Cladopyxis claytonii, photographed by Malin Mohlin.

Belongs within: Peridiniales.
Contains: Broomeoideae.

The Cladopyxiineae are a group of dinoflagellates known from the latest Triassic to the present day, characterised by a partiform hyposome with the posterior sulcal homologue consistently within the sulcus.

Characters (from Fensome et al. 1993): Tabulation partiform: first antapical homologue (Y) contacting distalmost postcingular plate (VI); posterior sulcal homologue (Z) within the sulcus, extending further to anterior than posterior intercalary homologue (X), contacting first postcingular homologue (Iu); left and right sulcal plates (Ii, Im) small. Six postcingular plates (Iu, II-VI) present; usually six cingular plates (au, b-e, fi) plus right sulcal homologue (fu); five to eight precingular plates; four to nine climactal plates.

| i. s.: Rhiptocorys Lejeune-Carpentier & Sarjeant 1983FT93
| `--‘Microdinium’ veligerum (Deflandre) Davey 1969EB93
|--Scriniocassiaceae [Scriniocassiinae]FT93
| |--Parascriniocassis Below 1990FT93
| `--Scriniocassis Gocht 1964 [incl. Eyachia Gocht 1979]FT93
| |--S. prisca (Gocht 1979) Below 1990 [=Eyachia prisca]FT93
| `--S. weberi Gocht 1964EB93
|--Lotharingiaceae [Lotharingieae, Lotharingiinae]FT93
| |--Saxodinium Below 1990FT93
| `--Lotharingia Below 1990FT93
| `--*L. maubeugei Below 1990FT93
| |--Luehndea Morgenroth 1970 [Luehndeae, Luehndeoideae, Luehndinae]FT93
| | `--L. spinosa Morgenroth 1970FT93
| `--Mancodinioideae [Maturodiniinae]FT93
| |--Mancodinium Morgenroth 1970FT93
| |--Rosswangia Wille & Gocht 1985FT93
| |--Maturodinium Morgenroth 1970FT93
| | `--M. inornatum Morgenroth 1970FT93
| `--Dinaurelia Wille & Gocht 1985FT93
| `--D. pyrgos Wille & Gocht 1985FT93
|--Pareodiniaceae [Broomeaceae, Netrelytraceae, Pareodinidae]FT93
| | i. s.: Cornudinium Pocock 1972FT93
| | Tabulodinium Dodekova 1990FT93
| | Pluriarvalium Sarjeant 1962FT93
| |--BroomeoideaeFT93
| `--Pareodinioideae [Pareodinieae, Pareodiniinae]FT93
| |--Gochteodinia Norris 1978FT93
| |--Imbatodinium Vozzhenikova 1967FT93
| |--Arkellea Below 1990FT93
| |--Gresslyodinium Below 1990FT93
| |--Protobatioladinium Nøhr-Hansen 1986FT93
| |--Lacrymodinium Albert et al. 1986FT93
| | `--*L. warrenii Albert et al. 1986FT93
| |--Paragonyaulacysta Johnson & Hills 1973FT93
| | |--*P. calloviensis Johnson & Hills 1973FT93
| | `--P. capillosa (Brideaux & Fisher) Stover & Evitt 1978EB93
| `--Pareodinia Deflandre 1947FT93
| |--P. ceratophora Deflandre 1947FT93
| `--P. psilata Jaine & Millepied 1975EB93
`--Cladopyxiaceae (see below for synonymy)FT93
|--Beyrichodinium Below 1990FT93
|--Freboldinium Below 1990FT93
|--Histiocysta Davey 1969FT93
|--‘Hyalosphaera’ Prauss 1989 non Stevens 1917 (ICBN)FT93
|--Subtilidinium Morgenroth 1968FT93
|--Walvisia Miles 1990FT93
|--Wervekodinium Below 1990FT93
|--Fibradinium Morgenroth 1968FT93
| `--F. variculum Stover & Helby 1987EB93
|--Glyphanodinium Drugg 1964FT93
| `--G. facetum Drugg 1964EB93
|--Sinodinium Nie 1945FT93
| `--S. connectens Nie 1945S73
|--Acanthodinium Kofoid 1907FT93
| `--A. spinosum Kofoid 1907FT93
|--Palaeophalacroma Schiller 1928 [incl. Epiperidinium Gaarder 1954]FT93
| `--P. unicincta Schiller 1928 [incl. *Epiperidinium michaelsarsii Gaarder 1954]FT93
|--Mikrocysta Bjaerke 1980FT93
| `--M. erugata Bjaerke 1980FT93
|--Druggidium Habib 1973FT93
| |--D. apicopaucicum Habib 1973EB93
| `--D. deflandrei (Millioud 1969) Habib 1973FT93
|--Cladopyxidium McLean 1972FT93
| |--C. diatretiforme (Below) Lentin & Williams 1989 [=Phanerodinium diatretiforme Below 1987]EB93
| |--C. foliis (Below) Lentin & Williams 1989 [=Phanerodinium foliis Below 1987]EB93
| `--C. saeptum (Morgenroth) Stover & Evitt 1978EB93
|--Microdinium Cookson & Eisenack 1960FT93
| |--*M. ornatum Cookson & Eisenack 1960EB93
| |--M. carinatum (Below 1987) Lentin & Williams 1989FT93
| `--M. horridum (Below 1987) Lentin & Williams 1989FT93
`--Cladopyxis Stein 1883FT93
|--C. brachiolata Stein 1883FT93
|--C. caryophyllum (Kofoid 1907) Pavillard 1931FT93 [=Acanthodinium caryophyllumS73]
|--C. claytonii Holmes 1956S73
|--C. hemibrachiata Balech 1964FT93
`--C. quadrispina [=Micracanthodinium quadrispinum (Pavillard) Margalef 1969 (nom. inv.)]S73

Cladopyxiaceae [Cladopyxidaceae, Cladopyxidae, Cladopyxididae, Cladopyxieae, Cladopyxiinae, Cladopyxioideae, Freboldinieae, Freboldiniinae, Freboldinioideae, Microdiniaceae, Microdinidae, Mikrocysteae, Mikrocystinae, Sinodiniaceae, Sinodiniidae, Wervekodiniinae]FT93

*Type species of generic name indicated


[EB93] Edwards, D., J. G. Baldauf, P. R. Brown, K. J. Dorning, M. Feist, L. T. Gallagher, N. Grambast-Fessard, M. B. Hart, A. J. Powell & R. Riding. 1993. ‘Algae’. In: Benton, M. J. (ed.) The Fossil Record 2 pp. 15–40. Chapman & Hall: London.

[FT93] Fensome, R. A., F. J. R. Taylor, G. Norris, W. A. S. Sarjeant, D. I. Wharton & G. L. Williams. 1993. A classification of living and fossil dinoflagellates. Micropaleontology Special Publication 7: i–viii, 1–351.

[S73] Sournia, A. 1973. Catalogue des espèces et taxons infraspécifiques de Dinoflagellés marins actuels publiés depuis la révision de J. Schiller. I. Dinoflagellés libres. Beihefte zur Nova Hedwigia 48: 1–92.

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