Green chromis Chromis viridis, copyright Klaus Stiefel.

Belongs within: Chrominae.

Chromis is a pantropical genus of damselfishes commonly possessing an elongate body and relatively small mouth (Allen 1975).

Characters (from Allen 1975): Dorsal spines XII to XIV; two to three spiniform procurrent caudal rays; hind edge of preopercle usually entire, occasionally with minute serrations; teeth of jaws small and conical, outer row of enlarged teeth and irregular band of villiform teeth behind; edge of suborbital entire or hidden by scales; scale rows in longitudinal series from upper edge of operculum to base of caudal fin less than 30.

Chromis Cuvier 1814AE09 (see below for synonymy)
|--C. viridis (Cuvier 1830)TMH04, MM09 [=Pomacentrus viridisS60]
`--+--C. analis (Cuvier 1830)TMH04, A01 [=Heliases analisS60, Dorychromis analisM58]
`--+--C. fumea (Tanaka 1917)TMH04, MM09
`--Azurina hirundoTMH04

Chromis incertae sedis:
0--*C. chromis (Linnaeus 1758)S60, DS06 [=Sparus chromisPEG08]
`--C. limbata (Valenciennes 1833)DS06
C. abyssicola Allen & Randall 1985A01
C. abyssus Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008PEG08
C. acares Randall & Swerdloff 1973A01
C. agilis Smith 1960S60
C. alleni Randall, Ida & Moyer 1981A01
C. alpha Randall 1988A01
C. amboinensis (Bleeker 1873)A75 (see below for synonymy)
C. atripectoralis Welander & Schultz 1951MM09
C. atripes Fowler & Bean 1928MM09
C. axillaris (Bennett 1831) [=Heliastes axillaris]S60
C. brevirostris Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008PEG08
‘Lepidochromis’ brunneus Smith 1960S60
C. caudalis Randall 1988A01
C. caerulea (Cuvier 1830)A75 (see below for synonymy)
C. chrysura (Bliss 1883)A01 (see below for synonymy)
C. cinctus (Playfair 1867) [=Heliastes cinctus]S60
C. cinerascens (Cuvier 1830)A01 [=Heliases cinerascensS60]
C. circumaurea Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008PEG08
C. degruyi Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008PEG08
C. delta Randall 1988A01
C. dimidiata (Klunzinger 1871)A01 [=Heliastes dimidiatusM58]
C. earina Pyle, Earle & Greene 2008PEG08
C. elerae Fowler & Bean 1928A01
C. flavicauda (Günther 1880)PEG08
C. flavipectoralis Randall 1989A01
C. flavomaculata Kamohara 1960A01
C. hanui Randall & Swerdloff 1973A75
C. hypsilepis (Günther 1867) [=Heliastes hypsilepis]A75
*Heliases’ insolatusM28
C. kennensis Whitley 1964A75
C. klunzingeri Whitley 1929A01
C. lepidolepis Bleeker 1877A01 [=*Lepidochromis lepidolepisS60]
C. leucura Gilbert 1905 [=C. leucurus]A75
C. lineata Fowler & Bean 1928 [=C. lineatus]A75
C. margaritifer Fowler 1946 [=C. dimidiatus margaritifer]A75
C. mirationis Tanaka 1917 [incl. C. megalopsis Allen 1976]PEG08
C. nigroanalis Randall 1988PEG08
C. nigrura Smith 1960A01
C. nitida (Whitley 1928) [=Tetradrachmum nitidum]A75
C. okamurai Yamakawa & Randall 1989PEG08
C. onumai Senou & Kudo 2007PEG08
C. opercularis (Günther in Playfair & Günther 1867)PEG08 [=Heliastes opercularisS60]
C. ovalis (Steindachner 1900) [=Heliastes ovalis; incl. C. velox Jenkins 1901]A75
C. ovatiformis Fowler 1946PEG08
C. pembae Smith 1960S60
C. planesi Lecchini & Williams 2004PEG08
*Furcaria’ punctamultilineatusM28
*Ayresia’ punctipinnisM28
C. randalli Greenfield & Hensley 1970A75
C. retrofasciata Weber 1913 [=C. retrofasciatus]A75
C. savornini Arambourg 1927P93
C. scotochiloptera Fowler 1918A01
C. simulans Smith 1960S60
C. struhsakeri Randall & Swerdloff 1973PEG08
C. ternatensis (Bleeker 1856)S60 [=Heliases ternatensisA75; incl. C. philippinus Fowler 1918M28]
C. vanderbilti Fowler 1941 [=Pycnochromis vanderbilti]A75
C. verater Jordan & Metz 1912A75
C. weberi Fowler & Bean 1928MM09
C. westaustralis Allen 1976A01
C. woodsi Bruner & Arnam 1979PEG08
C. xanthochir (Bleeker 1851) [=Heliases xanthochir]A75
C. xanthurus (Bleeker 1854) [=Heliases xanthurus]M28

Chromis Cuvier 1814AE09 [incl. Actinochromis Bleeker 1877S60, Ayresia Cooper 1863M28, Dorychromis Fowler & Bean 1928A75, Furcaria Poey 1860M28, Heliases Cuvier 1830S60, HeliastesM28, Hoplochromis Fowler 1918S60, Lepicephalochromis Fowler 1943A75, Lepidochromis Fowler & Bean 1928S60, Pycnochromis Fowler 1941A75, Thrissochromis Fowler 1941A75]

Chromis amboinensis (Bleeker 1873)A75 [=Heliases amboinensisA75; incl. Glyphidodon bimaculatus Macleay 1883A75, Abudefduf bimaculatusM58, Chromis fragoris Whitley 1964A75]

Chromis caerulea (Cuvier 1830)A75 [=Heliases caeruleusS60, Hoplochromis caeruleusM58; incl. Glyphisodon bandanensis Bleeker 1851M28, Dascyllus cyanurus Ruppell 1835S60, He. frenatus Sauvage 1891S60, He. lepisurus Cuvier & Valenciennes 1830M58, Chromis lepisurusS60, C. lepidurus (l. c.)S60, Heliases lepidurus (l. c.)S60]

Chromis chrysura (Bliss 1883)A01 [=Heliastes chrysurusS60; incl. Chromis isharae Schmidt 1930A75, Siphonochromis lepidostethicus Fowler 1946A75, Lepicephalochromis westalli Whitley 1964A75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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