Eatoniella kerguelenensis, from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

Belongs within: Littorinina.
Contains: Eatoniella (Dardanula).

The Cingulopsoidea are a group of minute marine molluscs with a simple conical shell bearing an inner organic layer and an operculum with a prominent peg.

    |–Rastodens Ponder 1966 [Rastodenidae, Rastodentidae] BR05
    |    `–*R. puerilis Ponder 1966 BR17
    |–Cingulopsidae [Cingulopsinae, Cingulopsoidei, Coriandriidae] BR05
    |    |–Cingulopsis Fretter & Patil 1958 BR05
    |    |    `–*C. fulgidus (Adams 1797) [=Helix fulgidus] BR17
    |    |–Microsetia Monterosato 1884 [=Coriandria Tomlin 1917] BR17
    |    |    `–*M. cossurae (Calcara 1841) [=Rissoa cossurae, *Coriandria cossurae] BR17
    |    |–Eatoniopsis Thiele 1912 [Eatoniopsinae] BR05
    |    |    |–*E. paludinoides (Smith 1902) [=Eatoniella paludinoides] BR17
    |    |    `–E. ainsworthi Hedley 1916 P61
    |    `–Eatonina Thiele 1912 [Eatoninidae] BR05
    |         |–*E. pusilla (Thiele 1912) [=Eatonina pusilla] BR17
    |         |–E. (Saginofusca) atacamae Marincovich 1973 BC01
    |         |–E. atomaria HS01
    |         |–E. martae Rolán & Templado 1993 BC01
    |         |–E. micans HS01
    |         `–E. (Otatatara) subflavescens Iredale 1913 TTE93
    `–Eatoniellidae BR17
         |–Eatoniella Dall 1876 BR05
         |    |  i. s.: E. albocolumella HS01
         |    |         E. latina Marincovich 1973 BC01
         |    |         E. limbata HS01
         |    |         E. notalabia HS01
         |    |         E. olivacea HS01
         |    |–*E. (Eatoniella) kerguelenensis (Smith 1875) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
         |    `–E. (Dardanula) TTE93
         `–Paludestrina d’Orbigny 1840 BR17, BR05 [=Paludestina (l. c.) PB27; Paludestrinidae, Paludestrininae]
              |–*P. nigra (d’Orbigny 1840) [=Paludina nigra, Eatoniella nigra] BR05
              |–P. alabastrina (Morelet 1889) [=Hydrobia alabastrina] PB27
              |–P. balfouri (Godwin-Austen 1883) [=Hydrobia balfouri] PB27
              |–P. brownii S01
              |–P. erythraea (v. Martens 1858) [=Hydrobia erythraea] PB27
              |–P. gabonensis (Morelet 1885) [=Hydrobia gabonensis] PB27
              |–P. jenkinsi S01
              |–P. legrandiana Brazier 1871 S01, P79 [=Bithynia legrandiana P79]
              |–P. nickliniana PB27
              |–P. protea PF15
              |–P. schweinfurthi (Jickeli 1874) [=Hydrobia schweinfurthi] PB27
              |–P. taylori Smith 1901 S01
              |–P. tristis (Morelet 1889) [=Hydrobia tristis] PB27
              `–P. zwellendamensis (Küster 1852) [=Paludina zwellendamensis] PB27

*Eatoniella (Eatoniella) kerguelenensis (Smith 1875) BR17 [=Eatonia kerguelenensis BR17, Rissoa kerguelenensis P61]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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