Heydenia pretiosa, from Entomology WSL.

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.
Contains: Cleonymus.

The Cleonymidae were originally established for pteromalid wasps with a large conical pronotum. Most species are parasites of beetle larvae in wood (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988, as Cleonyminae): Occipital carina indistinct; pronotum large and subconical, dorsally rounded or at least without transverse edge, medially often with smooth strip or raised longitudinal line; hind margin only moderately emarginate; thorax usually punctured; body without long sparse hairs; scutellum without sublateral grooves, without distinct frenal line or frenal bristles; propodeum without deep petiolar emargination.

<==Cleonymidae [Cleonymides, Cleonyminae, Cleonymini]H02
    |  `--DasycleonymusMH11
    `--Callocleonymus Masi 1940MH11, B88
         |--*C. pulcherB88
         |--C. ferrierei Kerrich 1957B88
         `--C. swezeyi (Yoshimoto & Ishii 1965) [=Ptinobius swezeyi]B88
Cleonymidae incertae sedis:
  Agrilocida ferrieriBM22
  Leptogasterites Hong 2002H02
    |--*L. brunneus Hong 2002H02
    `--L. furvus Hong 2002H02
  Amarisca Delucchi 1962B88
  Pannoniella Erdös 1960B88
  Notanisus Walker 1837B88 [incl. Bekiliella Risbec 1952D07]
    |--*N. versicolorB88
    |--N. cyanea (Risbec 1952) [=*Bekiliella cyanea]D07
    |--N. richteri (Girault 1922) [=Systolomorphella richteri; incl. S. dinotipennis Girault 1922]B88
    `--N. zebra Bouček 1988B88
  Zolotarewskya Risbec 1955 [incl. Pseudocleonymus Hedqvist 1967]B88
    |--*Z. seyrigiB88
    |--Z. shakespearei (Girault 1926) [=Systolomorphella shakespearei]B88
    `--*Pseudocleonymus’ spiniferB88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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