Ascetoderes sp., photographed by S. E. Thorpe.
Belongs within: Coleoptera.
Contains: Coccinellidae, Endomychidae, Corylophidae, Latridiidae, Cerylonidae.

The Coccinelloidea are a diverse clade of beetles supported by molecular phylogenetic analyses (McKenna et al. 2015).

<==Coccinelloidea [Tridigitati] MW15
|–+–+–Coccinellidae MW15
|  |  `–+–Endomychidae MW15
|  |     `–Akalyptoischion [Akalyptoischiidae] MW15
|  |          `–A. atrichos Andrews 1976 B14
|  `–+–Sphaerosoma [Alexiidae] MW15
|     |    `–S. carpathicum (Reitter 1883) B14
|     `–+–Corylophidae MW15
|        `–+–Merophysiidae [Holoparamecinae, Merophysiinae] RD77
|           |    |–Holoparamecus depressus MW15, LB91
|           |    `–Merophysia RD77
|           `–Anamorphinae MW15
|                |–Bystus MW15
|                `–Micropsephodes lundgreni Leschen & Carlton 2000 B14
`–+–Latridiidae MW15
`–+–Murmidius [Murmidiinae] MW15
|    `–M. ovalis LB91
`–+–+–Cerylonidae MW15
|  `–Discolomatidae [Notiophygidae] MW15
|       |–Parmaschema basilewskyi John 1955 B14
|       |–Aphanocephalus bimaculatus LB91
|       `–Fallia MW15
`–Bothrideridae MW15
|–Anommatus [Anommatinae] LB91
|    `–A. duodecimstriatus LB91
`–Bothriderinae B14
|–Bothrideres taeniatus B70
|–Pseudobothrideres conradsi Pope 1959 B14
|–Ascetoderes aequinus LB91
|–Deretaphrus LB91
`–Dastarcus confinis LB91, M86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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