Alona affinis, copyright Päule.

Belongs within: Anomopoda.

The Chydoridae are a group of benthic cladocerans with setae on the endite of the second trunk limb modified for scraping algae.

|  i. s.: Rak obtusus P05
|–Chydorinae CC02
|    |–Dunhevedia crassa King 1853 CC02
|    `–Chydorus CC02
|         |–C. globosus D01
|         |–C. sphaericus (Muller 1776) CC02
|         `–C. ventricosus Daday 1898 CC02
`–Aloninae CC02
|–Leydigia acanthocercoides (Fischer 1854) CC02
|–Kurzia latissima (Kurz 1875) CC02
|–Euryalona orientalis (Daday 1898) CC02
|–Oxyurella CC02
|    |–O. singalensis (Daday 1898) CC02
|    `–O. tenuicaudis (Sars 1862) CC02
`–Alona CC02
|–A. acanthocercoides D01
|–A. affinis D01
|–A. bessei D86
|–A. costata D01
|–A. davidi Richard 1895 CC02
|    |–A. d. davidi CC02
|    `–A. d. punctata (Daday 1898) CC02
|–A. guttata D86
|–A. lineata D01
|–A. phreatica D86
|–A. protzi D86
|–A. pulchella King 1853 CC02
|–A. quadrangularis D01
|–A. rostrata D01
|–A. smirnovi D86
|–A. tenuicaudis D01
`–A. testudinaria D01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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