Aulicus dentipes, copyright Bufface.

Belongs within: Cleridae.

The Clerinae are a subfamily of checkered beetles with deeply emarginate eyes, fore coxal cavities open behind, and the fourth and third tarsomeres subequal in size. Members of the genera Priocera and Perilypus have the antennae serrate whereas they are more or less capitate in other genera. The terminal maxillary palpomere is trigonal in Opilo, Trichodes and Aulicus, but cylindrical in ThanasimusEnoclerus and Poecilochroa (Opitz 2002).

    |--Eunatalis titanaLB91
    |    |--T. fasciculatum Schreib. 1802 [incl. T. honestum]M86
    |    `--T. monstrosum Gorham 1876M86
    |--Priocera Kirby 1818O02
    |    |--*P. variegata Kirby 1818O02
    |    `--P. castaneaO02
    |--Perilypus Spinola 1841O02
    |    |--*P. carbonarius Spinola 1841O02
    |    `--P. ornaticollisO02
    |--Poecilochroa Chevrolat 1876 [incl. Placopterus Wolcott 1910, Ploeopterus (l. c.), Ploeoptervus (l. c.)]O02
    |    |--P. plumbea Gorham 1886 [=*Placopterus plumbeus]O02
    |    `--‘Placopterus’ thoracicusO02
    |    |--Z. australisB14
    |    |--Z. crassus (Newman 1840)B14
    |    |--Z. cribricollisB14
    |    |--Z. fulgens Chev. 1843M86
    |    |--Z. funestus Chev. 1874M86
    |    |--Z. obesus [incl. Z. obesulus]M86
    |    |--Z. scrobiculatusB14
    |    `--Z. sosius Chev. 1874M86
    |--Thanasimus Latreille 1806O02
    |    |--*T. formicarius (Linnaeus 1758)O02, B14 [=Attelabus formicariusO02, Clerus (Thanasimus) formicariusG20]
    |    |--T. accinctus Newm. 1842 [incl. T. medianus, T. viduus]M86
    |    |--T. acerbusM86
    |    |--T. confususM86
    |    |--T. cursorius Westw. 1852M86
    |    |--T. dubiusRD77
    |    |--T. eximius White 1840M86
    |    |--T. rufimanus Gorham 1876M86
    |    `--T. sculptus Macleay 1872M86
    |--Trichodes Herbst 1792O02
    |    |--*T. alvearius (Fabricius 1792) [=Clerus alvearius]O02
    |    |--T. apiarius (Linnaeus 1758)B14 [=Clerus apiariusL02]
    |    |--T. apivorusG00
    |    |--T. aulicusG00
    |    |--T. dregei Chevr. 1874G00
    |    |--T. lepidus [=Clerus lepidus]G00
    |    |--T. oregonensisO02
    |    |--T. ornatusO02
    |    |--T. tugelanus Gorham 1900G00
    |    `--T. zaharae Chevr. 1874G00
    |--Enoclerus Gahan 1910O02
    |    |--*E. sexguttatus (Fabricius 1775) [=Clerus sexguttatus]O02
    |    |--E. abdominalisO02
    |    |--E. barriO02
    |    |--E. ichneumoneus (Fabricius 1776)B14
    |    |--E. leconteiO02
    |    |--E. lunatusO02
    |    |--E. muttkowskiB14
    |    |--E. opifexO02
    |    |--E. rosmarusO02
    |    `--E. sphegeusO02
    |    |--*O. mollis (Fabricius 1794)O02 [=Notoxus mollisO02, Clerus (Opilio) mollisG20]
    |    |--O. apicalis White 1849M86
    |    |--O. congruus Newm. 1842 [incl. O. femoralis]M86
    |    |--O. eburneocinctus Gorham 1878M86
    |    |--O. ephippigerM86
    |    |--O. ephippiumM86
    |    |--O. incertus Macleay 1872M86
    |    |--O. moerensM86
    |    |--O. nodicollis [=Clerus nodicollis]G01
    |    |--O. pascoei Gorham 1876M86
    |    `--O. sexnotatus [incl. O. pulcher]M86
    |--Clerus Geoffroy 1762RS15
    |    |--C. apicalis Macleay 1872M86
    |    |--C. australisB35
    |    |--C. crassusM86
    |    |--C. cruciatusM86
    |    |--C. delicatulus Bohem. 1858M86
    |    |--C. fasciculatusB35
    |    |--C. guttulus White 1849M86
    |    |--C. mastersi Macleay 1872M86
    |    |--C. mutillarius Fabricius 1775B14 [=Tillus mutillariusL02]
    |    |    |--C. m. mutillariusB14
    |    |    `--C. m. africanusB14
    |    |--C. sepulcralis Westw. 1882M86
    |    `--C. ventralis Westw. 1852M86
    `--Aulicus Spinola 1841 [incl. Serriger Spinola 1841, Xenoclerus Schenkling 1902]O02
         |--*A. nero Spinola 1844O02
         |--A. affinis Gorham 1876M86
         |--A. albofasciatus Gorham 1876M86
         |--A. antennatusO02
         |--A. chrysurus Chev. 1874M86
         |--A. corallipes Chev. 1874M86
         |--A. dentipesO02
         |--A. edwardsiiO02
         |--A. foveicollis Macleay 1872M86
         |--A. imperialis Gorham 1876M86
         |--A. instabilis [incl. A. castaneipes, A. episcopalis, A. tibialis]M86
         |--A. laetus Chev. 1878M86
         |--A. lemoides Pascoe 1860M86
         |--A. mellinipes Chev. 1878M86
         |--A. multicolor Chev. 1878M86
         |--A. ochrurus Chev. 1878M86
         |--A. plutus Chev. 1874M86
         |--A. rufipes Macleay 1872M86
         |--A. smaragdinus Chev. 1874M86
         |--A. splendidus Chev. 1878M86
         |--A. varicolor Chev. 1878M86
         `--A. viridissimus Pascoe 1860M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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