Specimen belonging to the Australeuma mauriesi group, from Tasmanian Multipedes.

Belongs within: Eugnatha.
Contains: Neoatractosomatoidea, Anthroleucosomatidae, Cleidogonoidea, Diplomaragnidae, Conotylidae, Megalotylidae, Metopidiotrichinae.

The Chordeumatida are a group of relatively short, bristly millipedes.

Characters (from Hoffman 1990): Body with 26–30 segments in adults; ocelli usually present; gnathochilarium with short basal mentum and elongate lingual lamellae; ozopores absent; metaterga with well-defined median longitudinal suture; sterna not firmly attached to adjoining sternites but more or less flexibly articulated by connective tissue; males with coxal sacs in ninth and tenth pairs of legs only; gonopods composed of both pairs of legs of seventh segment.

<==Chordeumatida [Chordeumida]
    |  i. s.: NeoatractosomatoideaM03
    |         AnthroleucosomatidaeM03
    |         Nanogona Cook 1895H00
    |         Urochordeuma [Urochordeumatidae]H90
    |    |  i. s.: ChordeumatidaeM03
    |    |           |--Chordeumella broelemanni (Verhoeff 1897)M03
    |    |           `--Chordeuma silvestre [incl. Craspedosoma nemasomoides, Cr. polydesmoides]B82
    |    `--CleidogonoideaH90
    |    |--Caseyidae [Caseyoidea]S03b
    |    |    |--CaseyaH90
    |    |    |--OpionaH90
    |    |    |--PlacernaH90
    |    |    |--VasingtonaH90
    |    |    `--ZantonaH90
    |    `--StriarioideaS03b
    |         |--Apterourus Loomis 1966 [Apterouridae]S03b
    |         |    |--*A. horizontalis Loomis 1966S03b
    |         |    `--A. serratus Shear 2003S03b
    |         `--+--RhiscosomidesH90 [RhiscosomididaeS03b]
    |            `--StriariidaeS03b
    |                 |--VaferiaH90
    |                 `--SpeostriariaH90
    |  `--Heterochordeumatoidea [Heterochordeumatidea]S03b
    |       |--HeterochordeumatidaeS02a
    |       |--Adrityla [Adritylidae]H90
    |       |--ConotylidaeH90
    |       |--MegalotylidaeS02b
    |       `--Metopidiotrichidae [Metopidiothricidae]S02a
    |            |--Schedotrigona Silvestri 1903 [Schedotrigonidae, Schedotrigoninae]S02a
    |            |--MetopidiotrichinaeS02a
    |            `--Neocambrisomatinae [Neocambrisomatidae]S02a
    |                 |--Neocambrisoma Mauriès 1987S02a
    |                 |--Nesiothrix Shear & Mesibov 1997S02a
    |                 |--Nipponothrix Shear & Tanabe 1994S02a
    |                 `--Australeuma Golovatch 1987S02a
    |                      `--A. mauriesi Shear & Mesibov 1997S02a
    |    |  i. s.: Craspedosoma [Craspedosomatidae, Craspedosomidae]MG00
    |    |           |--C. affine Koch & Berendt 1854RB93
    |    |           |--C. angulatum Koch & Berendt 1854RB93
    |    |           |--C. armatum (Gerstfeldt 1859) (n. d.) [=Julus armatus]MG00
    |    |           |--C. cylindricum Stuxberg 1876 (n. d.)MG00
    |    |           `--C. simileA99
    |    `--MastigophorophylloideaM03
    |         |--MastigophorophyllidaeM03
    |         |--HoffmaneumatidaeM03
    |         `--AltajellidaeMG00
    |              |--Elongeuma Golovatch 1982MG00
    |              |--Altajella Gulička 1972MG00
    |              |    `--*A. pallida Gulička 1972MG00
    |              `--Teleckophoron Gulička 1972MG00
    |                   `--*T. montanum Gulička 1972MG00
    `--Brannerioidea [Craspedosmatidea]SL03
         |--Niponiosoma [Niponiosomatidae]SH98
         |--Microlympia Shear & Leonard 2003 [Microlympiidae]SL03
         |    `--*M. echina Shear & Leonard 2003SL03
         |--Branneria Bollman 1893 [Branneriidae]S03a
         |    |--*B. carinata (Bollman 1888) [=Craspedosoma carinata]S03a
         |    `--B. bonoculus Shear 2003S03a
         |    |--Tingupa Chamberlin 1910SL03
         |    |    `--T. pallidaSH98
         |    |--Buotus Chamberlin 1940SL03
         |    |    `--B. carolinusSH98
         |    `--Blancosoma Shear & Hubbard 1998SL03
         |         `--*B. scaturgo Shear & Hubbard 1998SH98
              |    |--K. nepalensisS02b
              |    |--K. nielseniS02b
              |    `--K. schawallariS02b
              `--Vieteuma Golovatch 1984S02b
                   |--*V. topaliS02b
                   |--V. hubeiensis Mauriés & Nguyen-Duy Jaquemin 1997S02b
                   `--V. longi Shear 2002S02b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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