Bush pentas Rondeletia leucophylla, from here.

Belongs within: Rubiaceae.
Contains: Naucleeae.

The Cinchonoideae as recognised here is a clade primarily supported by molecular analyses. Members of the clade have imbricate aestivation, are mostly woody, and many contain complex indole alkaloids (Bremer et al. 1999).

<==Cinchonoideae [Antirrheoideae]
    |  i. s.: Hillia [Hillioideae]T00
    |           |--H. parasiticaJ87
    |           |--H. trifloraBM00
    |           |    |--H. t. var. trifloraN02
    |           |    `--H. t. var. pittieriN02
    |           `--H. valerisBM00
    |         Deppea grandifloraBM00, BJ99
    |         SteenisiaBM00
    |         Portlandia platanthaSK02
    |    |--C. calisayaMS98
    |    |--C. ocnglomerataH97
    |    |--C. ledgerianaW92
    |    |--C. pubescensRB01
    |    |--C. succirubraB96
    |    |--C. villosaH97
    |    `--C. viridifoliaH97
       |  |  `--HymenodictyoneaeRB01
       |  |       |--Paracorynanthe antakaranaRB01
       |  |       `--HymenodictyonRB01
       |  |            |--H. decaryiRB01
       |  |            |--H. flaccidumRB01
       |  |            |--H. floribundumRB01
       |  |            `--H. parvifoliumRB01
       |  `--+--Strumpfia maritimaBJ99
       |     |--Catesbaea [Catesbaeeae]B96
       |     |    |--C. ekmanianaJ87
       |     |    `--C. spinosaBJ99
       |     `--ChiococceaeB96
       |          |  i. s.: Hintonia latifloraB96
       |          |--+--Chiococca albaBJ99
       |          |  `--Erithalis fruticosaBJ99
       |          `--ExostemaRB01
       |               |--E. caribaeumBJ99
       |               |--E. lineatumRB01
       |               `--E. picardaeJ87
          |    |--Rogiera suffrutescensB96, BJ99
          |    `--RondeletiaRB01
          |         |--R. amoenaSK02
          |         |--R. carneaJ87
          |         |--R. christii [incl. R. selleana]J87
          |         |--R. domatiataJ87
          |         |--R. formoniaJ87
          |         |--R. leucophyllaRB01
          |         `--R. odorataBJ99
             |    |--HoffmanniaB96
             |    |    |--H. ghiesbreghtiiB96
             |    |    `--H. refulgensB96
             |    `--HameliaB96
             |         |--H. cupreaBM00
             |         |--H. erectaBT87
             |         |--H. papillosaBM00
             |         |--H. patensJ87
             |         `--H. ventricosaJ87
                  |    |--A. acutataSK02
                  |    |--A. lucidaBJ99
                  |    `--A. obtusifoliaSWK87
                       |--G. ovalifoliaJ87
                       |--G. pungensJ87
                       |--G. speciosaP88
                       |--G. torbecianaJ87
                       `--G. uruquensisBJ99

*Type species of generic name indicated


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