Chemnitzia sp., from here.

Belongs within: Pyramidellidae.

Chemnitzia is a genus of pyramidellid snails with prominent axial ribs but no spiral sculpturing.

<==Chemnitzia d’Orbigny 1840BR17
|--*C. campanellae (Philippi 1836) [=Melania campanellae]BR17
|--C. acer Laws 1937P61
|--C. aculeusC64
|--C. acuminataC64
|--C. adamsiC64
|--C. aepynota (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) aepynota]O27
|--C. aoteana Powell 1930P61
|--C. aurantiaC64
|--C. barrierensis Laws 1937P61
|--C. bucknilli Laws 1937P61
|--C. caelataC64
|--C. campbellica Odhner 1924P61
|--C. clarinda (Bartsch 1912) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) clarinda]O27
|--C. cookiana Laws 1937P61
|--C. crebrifilata Carpenter 1864C64
|--C. dunedinensis Laws 1937P61
|--C. engbergi (Bartsch 1920) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) engbergi]O27
|--C. errabunda Laws 1937P61
|--C. finlayi Powell 1936P61
|--C. flavescensC64
|--C. forsteriana Laws 1937P61
|--C. gabbiana (Cooper 1870) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) gabbiana]O27
|--C. hypolispa (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) hypolispa]O27
|--C. indistinctaN79
|--C. informis Laws 1937P61
|--C. jactura Laws 1937P61
|--C. kelseyi (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) kelseyi]O27
|--C. kingi Laws 1937P61
|--C. lamyi Hedley 1916P61
|--C. lawsi Powell 1937P61
|--C. lillingtoniana Laws 1937P61
|--C. melanopsis [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) melanopsis]W77
|--C. mitis Laws 1937P61
|--C. montiscrucis [=Turbonilla montiscrucis]G31
|--C. muricata (Carpenter 1856) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) muricata]O27
|--C. muricatoides (Dall & Bartsch 1907) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) muricatoides]O27
|--C. owenga Laws 1937P61
|--C. panamensis [incl. C. gracillima]C64
|--C. powelli Bucknill 1924P61
|--C. prolongataC64
|--C. rakiura Laws 1937P61
|--C. raymondi (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) raymondi]O27
|--C. rufa [incl. C. rufa var. fulvocincta]N79
|--C. rufescensN79
|--C. santarosana (Dall & Bartsch 1909) [=Turbonilla (Chemnitzia) santarosana]O27
|--C. scala Laws 1937P61
|--C. similisC64
|--C. stipes Laws 1937P61
|--C. subcuspidataC64
|--C. tenuiculaC64
|--C. tenuilirataC64
|--C. tridentata Carpenter 1864C64
|--C. turritaC64
|--C. undata [incl. C. affinis]C64
|--C. vegrandis Laws 1937P61
|--C. verecunda Laws 1937P61
|--C. vigilia Laws 1937P61
|--C. waitemata Laws 1937P61
`--C. zealandica (Hutton 1873)P61
|--C. z. zealandicaP61
`--C. z. axivarians Laws 1937P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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