Agelia petelii on Grewia lutea, copyright Alexey Yakovlev.

Belongs within: Buprestidae.

The Chrysochroinae are a group of jewel beetles whose antennae have pores distributed over both surfaces of the segments rather than being concentrated into a ventral depression. The scutellum is tiny or absent. In members of the tribe Epistomentini, the fronto-clypeus is reduced or excised between the antennal insertions, exposing part of the membranous ante-clypeus.

    |--Vadonaxia Descarpentries 1969 [Vadonaxiini]B85
    |--Mendizabalia Cobos 1957 [Mendizabalini]B85
    |--Cinyrini [Paraleptodemini]B85
    |    |--Euleptodema Obenberger 1928B85
    |    `--Cinyra Laporte & Gory 1837 [=Cynira (l. c.); incl. Paraleptodema Obenberger 1936]B85
    |         `--C. spilota (Hope 1846) [=Cisseis spilota]M86
    |    |--Cyrioxus Hoscheck 1925B85
    |    |--Araucariana Levey 1978B85
    |    |--Epistomentis Solier 1850B85
    |    |    `--E. pictusG08
    |    |--Diadoxus Saunders 1868B85, G08
    |    |    |--*D. regius Peterson 1991 (see below for synonymy)P91
    |    |    |--D. erythrurus (White 1846)G08 [=Stigmodera erythruraM86; incl. Anthaxia pistacinaM86]
    |    |    `--D. jungi Blackburn 1899G08
    |    `--Cyria Solier 1833 [incl. Cyrioides Carter 1920, Xenocyria Obenberger 1947]B85
    |         |--C. australisC08 [=Buprestis australisB35; incl. C. gagatesC08]
    |         |--C. cincta Carter 1908C08
    |         |--C. elateroides Saund. 1872M86
    |         |--C. imperialisC08 [=Buprestis imperialisB35]
    |         `--C. vittigeraC08
    `--Chrysochroini [Catoxanthini]G08
         |--Semenoviella Obenberger 1924B85
         |--Chrysaspina Thery 1930 [incl. Chrysaspis Kerremans 1893 (preoc.)]B85
         |--Pygichaeta Obenberger 1920B85
         |--Asamia Thery 1909B85
         |--Philocteanus Deyrolle 1864B85
         |--Kolleria Thery 1925B85
         |--Epidelus Deyrolle 1864B85
         |--Epidelomorphus Thery 1925B85
         |--Szentendreya Holynski 1980B85
         |--Chrysopistus Thery 1922B85
         |--‘Callopistus’ Deyrolle 1864 non Say 1831B85
         |--Pseudocallopistus Obenberger 1942B85
         |--Cyalithus Thomson 1878 [incl. Aprosopus Deyrolle 1864]B85
         |--Cyalithoides Fisher 1922B85
         |--Mrazia Obenberger 1928B85
         |--Demochroa White 1859B85
         |    `--D. lacordairiG08
         |--Micropistus Thery 1922B85
         |    `--M. microcephalusG08
         |--Steraspis Solier 1833 [incl. Phalantha Gistel 1834]B85
         |    |--S. ambiguaG08
         |    `--S. squamosa [=Buprestis squamosa]G89
         |--Megaloxantha Kerremans 1902B85
         |    |--M. bicolor (Fabricius 1775)B14
         |    |    |--M. b. bicolorB14
         |    |    |--M. b. ohtaniiB14
         |    |    `--M. b. ryoiB14
         |    |--M. concolorB14
         |    |--M. giganteaB14
         |    `--M. netscheriB14
         |--Catoxantha Solier 1833B14, B85 [incl. EuchlorisB85, Pyranthe Gistel 1834B85]
         |    |--C. bonvouloiriiB14
         |    |--C. eburneaB14
         |    |--C. nagaiiB14
         |    |--C. opulenta (Gory 1832)B14
         |    |    |--C. o. opulentaB14
         |    |    `--C. o. borneensisB14
         |    |--C. pierreiB14
         |    `--C. purpureaB14
         |--Chrysochroa Solier 1833G08, B85
         |    |--C. buqueti (Gory 1833)B14
         |    |    |--C. b. buquetiB14
         |    |    |--C. b. kerremansiB14
         |    |    |--C. b. rugicollisB14
         |    |    |--C. b. suturalisB14
         |    |    `--C. b. trimaculataB14
         |    |--C. castelnaudiB14
         |    |--C. fulminansG08
         |    `--C. toulgoetiG08
         `--Agelia Laporte & Gory 1835B85
              |--A. burmensisB14
              |--A. chalybeaB14
              |--A. fasciataB14
              |--A. limbataB14
              |--A. lordiB14
              |--A. obtusicollisB14
              |--A. pectinicornisB14
              |--A. petelii (Gory 1840)B14
              `--A. theryiB14
Chrysochroinae incertae sedis:
  Cyriodes Carter 1920G08
    |--C. australis (Boisduval 1835)G08
    |--C. cincta (Carter 1908)G08
    |--C. elateroides (Saunders 1872)G08
    |--C. imperialis (Fabricius 1801)G08
    |--C. sexspilota Carter 1920G09
    |--C. tridens (Blackburn 1892)G08
    `--C. vittigera (L. & G. 1835)G08
  Calopistus castelnauiG08
  Afrochroa lepidaG08
  Chrycestes tripunctataG08

*Diadoxus regius Peterson 1991 [=Buprestis scalaris Gory & Laporte 1838 non Boisduval 1835, D. scalaris; incl. D. scalaris var. blackburni Obenberger 1923 (nom. inv.), Anthaxia erichsoni Saunders 1868 (nom. inv.)]P91

*Type species of generic name indicated


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