Schematic drawings of Loculitheca kunka, from Kruse (2002).

Belongs within: Hyolitha.

The Circothecida are a group of hyoliths in which the dorsum and venter are undifferentiated or weakly differentiated (Kruse 2002).

    |  i. s.: Conotheca Missarzhevksy in Rozanov et al. 1969D94, KB09
    |           |--C. australiensis Bengtson in Bengtson et al. 1990K02
    |           |--C. circumflexa Missarzhevksy in Rozanov et al. 1969KB09
    |           `--C. laurentiensis Landing & Bartowski 1996CA06
    |--Spinulitheca Syssoiev 1968D78 [Extentithecidae, SpinulithecidaeK02]
    |    |--S. billingsi (Sysoiev 1962)D94
    |    `--S. kuteinikovi (Missarzhevsky 1969)W93
    |    |--Loculitheca Sysoyev 1968K02
    |    |    |--*L. anulata (Sysoyev 1959) [=Circotheca anulata]K02
    |    |    `--L. kunka Kruse 2002K02
    |    `--Turcutheca Missarzhevsky 1969D78
    |         |--T. bitubaK02
    |         |--T. cotuiensis (Sysoiev 1959)W93
    |         |--T. crasseocochlia Syssoiev 1962D94
    |         `--T. cylindricaK02
         |--Crossbitheca Missarzhevsky 1974W93, D78
         |    `--C. arcuaria Missarzhevsky 1974W93
         |--Laratheca Missarzhevsky 1969W93, D78
         |    `--L. nana Missarzhevsky 1969W93
         |--Guduguwan Kruse 1990K02
         |    `--*G. hardmani (Etheridge in Foord 1890) [=Salterella hardmani, Biconulites hardmani]K02
         |--Larawa [Larawidae]K02
         |    `--L. djanin Kruse 1990K02
         `--Circotheca Syssoiev 1958F62
              |--*C. stylus (Holm 1893) [=Hyolithus stylus, Orthotheca stylus]MB-M99
              |--C. kuteinikovi Missarzhevsky 1969W93
              `--C. longiconica Qian 1978W93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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