Euscenium corynephorum, from

Belongs within: Archipilioidea.

The Clathromitrinae are a group of radiolarians known from the Triassic to the present (Afanasieva et al. 2005).

Characters (from Afanasieva et al. 2005): Dicyrtid with well-developed arcs of basal ring cd and dd, while collar constriction not noticeable. Eucephalic region of cephalis not delineated, cephalis large; thorax the same size as cephalis. Aperture open. Spine A running free in cavity of cephalis and represents columella, giving rise to processes a. Outside spines A, D, and L developing quite large horn and feet. Spines D and L directed obliquely down. In case of porous wall, pores having various shapes, arranged irregularly or forming longitudinal rows. Surface usually possessing spines, crests, in places spongy tissue.

    |--Archiscenium Haeckel 1881AA05
    |--Clathromitra Haeckel 1881AA05
    |--Corythomelissa Campbell 1951AA05
    |--Euscenarium Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Halicalyptra Haeckel 1881AA05
    |--Phaenocalpis Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Phaenoscenium Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Spongomelissa Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Tripocalpis Haeckel 1881AA05
    |--Tripodiscinus Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Tripodisculus Haeckel 1887AA05
    |--Tripophaenoscenium Campbell & Clark 1944AA05
    |--Vicillata Popofsky 1913AA05
    `--Euscenium Haeckel 1887AA05
         `--E. corynephorum Jørgensen 1900BC98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[AA05] Afanasieva, M. S., E. O. Amon, Y. V. Agarkov & D. S. Boltovskoy. 2005. Radiolarians in the geological record. Paleontological Journal 39 (Suppl. 3): S135–S392.

[BC98] Bjørklund, K. R., G. Cortese, N. Swanberg & H. J. Schrader. 1998. Radiolarian faunal provinces in surface sediments of the Greenland, Iceland and Norwegian (GIN) Seas. Marine Micropalaeontology 35: 105–140.

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