Chinese herring Ilisha elongata, copyright J. E. Randall.

Belongs within: Otomorpha.
Contains: Clupeidae, Stolephorus, Anchovia, Coilia, Thryssa.

The Clupeiformes, herring, anchovies and related taxa, are a cosmopolitan group of mostly marine fishes that usually bear silvery deciduous scales.

Characters (from Bond 1996): Scales cycloid, usually silvery, deciduous, often modified into posteriorly directed scutes along mid-line of belly; fins with soft rays, pelvics abdominal; part of sensory canal system extending over opercle and subopercle; gas bladder extended forward in two branches that enter the skell and terminate in small vesicles within ossified bullae, forming otophysic connection with utriculus of ear; caudal fin with urostyle composed of centrum of terminal vertebrae and first uroneural, first hypural separated from urostyle.

<==Clupeiformes [Clupei]
    |  i. s.: Spratticeps W79
    |–Denticipitidae [Denticipitoidei] B-RB13
    |    |–Denticeps clupeoides B96
    |    `–Palaeodenticeps tanganikae Greenwood 1960 P93
    `–Clupeoidei B-RB13
         |  i. s.: Sundasalanx B96 [Sundasalangidae B-RB13]
         |         Dussumieriidae [Dussumieriinae] B-RB13
         |           |–Dussumieria M58
         |           |    |–D. acuta Valenciennes 1847 (see below for synonymy) MWN99b
         |           |    `–D. elopsoides Bleeker 1849 [incl. D. productissima Chabanaud 1933] MWN99b
         |           `–Spratelloides M58
         |                |–S. delicatulus (Bennett 1832) MWN99b (see below for synonymy)
         |                |–S. gracilis (Temminck & Schlegel 1846) (see below for synonymy) MWN99b
         |                |–S. japonicus (Houttuyn 1782) [=Atherina japonica] M58
         |                |–S. lewisi Wongratana 1983 MWN99b
         |                `–S. robustus Ogilby 1897 MWN99b
         |–Clupeoidea P93
         |    |–Clupeidae B-RB13
         |    `–Chirocentrus [Chirocentridae, Chirocentroidei] P93
         |         |–C. dorab (Forsskål 1775) MNW99 [=Clupea dorab M58; incl. Ch. hypselosoma Bleeker 1852 MNW99]
         |         |–C. exilis Stinton 1977 P93
         |         `–C. nudus Swainson 1839 MNW99
         |–Pristigasteridae [Pellonidae, Pristigasteroidea] P93
         |    |–Raconda russeliana Gray 1831 (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |    |–Ramnogaster MWN99a
         |    |–Pellona ditchela Valenciennes 1847 (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |    |–Gasteroclupea branisai Signeux 1964 P93
         |    |–Pristigaster G66
         |    |    |–P. argenteus G66
         |    |    `–P. macrops G66
         |    |–Opisthopterus MWN99a
         |    |    |–O. tardoore (Cuvier 1829) (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |    |    `–O. valenciennesi Bleeker 1872 MWN99a
         |    `–Ilisha MWN99a
         |         |–I. africana EA03
         |         |–I. elongata (Bennett 1830) (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |         |–I. filigera (Valenciennes 1847) [incl. Pellona xanthopterus Bleeker 1851, I. xanthopterus] MWN99a
         |         |–I. hoevenii JR10
         |         |–I. kampeni (Weber & de Beaufort 1913) [incl. I. whiteheadi Seshagiri Rao 1974] MWN99a
         |         |–I. lunula Kailola 1986 MWN99a
         |         |–I. macrogaster Bleeker 1866 [=Pellona macrogaster] MWN99a
         |         |–I. megaloptera (Swainson 1839) [incl. Pellona dussumieri Valenciennes 1847] MWN99a
         |         |–I. melastoma (Bloch & Schneider 1801) (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |         |–I. pristigastroides (Bleeker 1852) (see below for synonymy) MWN99a
         |         |–I. sirishai Seshagiri Rao 1975 MWN99a
         |         `–I. striatula Wongratana 1983 MWN99a
         `–Engraulidae [Coiliidae, Engrauloidea] P93
              |–Thrissocles purava (Hamilton-Buchanan 1822) [=Clupea purava; incl. Engraulis samam Thiollière 1857] M58
              |–Stolephorus M58
              |–Anchovia JR10
              |–Lycothrissa crocodilus (Bleeker 1851) WMN99
              |–Papuengraulis micropinna Munro 1964 WMN99
              |–Coilia WMN99
              |–Thryssa WMN99
              |–Anchoa M02a
              |    |–A. delicatissima AS09
              |    |–A. hepsetus (Linnaeus 1758) M02a
              |    |–A. mitchilli (Valenciennes 1848) M02a
              |    `–A. nitida Schwarzhans 1980 P93
              |–Setipinna M58
              |    |–S. breviceps (Cantor 1849) (see below for synonymy) WMN99
              |    |–S. melanochir (Bleeker 1849) WMN99
              |    |–S. paxtoni Wongratana 1987 WMN99
              |    |–S. taty (Valenciennes 1848) [=Engraulis taty] M58
              |    `–S. tenuifilis (Valenciennes 1848) (see below for synonymy) WMN99
              |–Encrasicholina WMN99
              |    |–E. devisi (Whitley 1940) WMN99 [=Amentum devisi M58, Stolephorus devisi WMN99]
              |    |–E. heteroloba (Rüppell 1837) WMN99 (see below for synonymy)
              |    |–E. oligobranchus (Wongratana 1983) [=Stolephorus oligobranchus] WMN99
              |    |–E. punctifer (Fowler 1938) [=Stolephorus punctifer; incl. S. buccaneeri Strasburg 1960] WMN99
              |    `–E. purpurea (Fowler 1900) WMN99 [=Anchovia purpurea M58, Stolephorus purpureus WMN99]
              `–Engraulis M02a
                   |–E. australis (White 1790) (see below for synonymy) WMN99
                   |–E. capensis JB05
                   |–E. clupeoides F16
                   |–E. encrasicholus CH97
                   |–E. eurystole M02a
                   |–E. japonicus Temminck & Schlegel 1846 [incl. Stolephorus celebicus Hardenberg 1933] WMN99
                   |–E. mordax CH97
                   |–E. mysticetus G66
                   |–E. ringens CH97
                   `–E. tethensis Grande & Nelson 1985 P93

