]Mas86
         |--C. occidentalis (Waterh. 1875) [=Chalcotaenia occidentalis]Mas86
         |--C. pistor [=Chrysodema pistor]Mas86
         |--C. pyritosa Bohm. 1858Mas86
         |--C. quadriimpressa (Waterh. 1875) [=Chalcotaenia quadriimpressa]Mas86
         |--C. quadrisignata (Saund. 1872) [=Chalcotaenia quadrisignata]Mas86
         |--C. salamandri [=Chalcotaenia salamandri]Mas86
         |--C. superba (Saund. 1872) [=Chalcotaenia superba]Mas86
         |--C. telamon (Fairm. 1879) [=Chalcotaenia telamon]Mas86
         |--C. venereaMas86
         |--C. virginiensisAT01
         `--C. vittata [=Chalcotaenia vittata]Mas86

Halecia Laporte & Gory 1837 [incl. Acantha Laporte & Gory 1837, Prionophora Dejean 1833 (n. n.), Pristiptera Dejean 1833 (n. n.)]B85

Saundersina Cobos 1978 [incl. Pasiphae Thomson 1878 nec Latreille 1819 nec Spinola 1851, Pasithea Thery 1930 nec Lea 1833 nec Blackwall 1858]B85

*Type species of generic name indicated


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