Tooth of Cladodus mirabilis, copyright thair.

Belongs within: Acanthodii.
Contains: Eugeneodontiformes, Petalodontiformes, Selachimorpha, Pristidae, Rhinobatiformes, Rajiformes, Myliobatiformes, Torpediniformes, Subterbranchialia, Palaeoselachii, Ctenacanthiformes, Hybodontiformes.

The Chondrichthyes, commonly known as the cartilaginous fishes in reference to their distinction from other living jawed vertebrates in retaining a primarily cartilaginous skeleton, include the sharks, rays and chimaeras. Members of this clade are united by the presence of tessellate prismatic calcified cartilage (Davis et al. 2012).

The Euselachii are a major clade of chondrichthyan fishes, including all post-Palaeozoic sharks and rays and their relatives, united by the development of propterygial and mesopterygial cartilages supporting the pectoral fins (Bond 1996).

<==Chondrichthyes [Chondrichthiomorphi, Cladoselachii, Elasmobranchii, Euselachii, Paraselachimorpha]
       |  `--TamiobatisDFC12
       `--+--+--Tristychius arcuatusDFC12, Z90
          |  `--+--Neoselachii [Hypnosqualea, Selachii, Squalea]B96
          |     |    |  i. s.: Agaleus Duffin & Ward 1983 [Agaleidae]D01
          |     |    |           `--A. dorsetensis Duffin & Ward 1983D01
          |     |    |         Vallisia coppi Duffin 1982DC01
          |     |    |         Glaucostegus [Rhinopristiformes]VF21
          |     |    |           |--G. granulatusVF21
          |     |    |           |--G. halaviVF21
          |     |    |           `--G. thoinVF21
          |     |    |--SelachimorphaMW07
          |     |    `--Batoidea [Batoidei, Batomorphii, Platosomeae, Rajomorphii]MW07
          |     |         |  i. s.: PristidaeB96
          |     |         |         Heteronarce garmaniH72
          |     |         |         RhinobatiformesCL99
          |     |         |         Parapalaeobates [Parapalaeobatidae]CDZ93
          |     |         |           |--P. atlanticus Arambourg 1952CDZ93
          |     |         |           `--P. pygmaeus (Quaas 1902)CDZ93
          |     |         |         SulcidensVF21
          |     |         |--RajiformesMW07
          |     |         `--+--MyliobatiformesMW07
          |     |            `--TorpediniformesMW07
          |     `--SubterbranchialiaCDZ93
             `--+--Cladodoides wildungensisDFC12
                `--Protoselachii [Xenacanthimorpha]B96
Chondrichthyes incertae sedis:
    |--Shiqianolepis [Shiqianolepididae]MG01
    |    `--S. hollandiMG01
         |--Mongolepis rozmanaeMG01
         |--Teslepis jucundaMG01
         |--Sodolepis lucensMG01
              |--X. pluridentatusMG01
              `--X. tarimensisMG01
  Pilolepis margaritifera Thorsteinsson 1973MG01, CDZ93
  Kannathalepis Märss & Gagnier 2001 [Kannathalepididae]MG01
    `--*K. milleri Märss & Gagnier 2001 [=Ekismodus tetragonum Märss & Gagnier 1999 (n. n.)]MG01
    |--E. conicaMG01
    `--E. grossi Karatajute-Talimaa 1973CDZ93
  Paracestracion sarstedtensisDC02
  Serratolamna serrataPSB03
  Bathycheilodus St. John & Worthen 1875W85
  Pristicladodus St. John & Worthen 1875W85
    |--D. duplicatus [=Thrinacodus duplicatus]W85
    |--D. gibbosus Agassiz 1837L85
    `--D. incurvus [=Thrinacodus incurvus]W85
  Cratoselache pruvostiW85
  Amblypristis cheops Dames 1888G92
  Geisacanthus St. John & Worthen 1875N05
  Surcaudalus rostratus Leu 1989RE01
  *Styptobasis knightiana Cope 1891L85
  Venustodus argutus (St John & Worthen 1875)L85
  Emsolepis Turner 2004BT12
  Bulbocanthus rugosus Bryant 1932CDZ93
  Apedolepis tomlinsonaeTBN04
  Cosmopolitodus hastalisLB10
  Anareodus Long & Young 1995HL99
    `--*A. statei Long & Young 1995HL99
  Protacrodontidae [Protacrodontoidea]CDZ93
    |--Protacrodus vetustus Jaekel 1921CDZ93
    `--Holmesella Gunnell 1931CDZ93, H62
         `--H. equilaterata Gunnell 1933CDZ93
  Desmiodontidae [Desmiodontida, Desmiodontiformes]CDZ93
    |--Desmiodus tumidus St John & Worthen 1875CDZ93
    `--Heteropetalus elegantulus Lund 1977CDZ93
  Coronodontidae [Coronodontida, Coronodontiformes]CDZ93
    |--Coronodus reimanni Bryant 1923CDZ93
    |--Diademodus Harris 1951AL99
    |    `--*D. hydei Harris 1950W85
    `--Siamodus Long 1990AL99
  Orodontidae [Orodontiformes]CDZ93
    |--Orodus ‘corrugatus’ Romer 1942 non Newberry & Worthen 1870CDZ93
    `--Hercynolepis meischneri Gross 1973CDZ93
  Squatinactis [Squatinactidae, Squatinactiformes]CDZ93
    `--S. caudispinatus Lund & Zangerl 1974CDZ93
  Plesioselachus Anderson, Long et al. 1999AL99
    `--*P. macracanthus Anderson, Long et al. 1999AL99
  Goodrichthys eskdalensisD93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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