Lower jaw of Cimexomys, from Palaeos.

Belongs within: Multituberculata.
Contains: Ptilodontoidea, Djadochtatherioidea.

The Cimolodonta are a group of multituberculate mammals known from the Early Cretaceous to the Eocene, including all multituberculates to survive the end of the Cretaceous (Kielan-Jaworowska & Hurum 2001).

Characters (from Kielan-Jaworowska & Hurum 2001): Enamel prismatic; dental formula 2.0.1–4.2/1.0.1–2.2; I1 absent, I2 single- or two-cusped, I3 small, single-cusped; p1 and p2 absent, p3, if present, peg-like, non-functional; p4 primitively arcuate with oblique ridges, single or no posterobuccal cusp present.

<==Cimolodonta [Boffiini]
    |--Barbatodon Râdulescu & Samson 1986K-JH01
    |--Dakotamys Eaton 1995K-JH01
    |    `--D. malcolmiK-JH01
    |--Bryceomys Eaton 1995K-JH01
    |    `--B. fumosusK-JH01
    |--Paracimexomys Archibald 1982K-JH01
    |    |--P. crossiK-JH01
    |    `--P. robinsoniK-JH01
    |--Cimexomys Sloan & van Valen 1965K-JH01
    |    |--C. antiquusD07
    |    |--C. gratusD07
    |    |--C. gregoryiD07
    |    |--C. hausoiD07
    |    |--C. judithaeK-JH01
    |    |--C. magnusD07
    |    `--C. minorD07
    `--+--Boffius Vianey-Liaud 1979 [Boffiidae]K-JH01
            |    |--Meniscoessus Cope 1882K-JH01
            |    |--Cimolomys Marsh 1889K-JH01
            |    |--Essonodon Simpson 1927K-JH01
            |    `--Buginbaatar Kielan-Jaworowska & Sochava 1969 [Buginbaatarinae]K-JH01
            |         `--B. transaltaiensis Kielan-Jaworowska & Sochava 1969K-JH97
               |    |--Hainina Vianey-Liaud 1979K-JH01
               |    `--Kogaionon Râdulescu & Samson 1996K-JH01
               |    |--Eucosmodon Matthew & Granger 1921K-JH01
               |    |--Stygimys Sloan & van Valen 1965K-JH01
               |    `--Clemensodon Krause 1992K-JH01
               |    |--Microcosmodon Jepsen 1930K-JH01
               |    |--Pentacosmodon Jepsen 1940K-JH01
               |    `--Acheronodon Archibald 1982K-JH01
               |         `--A. garbaniK-JDT87
                    |--Prionessus Matthew & Granger 1925K-JH01
                    |    `--P. luciferSM71
                    |--Sphenopsalis Matthew, Granger & Simpson 1928K-JH01
                    |    `--*S. nobilis Matthew, Granger & Simpson 1928SM71
                    |--Lambdopsalis Chow & Qi 1978K-JH01
                    |    `--L. bullaK-JH97
                    |--Catopsalis Cope 1882K-JH01
                    |    `--C. joyneriK-JH01
                    `--Taeniolabis Cope 1882K-JH01
                         |--T. lambertiD07
                         |--T. sulcatusD07
                         `--T. taoensisK-JH97

*Type species of generic name indicated


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