Codiolum petrocelidis, copyright Ignacio Bárbara.

Belongs within: Chlorococcales.

The Chlorococcaceae are a family of unicellular or coenocytic green algae.

|--Chlorococcum humicoloA90, SG05
|--Bracteacoccus grandis Bischoff & Bold 1963A90, GPN97
|--Glenobotrydion Schof 1968KS92
| |--*G. aenigmatis Schopf 1968KS92
| `--G. majorinum Schopf & Blacic 1971KS92
|--Globophycus Schopf 1968KS92
| |--*G. rugosum Schopf 1968KS92
| `--G. minorKS92
| |--C. inclusum Kjellman 1883S57
| `--C. porphyrae Setchell & Gardner in Gardner 1917S57
| |--N. aquaticaL-BC03
| |--N. oleoabundans Chantanachat & Bold 1962GPN97
| |--N. vigenisMS95
| `--N. wimmeriOV01
|--C. gregarium Braun 1855S57
|--C. petrocelidis Kuckuck 1894S57
`--C. pusillumS57
|--C. p. f. pusillumS57
`--C. p. f. subsessile Jao 1937S57

*Type species of generic name indicated


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