Copulatory pair (above, with male in front) and mature female of Labidocarpus natalensis, from Lawrence (1952).

Belongs within: Sarcoptoidea.

The Chirodiscidae are a group of sarcoptoid mites found on bats and other small mammals, characterised by modification of the first two pairs of legs (but not the rear two pairs) for grasping the hairs of their host. Legs I and II terminate in flat, platelike attachment organs or are entirely flattened and platelike, and lack pretarsal elements (OConnor 2009).

    `--Labidocarpinae [Labidocarpidae]O09
         |--Pseudoalabidocarpus secusK06
         `--Labidocarpus Trouessart 1895H98
              |--L. australiensis Fain & Lukoschus 1981H98
              |--L. megalonyxG35
              `--L. natalensisL58
Chirodiscidae incertae sedis:
  Chirodiscus Trouessart & Neumann 1889H98
    `--C. amplexans Trouessart & Neumann 1889H98
  Schizocoptes conjugatusO09
  Alabidocarpus Ewing 1929H98
    |--A. calcaratusBVP96
    |--A. chalinolobi Fain & Lukoschus 1981H98
    |--A. diceratops Lawrence 1958L58
    |--A. fujii Wada 1967H98
    |--A. nasicolusL58
    |--A. parvulus Fain & Lukoschus 1981H98
    |--A. recurvus (Womersley 1943) [=Labidocarpus recurvus]H98
    |    |--A. r. recurvusH98
    |    `--A. r. intersitus Fain & Lukoschus 1981H98
    |--A. vietnamensisO09
    `--A. yandinae Domrow & Moorehouse 1975H98
  Dentocarpus Dusbábek & de la Cruz 1966H98
    |--D. chaerephon (Fain 1970) [=Labidocarpus chaerephon]H98
    `--D. kimberleyensis Fain & Lukoschus 1981H98
  Olabidocarpus Lawrence 1948H98
    |--O. chalinolobi Fain 1979H98
    `--O. malayi Fain 1970H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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