Cingula katherinae, copyright Yolanda Villacampa.

Belongs within: Rissooidea.

Cingula is a genus of minute marine gastropods with a conical shell found in the North Pacific and North Atlantic (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell minute, white or horny; conical, pointed, many-whorled; smooth or cancellated; aperture rounded; peristome entire, continuous; outer lip slightly expanded and thickened; operculum sub-spiral.

<==Cingula Fleming 1818 [Cingulinae] BR05
|–*C. (Cingula) cingillus (Montagu 1803) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
`–C. (Nodulus Monterosato 1878) O27
|–C. (N.) asser Bartsch 1919 O27
|–C. (N.) cerinella (Dall 1886) [=Onoba cerinella] O27
|–C. (N.) kelseyi (Bartsch 1919) [=Nodulus kelseyi] O27
|–C. (N.) kyskensis Bartsch 1911 O27
`–C. (N.) palmeri Dall 1919 O27

Cingula incertae sedis:
C. alaskana Bartsch 1912 O27
C. aleutica Dall 1886 O27
C. arenaria Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
C. californica Tryon 1865 O27
C. carinata Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
C. interrupta CS77
C. katherinae Bartsch 1912 O27
C. latior Mighels & Adams 1842 J49
C. martyni Dall 1886 [=C. robusta martyni] O27
|–C. m. martyni O27
`–C. m. scipio Dall 1886 [=C. robusta scipio] O27
C. minuta C64
C. montereyensis Bartsch 1912 O27
C. orvieta Dall 1919 O27

Nomen nudum: Cingula candida Mighels 1841 J49

*Cingula (Cingula) cingillus (Montagu 1803) BR17 [=Turbo cingillus BR17, Rissoa cingillus O27; incl. R. cingillus var. ruprestris J79]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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