Orange-spotted ladybird Orcus australasiae, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Coccinellidae.

The Chilocorini are a cosmopolitan group of ladybird beetles in which the antennal insertions are hidden between an expanded clypeus, and the tarsi are four-segmented (Ślipiński 2007).

Characters (from Ślipiński 2007): Body small to moderately large (2–8 mm) with head in repose somewhat inserted into prothorax and usually directed downwards; dorsum usually without apparent vestiture. Head transverse, ventrally flattened; clypeus variously expanded laterally forming a shelf entirely covering antennal insertions. Mandible strong, triangular with single apical tooth and heavily developed molar denticle; maxillary palp moderately long, terminal palpomere parallel-sided, weakly expanded to securiform; labial palp distinctly separated at base and inserted on ventral side of prementum. Antenna very short, 7–10-segmented with fusiform three-segmented club. Prosternum simple, moderately elongate in front of coxae; prosternal process narrow, parallel-sided. Wings with large anal lobe. Elytral punctures irregular, never in apparent rows; epipleuron broad and complete to apex, often with foveae that receive apex of femora. Abdomen with five or six ventrites; postcoxal line at abdominal ventrite 1 variable, without associated pits and pores. Male genitalia with tegmen symmetrical, penis guide sometimes asymmetrical, parameres well developed and setose apically; penis a simple, single sclerite with large basal capsule. Coxites triangular, lightly sclerotised, usually bearing short styli; bursa copulatrix with infundibulum or fleshy lobe with sperm duct composed of two parts of different diameters; spermatheca sclerotised, bean-shaped without ramus, with large accessory gland.

<==Chilocorini [Chilocoriens, Exochomaires]S07
| `--Chilocorus Leach 1815RS15, S07
| |--*C. cacti (Linnaeus 1767) [=Coccinella cacti]S07
| |--C. circumdatus (Gyllenhal in Schönherr 1808) [=Coccinella circumdatus]S07
| |--C. cruentus Gorham 1901G01
| |--C. marshalli Gorham 1901G01
| |--C. distigma [=Coccinella distigma]G89
| |--C. maculatus Ślipiński & Giorgi 2006S07
| |--C. malasiae Crotch 1874 (see below for synonymy)S07
| |--C. micrus Ślipiński & Giorgi 2006S07
| |--C. nigritaS07
| |--C. renipustulatusB90
| |--C. schioedteiS07
| `--C. tristis [incl. C. rubidus]B90
`--+--Orcus Mulsant 1850RS15, S07 [incl. Parapriasus Chapin 1965S07, Priasus Mulsant 1850S07]
| |--*O. janthinus Mulsant 1850S07
| |--O. australasiae (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)S07
| |--O. bilunulatus (Boisduval 1835) [=Coccinella bilunulata, O. (*Priasus) bilunulatus]S07
| |--O. chalybeusO81
| |--O. citri Lea 1902 [incl. O. coxalis Weise 1918]S07
| |--O. cyanocephalus Mulsant 1850 [incl. O. lecanii Blackburn 1895, O. purpureotinctus Lea 1902]S07
| |--O. lafertei Mulsant 1853S07
| |--O. nummularis (Boisduval 1835) [=Coccinella nummularis]S07
| |--O. obscurus Blackburn 1892 [=O. australasiae var. obscurus]S07
| |--O. pustulatus Blackburn 1892S07
| `--O. quadrimaculatus Gadeau de Kerville 1884S07
`--+--Halmus Mulsant 1850RS15, S07
| |--*H. chalybeus (Boisduval 1835)S07 [=Coccinella chalybeaS07; incl. Chilocorus cyaneusB35]
| |--H. coelestris (Blackburn 1891) (see below for synonymy)S07
| |--H. cupripennis Weise 1923S07
| |--H. evelynensis (Weise 1923) [=Orcus evelynensis]S07
| |--H. hilli Ślipiński & Giorgi 2006S07
| `--H. viridis Ślipiński & Giorgi 2006S07
`--Exochomus Redtenbacher 1844RS15, S07 [incl. Cladis Mulsant 1850FS90, V02, Clanis (l. c.)V02]
|--*E. quadripustulatus (Linnaeus 1758)S07 (see below for synonymy)
|--E. flavipesC01
|--E. justitiae Gorham 1901G01
|--E. metallicusV02
|--E. nigromaculatus [=Coccinella nigromaculata; incl. E. auritus]G01
|--E. nitidulus Fab. 1792 [incl. E. purpuratus, E. uva]FS90
`--E. uropygialis [=Brumus uropygialis]G01

Chilocorini incertae sedis:
Brumus Mulsant 1850V02
`--B. septentrionisP54
Trichorcus Blackburn 1892S07
`--*T. cinctus Blackburn 1892S07
Curinus Mulsant 1850V02
`--C. coeruleusV02
Arawana Leng 1908V02
`--A. arizonicaV02
Axion Mulsant 1850V02
|--A. plagiatumV02
`--A. tripustulatumV02
Brumoides Chapin 1965S07
|--*B. suturalis (Fabricius 1798) [=Coccinella suturalis, Brumus suturalis]S07
|--B. maculatus (Pope 1954) [=Brumus maculatus]S07
`--B. piae Ślipiński & Giorgi 2006S07

Chilocorus malasiae Crotch 1874 [incl. C. australasiae Gadeau de Kerville 1884, C. baileyi Blackburn 1890, C. diadema Weise 1898, C. flavidus Blackburn 1892, C. nasicornis Korschefsky 1944]S07

*Exochomus quadripustulatus (Linnaeus 1758)S07 [=Coccinella quadripustulataS07, Brumus quadripustulatusV02, E. quatuorpustulatusS07]

Halmus coelestris (Blackburn 1891) [=Orcus coelestris; incl. O. clypeatus Weise 1923, O. ovalis Blackburn 1892, O. splendens Blackburn 1892]S07

Orcus australasiae (Boisduval 1835) [=Coccinella australasiae, *Parapriasus australasiae; incl. Orcus australasiae var. quadrinotatus Lea 1902]S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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