Dussumieria acuta Valenciennes 1847 [incl. Etrumeus albulina Fowler 1934, D. hasselti Bleeker 1851] MWN99b

Encrasicholina heteroloba (Rüppell 1835) WMN99, M58 [=Engraulis heterolobus M58, Anchoviella heteroloba M58, Stolephorus heterolobus WMN99; incl. S. pseudoheterolobus Hardenberg 1933 WMN99]

Engraulis australis (White 1790) [incl. E. antarcticus Castelnau 1872, E. encrasicholus var. antipodum Günther 1868, E. australis antipodum, E. australis fraseri Blackburn 1950] WMN99

Ilisha elongata (Bennett 1830) [=Pellona elongata; incl. I. abnormis Richardson 1846, I. affinis (Gray 1830)] MWN99a

Ilisha melastoma (Bloch & Schneider 1801) [incl. Pellona brachysoma Bleeker 1852, Pe. ditchoa Valenciennes 1847, Ilisha indica (Swainson 1839), Platygaster indica, Clupanodon motius Hamilton 1822] MWN99a

Ilisha pristigastroides (Bleeker 1852) [incl. Pellona amblyuropterus Bleeker 1852, Ilisha amblyuroptera] MWN99a

Opisthopterus tardoore (Cuvier 1829) [incl. Pristigaster elongata Swainson 1838, P. indicus Swainson 1839, Opisthopterus macrognathus Bleeker 1866, P. tartoor Valenciennes 1847, O. tartoor, O. tartur Zugmayer 1913] MWN99a

Pellona ditchela Valenciennes 1847 [incl. P. hoevenii Bleeker 1852, P. natalensis Gilchrist & Thompson 1908] MWN99a

Raconda russeliana Gray 1831 [incl. Apterygia hamiltoni Valenciennes 1847, A. ramcarata Gray 1835] MWN99a

Setipinna breviceps (Cantor 1849) [=Heterothrissa breviceps; incl. Engraulis pfeifferi Bleeker 1852] WMN99

Setipinna tenuifilis (Valenciennes 1848) [incl. S. gilberti Jordan & Starks 1905, S. godavari Babu Rao 1962, S. lighti Wu 1929, S. papuensis Munro 1964] WMN99

Spratelloides delicatulus (Bennett 1832) MWN99b [=Clupea delicatula M58, Stolephorus delicatulus M58; incl. Alosa alburnus Kner & Steindachner 1867 MWN99b, Clupea macassariensis Bleeker 1849 MWN99b]

Spratelloides gracilis (Temminck & Schlegel 1846) [incl. Clupea argyrotaeniata Bleeker 1849, C. (Leptogaster) argyrotaenia, Spratelloides atrofasciatus Schultz 1943] MWN99b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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